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Hour of the Wolf
By Athena


Chapter 8 - Conquering Darkness

Helena smiled up at Myka and touched her cheek.

"I am so very lucky," she whispered.

"Do you trust me, Helena?" Myka asked very softly.

"Of course I do," Helena said and frowned.

Myka ran her hand over Helena's smooth stomach. They were naked in bed. Feeling how relaxed Helena was Myka thought the time was right to push forward.

"I would like to try something different," Myka mumbled.

Helena chuckled and sat up leaning on her elbow. She caressed Myka's cheek.

"Are you feeling a little adventurous, darling? You know I'm more than open to new experiences."

Myka nodded and blushed a little as she was yet again reminded of Helena's past sexual escapades. Helena had told her about some of her past lovers and events that had transpired. Myka had been very surprised to learn of the various types of naughty games the Victorians had played.

"Not that adventurous," she mumbled and made a face.

"Then tell me," Helena asked huskily.

Myka pulled out the drawer on the nightstand and picked up the soft silk item. She handed it to Helena.

"Darling," Helena purred and rubbed the black silk blindfold between her fingers. "I had no idea that you wanted to enhance your sexual experience through the senses."

"It's not for me, Helena. It's for you," Myka whispered.

Helena's head snapped up and she stared at Myka. "Me?"

Myka nodded. She took it from Helena and put it next to her on the bed before taking Helena's hand.

"You are still uncomfortable with darkness," she said seriously and looked Helena in the eyes. "I thought that if we give you something else to distract you from it, it might help you deal with it better."

"Myka," Helena whispered. "I honestly don't know if I will ever be all right with darkness again."

"Would you be brave enough to try? For me? For you?"

Helena swallowed and glanced at the blindfold. She still remembered how they had covered her eyes when they brought her here. She had panicked and they had been forced to sedate her.

"I don't know Myka. I'm afraid I might hurt you if I panic."

"I know you won't. And if you get uncomfortable you just pull it off. I won't turn off the lights in the room."

Helena nodded. She swallowed her fear and looked down at their clasped hands.

"I know you're afraid, Helena," Myka whispered. "It's okay. You know I would never hurt you and I will always protect you. You're safe with me. Nothing can hurt you here. Absolutely nothing."

Helena nodded and looked Myka in the eyes. "Thank you."

Myka handed Helena the blindfold. "Here, I want you to put it on. Take your time."

Helena looked at the small piece of black silk for the longest time. She glanced at Myka when she got up and a moment later returned with a small box that she put on the nightstand. She raised an eyebrow, but Myka just smiled.

"Your reward," she teased.

"What is it?"

"It wouldn't be the same if it wasn't a surprise. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out, even blindfolded."

"Well, it's too small to hold a riding crop or a paddle, so I assume that whatever you have in there is for pure pleasure," Helena joked.

"It is," Myka confirmed.

Myka put her hand on Helena's thigh and stroked her in a gentle comforting caress.

"I will be right here with you the entire time," she promised. "Some part of me will touch you at all times while the blindfold is in place."

Helena sighed relieved. The knowledge of Myka's presence was comforting and she started to feel more confident. It was frustrating how something as silly as darkness could rattle her so much. Only small children are scared of the dark, she thought. Unless of course you have spent a hundred years in solitude and complete darkness. She shuddered at the thought.

"Helena?" Myka said concerned.

"Nothing, love. Just revisited an unpleasant memory."

"Let's make some new ones, better ones."

Helena nodded. She tucked her hair behind her ears and raised the blindfold to her eyes. She tied it tightly around her head and pulled it over her eyes. She fumbled for Myka's hands and sighed, relieved, when Myka took both of them in hers.

"Are you okay?" Myka asked.

Helena nodded. Myka helped her lie down. She held on to Myka's hands as she tried to get her breathing and beating heart under control. Myka's fingers caressing the back of her hands helped a lot.

"Do you feel the warmth in the room?" Myka asked.

"Yes," Helena whispered.

"The feeling of my hands in yours? My thigh pressed against yours?"


"When you're ready to let go I will lie down on top of you," Myka said and smiled, knowing that Helena would hear the smile in her voice. As expected Helena laughed. "You like that idea, huh?" Myka teased.

"Oh I do," Helena purred.

"Let go of my hands, sweetie."

Helena did and Myka knelt between Helena's legs. She put her palms flat on Helena's stomach and slowly moved them upwards until her fingertips touched the underside of Helena's breasts.

"Hmm, this is nice," Helena mumbled. "Though you did promise much more contact."

"And you'll get it," Myka promised.

Helena smiled and put her hands on Myka's arms, caressing her and teasing the muscles.

"I've missed your strength Myka," Helena confessed. "You're the strongest and fittest lover I've ever had the pleasure of being with. I admit that feeling your body like this, forced to see through my fingertips, is quite intriguing. I think I'm discovering things about your body that I didn't know before.

