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Dusty Footprints in Time
By Athena


Part 11: Wedding Celebrations at Wells Hall

A large tent had been set up on the lawn behind Wells Hall. Underneath, round tables were beautifully set up around a large dance floor. An eight person band was playing as guests mingled, sipping champagne and talking. The children were chasing each other outside on the grass and Claudia sighed as Bea fell and got a large grass stain on her white dress.

"At least it's after the church," she muttered and headed over to the crying child. "Come on munchkin," she said and helped Bea up. "You're fine."

"Bu ut… but my dress," the girl stuttered through her sobs.

"Don't worry about the dress," Claudia said and grinned at her. "We'll dye it green so the stain blends in."

Bea laughed and grinned at Claudia. "You are really odd Claudia," she said. "But I do like you."

"I like you too kiddo," Claudia mumbled and took her little hand. "Come on, let's get some drinks."

Pete handed a glass of champagne to HP's sister Gemma. She smiled a little shyly and thanked him.

"At your service my lady," he said and grinned as he bowed.

Gemma giggled and raised her glass to him. "Thank you kind sir," she teased and sipped her champagne.

Pete took a sip from his non-alcoholic sparkling beverage and grinned at her. "May I escort you to your table?"

Gemma took his arm and beamed up at him. To their right Claudia rolled her eyes.

"Oh brother," she muttered.

Pete, overhearing her, shot her a dirty look before again smiling at Gemma. Claudia turned her back at them muttering darkly under her breath.

"What is a gorgeous woman doing standing alone in a corner?" a male voice said amused behind Claudia.

She froze and turned around, swallowing as she smiled at the man.

"Hi again," she said and smiled a little hesitantly at the guy who she remembered meeting briefly outside the church earlier.

"Can I get you a drink?" he offered.

"What? Drink? Oh, yeah, a drink," she said and laughed nervously. "That's what people do at weddings, right? Yes, a drink would be nice. I mean thank you," rambled before closing her eyes. When she heard laughter she opened one eye and looked hesitantly at the guy. He was still smiling at her. "You're still here," she mumbled.

He nodded. "If I leave I fear that I will never see you again," he said and offered her his arm. "I think I see a rock singer over there eying you with interest."

"No shit!?" Claudia exclaimed and made a face. "I mean, really?"

He laughed again. "You are very funny." She shot him a look and he grinned and nodded. "Honest, you are."

Claudia chewed on her lip and looked away. "Don't screw this up Claudster," she muttered under her breath.

"What was that, love?" he asked.

Claudia rolled her eyes. "What is it with Brits calling everyone darling and love?"

He laughed and took her hand. "Come let's go around back." He leaned closer. "Shortcut," he whispered conspiratorially.

Claudia laughed and shook her head as she tried to keep up with him. "Hey James Bond, do you have a name?"

"Bond," he said and winked at her. "James Bond."

She gave him a look. "Funny."

"I'm so terribly sorry," he said and stopped. "Mark Oliver."

Claudia shook his hand and eyed him suspiciously. "You're not a lord, are you? Cuz that would be so weird and I don't know if I could handle that. I mean I'm not exactly lady material so if you were a lord…"

"I'm not a lord," he cut her off with a big grin.

"Prince?" she shot back making a face at him.

"No, not a prince either."

He was still grinning and Claudia found herself grinning back. "You have nice teeth for a Brit," she teased.

He made a face at her. "You know that joke is really getting old."

"Sorry," she said and giggled. She tilted her head looking up at him. "So Mark, what do you do if you're not a lord or a prince?"

"I'm an actor."

"No shit!" she exclaimed and laughed. "What? Movies? TV?"

"Both actually."

Claudia leaned closer and studied his face. Then her eyes got large when she figured it out. "You're in that British TV show that's like Ocean's 11," she waved her hands excitedly as she tried to think of the name.

"Conn€d," he finished for her.

"You're so funny!"

He grinned. "Thanks. And you my beautiful American lady, what shall I call you?"

Claudia gaped and then shut her mouth quickly. "Claudia," she mumbled. "Claudia Donovan, computernerdist extraordinaire."

Mark laughed and offered her his arm again. "Well, shall we, Claudia Donovan?"

Claudia grinned and nodded as she took his arm again.

Myka spotted Claudia and Mark from her spot across the tent. She watched the two and smiled at Claudia's endearing awkwardness. She touched Helena's arm.

"Sweetie, who's the man Claudia is talking to?"

Helena looked in the direction Myka was looking and spotted the two as they hurried off together. She chuckled.

"Oh the delights of wedding dalliances."

"Helena!" Myka hissed and stared at her. "You don't think..? Claudia?" she squeaked.

Helena shrugged. "I hope so. Weddings can be such a wonderful experience," she said and winked. "And quite naughty too."

"So who is he?" Myka muttered.

"He's an actor. Don't worry darling. Claudia is old enough to take care of herself. And I'm sure that if he tries something she's not comfortable with, he will find out what a Tesla feels like up close and personal."

Myka gaped. "Are you saying that Claudia is armed? At our wedding?"

"Aren't you darling?" Helena asked sweetly and batted her eyelashes.


"Well, then rest assured that I will protect you should something bad occur."

Myka just stared at her and shook her head. "My wife has a concealed weapon under her dress at our wedding."

"Would you care to play "find the gun" darling?" Helena purred in her ear. "I am sure it would be a most delightful experience for the both of us."

Myka blushed and made a face at her. "You are a bad woman Helena Wells."

Helena laughed and wrapped her arm around Myka's waist. "Perhaps. I am also the luckiest woman in England and most likely the world," she said and sighed as she looked into Myka's green eyes.

"Oh Helena," Myka whispered as Helena kissed her softly.

"Perhaps you should save some of that for later?" a teasing voice said behind Helena.

"Helen!" Helena exclaimed happily and smiled at her.

Helen kissed them both on the cheek. She cupped Helena's cheek and smiled fondly at her. "The last of the old weddings," she mumbled.

Helena nodded, her face serious. "It is a strange feeling, is it not?"

"It sure is, darling, but also wonderful," Helen whispered. "For so many years I didn't know what had happened to you. It took me a long time to finally accept that you had died. To have you back and to see you truly happy is the most wonderful thing I could've asked for."

Helena threw her arms around Helen and held her close for a long moment. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Our journey has seen the dawn of two centuries Helena, and it feels like it has barely begun. I wish all the best for you and I am so very glad to be part of your life again."

"We are both very lucky to have you as a friend, Helen," Myka whispered. "Someone who knows everything."

Helen nodded. She smiled and took a step back. "I'm being selfish, keeping you from spending time with your other guests." She kissed Myka's cheek again. "All the best on your journey together. I know that it will be amazing."

They watched her walk away and Myka fumbled for Helena's hand. "You and Helen," she whispered. "Two women I should logically never have met, and I have both of you in my life."

"Don't question the universe when it comes to happiness Myka," Helena said seriously.

The toasts had been many and both funny and touching. HP's toast to them had Helena dabbing at her eyes as his words touched her deeply. He had surprised them all by reading a segment from Charles Wells' diary.

"Charles wrote this for his sister, Helena, who you are named after," HP said and smiled at her. "They are his thoughts for Helena on her wedding day. I thought it appropriate to share with you both, since the words still hold true."

Helena gripped Myka's hand hard while her other hand closed around her handkerchief.

"Hey Myka, give me your arm," Claudia whispered.

Myka held out her right arm and Claudia slipped a metal bracelet onto Myka's slim wrist. Myka smiled. It reminded her of a Cape Cod bracelet. She noticed that Claudia was wearing an identical one. She gave her a questioning look.

"No time to explain. Just promise me that whatever you do – do not, and I mean it, do not remove this bracelet until earliest tomorrow," Claudia said seriously as she adorned Helena's right wrist with an identical bracelet.

Myka fingered the cool metal and nodded. She looked up again as HP continued his speech.

"My dear sister, I wished so many things for you. Some you appreciated, some you scoffed at as they seemed too frivolous or feminine. You always wanted more than what was staked out for you. I hope that you have found it, wherever you are…"

Helena sniffled and nodded.