"I'm glad," Myka said and chuckled. "Since you're such a passionate woman in bed I've had to be sure to stay in shape so I can hold you in place during the throws of passion," she said smugly.

"Oh you," Helena muttered.

"I seem to remember that you really liked it when I pushed you up against the wall, keeping you upright with my body when your legs gave out on you."

Helena took a quick breath of air and her nostrils flared a little as she experienced the rush the memory brought on.

"Myka, my darling," she said tensely. "You are not being a good girl right now."

"I'm not a girl, Helena," she teased. "I'm a woman. A woman who knows what she wants, and who intends on getting it."

"Oh God," Helena mumbled.

"And right now I want your beautiful breasts," Myka purred. She brushed her fingers over the nipples. "And your sweet nipples." She touched them again in a gentle caress. "So responsive."

"Myka," Helena whimpered.

"Yes?"Myka teased and removed her hands.

Helena started to breathe faster and Myka knew that Helena was experiencing the beginning of a panic attack. She put her hands on either side of Helena's head and slowly eased down until they touched. She kissed Helena very softly.

Helena wrapped her arms and legs around Myka holding her in a vice like grip. She was trembling. Myka kept kissing her until she felt Helena starting to relax. She kissed her cheek.

"I'm here Helena. You're safe."

"It's hard," Helena whimpered. "I see things."

"Do you see me?"

"No," Helena whimpered. "It's all clouds and mirrors of darkness."

"Find me Helena," Myka whispered. "Find the memory of when we walked hand-in-hand down to the lake for our first picnic and how you made love to me on the blanket as the sun set."

"Myka," Helena said hoarsely. "I can't."

"Yes you can," Myka whispered encouragingly. "Remember how you unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it over my shoulders? How my nipples hardened from the exposure, and anticipation? How I cried out your name as your tongue stroked me to release?"

Helena was trembling again. Myka smiled and pushed gently against Helena's center. Helena whimpered.

"You found it," Myka said and smiled. "Tell me."

"You were so beautiful lying naked on the blanket with the setting sun caressing your body, surrounding it in a hue of pink light. Your hair almost looked like burnt umber as the sun highlighted the red in it. When I touched you, you whispered my name. It was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard," Helena whispered.

"Remember that light Helena," Myka encouraged. "Whenever you get scared of the dark, remember that pink light and how it reflected off of my body."

"I will try," Helena said in a small voice.

"Are you ready to let go of me? For me to make love to you?"

Helena nodded and released her grip. Her legs eased off Myka to rest on either side of Myka's. Myka sat up again and took Helena's hands.

"I know that you've played more dangerous games than this one, Helena. Have you ever been tied up?"

"Please don't," Helena whispered and pulled at her hands.

"I won't sweetie," Myka said quickly. "I promise; I won't. Not while you're blindfolded anyway."

"Thank you," Helena said and took a shaky breath.

"Would you hold on to the headboard? As if you were tied up," Myka explained.

Helena thought about it and finally nodded. Myka moved their clasped hands until Helena's left hand brushed against the headboard. Helena let go of Myka and curled her fingers around the soft wood. Myka repeated the gesture with Helena's right hand. She caressed Helena's arm as she removed her hand, and then rested her hands on Helena's stomach.

Myka moved so she was straddling Helena's right leg and leaned closer to the nightstand. She opened the little box and pulled out an item. Her other hand stroked Helena's stomach in a soothing caress. Helena lay quietly waiting.

Myka touched the item to Helena's body. Helena jumped at the sudden contact and giggled as it tickled.

"Darling," she purred. "No one has touched my naked body with a feather in well over a hundred years."

"No one has touched your body period," Myka corrected.

"Well…" Helena said and smirked.

"Who?" Myka demanded and ran the feather over Helena's armpit and underarm.

Helena shrieked and laughed.

"Dear God! That was evil," Helena said and gasped.

"Who?" Myka repeated.

"Dr. Calder," Helena mumbled.

"She's your doctor. She doesn't count."

Helena smiled and nodded. She bit her lip when Myka ran the feather over her breasts, teasing the nipples in soft brush strokes.

"That's a very interesting feeling," she whispered.

"Do you like it?"

"I do," Helena said with a little nod.

Myka ran the feather under Helena's breasts and she giggled again. Moving down Helena's side she made Helena shriek again and shake with laughter. Myka watched the muscles on Helena's arms strain as she tried to hold on to the headboard, yet tempted to grab Myka's arm.

Myka inched down and knelt between Helena's feet. She moved the feather over Helena's hip and down her left leg. She tickled the back of Helena's knee making her leg jerk. Helena giggled and then gasped when Myka ran the feather up the inside on her thigh. When it brushed over her sex Helena whimpered.

"Myka," she whispered and her brows furrowed.

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Please touch me," Helena whispered.

"I am touching you," Myka teased.

"With your hands."

Myka put the feather aside and ran her hands up Helena's thighs. She wanted Helena to be absolutely calm emotionally. She felt her relax under her touch.

"Thank you," Helena whispered.