"I always thought that I would walk you down the aisle on your wedding day and that I would dance with you telling you how beautiful you looked in your dress, the same one Mother wore on her wedding day." HP looked up and smiled at Helena. "I dreaded the day for so long, as it would forever take you away from me. I know that at times I have not seemed to appreciate you, and I know that you resent me for taking credit that should rightfully have been yours, but know this Helena, I will always love you in my heart. No one will ever replace you as the one dearest to me. We have been through too much together for anyone to mean as much to me as you do."

Helena's tears were now flowing freely. She knew it was risky behavior but who would really believe that she was the Helena Charles was speaking of in his diary. She carefully dabbed the handkerchief against her face and smiled at HP.

"It was such a tragic loss to have our Christina taken from us, but I know that she would be watching you from up there holding a protective hand over her mother on her wedding day. Christina was a romantic at heart. She was the girl you never were, Helena. I imagined that I would have been there for her wedding too, perhaps walking her down the aisle as well, some day. As it turned out, it was not in my destiny to do, for either of you.

Christina often asked about you when you were away on one of your many missions. She prayed for you and spoke to her dolls about you, telling them how brave you were and how much she loved you. I hope that your heart finds peace wherever you are Helena. Christina would have wanted it.

I envision you happy, laughing and loving. They say that you are dead, but I know in my heart that it is not true. You will never die Helena, because some day the world will learn the truth about your brilliant mind, your scientific discoveries and your beautiful written work, and then you will finally get the credit owed to you."

There was some hushed mumbling at a couple of the tables as they wondered over the words. HP looked out over the sea of people for a moment before continuing. "I raise my glass to you and wish you a life of happiness and joy. And remember Helena, as you always used to say, the future is filled with wondrous things." HP looked straight at Helena and Myka as he raised his champagne flute. "To my dear cousin Helena and her beautiful wife, I wish you endless happiness and a wondrous future. To Helena and Myka."

His last words echoed from table to table as glasses were raised to the couple. Helena squeezed Myka's hand so hard Myka almost winced.

"I wish Charles could've been here," Myka whispered.

Helena nodded. "And Christina."

They turned their heads when Artie stepped up to the podium and tapped his glass by the microphone. Behind him Mr. Kosan stood, regal and impeccable as always. Myka glanced at Helena, but she just shrugged.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Artie said and cleared his throat. "My name is Arthur Nielsen and I have the pleasure of supervising these two ladies on a daily basis. Not always an easy task I can assure you, as I'm sure many of you can imagine."

There was some laughter and whistling before Artie spoke again.

"Before I say what I have planned to share with them today I have someone else here who would like to share a few words."

Mr. Kosan stepped up to the microphone as Artie hurried out of the way.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your Royal Highness, dear couple," the last words said with a smile to Myka and Helena. "I am here today to offer you a view into a world of magic. Who I am and what I do is of little consequence to most of you. Helena and Myka work for me, yet not even they fully know what I do," he said and smiled. "Few of you present here today know the truth. You know the truth the way we have deemed it fit to share it with you."

Myka stared at Helena. Helena just shrugged.

"As our gift to Helena and Myka we, the Regents and I, have decided to open your minds to our world, if only for a couple of hours. Our two beautiful ladies are part of a small group of agents who do some of the most amazing and also dangerous work. Our world is filled with perilous objects. Objects such as this," he said and held up a glowing orb. "This artifact, which is what we call them for lack of a better word, was created by the citizens of ancient Atlantis." He chuckled as a soft mumble of voices commented on his words. "Yes, you might think that I'm crazy, because this truly sounds too remarkable to be true." He held up the orb higher. "This orb creates a bubble around Wells Hall and all the people within it. Don't be alarmed. It is perfectly safe. Atlantis lived in a bubble like this for centuries until a dangerous creature shook the earth, shattering the bubble, causing the destruction of their civilization."

Myka grabbed Helena's hand. "I've read about this artifact. It can erase your memory," she whispered.