Myka brushed her thumb over Helena's sex feeling Helena's arousal coat her finger. Helena gasped and arched to meet Myka's hand, but Myka moved away. Helena sighed and her body relaxed again.

Myka reached for something else inside her box of treats. Holding it in her hand above Helena's stomach she waited. Helena yelped and shook as an icy drop of water hit her bellybutton, pooling in the small indentation.

"Dear God!" Helena whimpered.

Myka smiled and ran the ice cube in a circle, outlining Helena's navel. Helena whimpered and shook, trying to close her legs. Myka grinned and removed the ice. She touched it to Helena's nipple and Helena gasped again.

"Do you like that?" Myka murmured.

"Yes! God yes," Helena whimpered. She pushed up, trying to increase the feeling.

"You never told me," Myka mumbled.

She circled one nipple, then the other, until Helena whimpered and squirmed under her touch. She leaned down and licked up the cold water that rolled off of Helena's nipple, and then took the nipple in her mouth, sucking gently. Helena cried out.

"So good," she whimpered.

Myka kept alternating the cold with her warm mouth, teasing Helena. Once the ice cube had melted she licked the remaining water off of Helena's breasts, flicking her tongue over the nipples. Helena was breathing hard. Myka sat up and eased down a little. She ran a finger between Helena's folds, feeling her arousal.

"Oh, Helena," she whispered. "You're so wet."

Helena whimpered and chewed on her lip. Myka leaned over and grabbed another ice cube. She gently touched it to the outside of Helena's sex, tracing the length of it. Helena howled and shook violently as it touched her clit.

"GOD!" she yelled.

Myka bit her lip, watching her. She removed the ice and allowed Helena to relax again before repeating the touch. Helena shook and whimpered loudly as Myka rubbed the ice against her.

"More?" Myka whispered.

"Yes," Helena whispered.

Myka pushed the ice between Helena's folds and Helena jumped at the cold touching her clit again. Myka removed it instantly. Helena whimpered.

Myka popped the ice cube in her mouth and smiled as she tasted a hint of Helena on it. She bent down and stroked Helena with her tongue.

"Oh darling, please don't stop," Helena whispered.

Myka tasted her and smiled. She moved the ice cube so she could hold it between her lips and touched it to Helena's clit again. Helena cried out and whimpered. Myka alternated between her tongue and the ice until the ice melted. Helena was so close to release now. Myka moved away and reached into her box again.

Myka watched Helena's face intently as she touched the item to Helena's sex. Helena stilled and then relaxed. Myka moved the item lengthwise, and slowly a naughty smile appeared on Helena's lips.

"Myka darling, I think you intend on taking me," she purred.

"I will take you Helena," Myka confirmed. "And you will enjoy it."

"Oh, I have no doubts about it. You have me so worked up right now I will spend in seconds."

"Spend in seconds, huh?" Myka teased at the old-fashioned expression. "What if I don't want you to come yet?"

"Myka, please," Helena pleaded.

Myka smiled and aligned the dildo with Helena's opening. She put her hand behind Helena's thigh and raised her leg. Myka pushed against the back of Helena's thigh at the same time as she slowly eased the sex toy into Helena. Helena gasped and tossed her head back, her neck straining as she trembled. Myka eased the dildo further into her lover until she felt that Helena had enough of it. Slowly easing it out she caused a deep groan to escape Helena's parted lips. Myka grinned and pushed it back inside. She leaned down and stroked Helena's clit with her tongue.

"Yes!" Helena whispered. "Perfect," she whispered.

Myka glanced up at her. Helena's lips were parted and her chest rose and fell rapidly as she was breathing faster. Helena's fingers curled tightly around the headboard. Myka hummed against Helena's clit causing another whimper and shiver. She wrapped her lips around Helena's clit and sucked gently as she turned the dildo on. Helena yelled again, her body tensing. Myka worked the dildo in and out in a slow, steady pace, twisting it and occasionally titling it upwards, something that caused Helena to shake every time as the dildo touched her g-spot.

"So good," Helena whimpered.

Myka sucked a bit harder and flicked her tongue over the clit. She pushed the dildo inside and moved it in circles pushing against Helena's g-spot. Helena whimpered and squirmed under her and then finally she arched up against Myka's mouth as she came with a loud yell. She cried out and whimpered through her long release until she tensed one last time before going limp in Myka's arms. Myka slipped the dildo out of Helena and dropped it on the sheet. She reached forward and pushed the blindfold up so Helena could see. She smiled at her as Helena's eyelashes fluttered before Helena's dark eyes met hers.

"I'm so proud of you sweetie," Myka whispered.

"That was," Helena cleared her throat. "Very intense."

"How do you feel?" Myka asked, concerned, as she stretched out next to Helena.

"Completely sated," Helena said and sighed happily as she settled in next to Myka. "And very loved."

Myka smiled and pulled Helena closer. She kissed the top of her head.

"You are, Helena," she whispered.

To Be Continued

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