"The Regents agreed that with the help if this artifact, the Warehouse could present Helena and Myka with the gift of Truth, where all of you, even if only for a short period of time, would be able to see them for what and who they truly are. And with that I will give the word back to Agent Nielsen who will share with you Myka and Helena's amazing story which spans a century and a half."

Helena gaped and took a sip of champagne. Her fingers tightened around Myka's as they waited for Artie to speak again.

"In the early fall of 1866 a baby girl was born…"

Helena gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

"You have been told that Helena is a descendent of HG Wells' sister. This is not true. She was born in England in 1866 as Helena G. Wells and later on became the brilliant mind behind the pen name HG Wells," Artie smiled at Helena. "She is in fact HG Wells, even though her brother Charles gave his face to the pen name."

Artie paused allowing the voices to get louder around him as people whispered to each other. Finally he tapped his glass again.

"You think it is impossible. She would be what, 150 years old? Something like that. Well, she is, and she's yet again not." Artie looked at Helena and smirked. "If I said she looked a hundred and fifty she would undoubtedly do something very painful to me. She's a dangerous woman, but also a very good agent."

Helena pressed a hand against her chest as she smiled at Artie.

"Helena was cryogenically frozen a little over a hundred years ago. Why is not important, just take my word for it that she was. She lived most of her life in a different century, one without computers and cars, airplanes and TVs. She is a Victorian woman with everything that entails."

Myka grinned at Helena. "And I love it," she whispered.

"We wanted to share this with you today so that Helena and Myka could enjoy this important moment in their lives without lies, without having to hide who they are. They are Secret Service agents, working for a secret agency within the United States government. Helena has actually been an agent for well over a hundred years since she was made an agent back when the Warehouse was here in England. I know all of this is mindboggling, but believe me, it is the truth."

Helena got up and walked over to Artie. She held out her hands to him and when he took them, she kissed his cheek. She smiled and turned to the microphone.

"Not even in my wildest imagination did I expect that you would tell the world the truth Artie," she said and smiled. "My humble thanks to you and Mr. Kosan," she said and bowed her head just a little. "And Mrs. Frederic. I am certain that she had a part in this too."

Mumbled voices again rose around them. Helena smiled and continued.

"It is true. As amazing as the tale sounds to you, your world is to me. I keep pinching my arm each and every day at the marvels I discover. Something as simple as a microwave oven or invisible tape might be taken for granted by you, but I find them equally amazing."

Some laugher and giggles erupted at her words and she smiled and bowed her head.

"I've invented many things, including a Time Machine. Yes, it really did exist and yes I have used it."

More laughter and a few gasps.

"It is currently in America, so please refrain from trying to find it," she teased. "I only know all too well how rowdy weddings can get and the shenanigans wedding guests get into."

This time the laughter was louder. She grinned.

"None of us know what the future holds, but I feel that as someone who has been granted a second chance at life, in a world vastly different from the one I left, I must live each day to the fullest and try to make my beautiful Myka, my wife, my heart, my everything, happy and feeling loved."

Myka sniffled as her eyes misted. She nodded and smiled at Helena.

Helena quickly returned to her side and kissed her softly. Applauds and cheering around them were ignored as the two lost themselves in the kiss.

"Eh, guys," Claudia mumbled. "You're still aware that everyone's watching ya, right?"

Helena sat down and laughed. She put her arm around Claudia and kissed her cheek.

"Claudia, what's going on?" Myka whispered.

Claudia grinned and held up her arm. "We're inside the bubble Mr. Kosan spoke of. As of right now everyone here is experiencing everything happening within the bubble, but once he turns it off only the ones wearing these bracelets will remember what really happened. The rest will remember what he wants them to remember. It's a bit complicated and it involves the Guardian melding with the orb," she said and made a face.

Myka just gaped. "Wow," she whispered.

"I can't believe it," Helena said stunned. "That they would do that for us. I mean, it's only a wedding."

Claudia grinned. "It is the first time in a very long time that two Warehouse agents get married."

Helena chuckled. "I guess it is."

Myka sipped her champagne and tried to understand what had just happened.

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