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Dusty Footprints in Time
By Athena


Part 9: Wedding Day Approaching

Myka held Helena's hand in a tight grip as they listened to Dr. Calder. After a lot of soul searching and late night conversations they had agreed that they were ready to start a family. The wedding was only two weeks away, and to their surprise it would be coinciding with Myka ovulating. Myka bit her lip and willed herself not to blush again. It was hard enough as it was to discuss this with Dr. Calder. It was almost like talking to your mother.

"Since I will be here anyway for the wedding, there's really no reason to do this in the sterile environment of a medical office. I suggest that the two of you pick a time when you are ready, and I will come to you," Vanessa said and smiled.

"Here? At Wells Hall?" Myka squeaked.

Helena chuckled and pulled her closer.

"Wouldn't you rather be comfortable in your own bed than with your legs up in the doctor's office?" she teased.

Myka's ears got warm and her cheeks flushed. She glanced at Dr. Calder who was smiling at them.

"I agree, Helena. The chance of this working actually does increase with the level of comfort for the mother. Being in familiar surroundings and even having an orgasm will make conception much more likely. And in this case I feel that we should take every precaution so that we do not waste the amazing gift you have received."

Myka hid her face against Helena's shoulder.

"My shy darling," she whispered and kissed Myka's curly head.

"So what exactly will happen?" Myka mumbled embarrassed.

Dr. Calder smiled and leaned back in her chair.

"I will determine if you are in fact ovulating Myka," she said softly. "You know the procedure. It will be the same as last time."

"Okay," Myka mumbled. Dr. Calder had performed the procedure last time she examined Myka. The procedure was not invasive, so Myka was fine with it. Thank God for strange but efficient artifacts!

"Then Helena and I will make sure that you're as comfortable as you can be," the doctor continued. "You should think about what you would like to wear, if anything at all."

"What?" Myka squeaked.

Vanessa chuckled and looked at Helena.

"I think Dr. Calder is saying that if we want it to be as natural as possible, you could choose to be naked."

"I don't know if I can do that," Myka mumbled.

"Of course you can, darling. After all, the good doctor has seen you naked before," she teased. She smirked at Vanessa. "And should she try something I'll break her arm, so don't you worry."

Myka laughed and glanced at Vanessa who was chuckling.

"How charming," Vanessa said curtly. She returned her attention to Myka. "What I really meant Myka was that it's all right if you want to be comfortable. I would recommend that the two of you make love before. It will make you more comfortable during the procedure."

Myka nodded, not trusting her voice. Her face was flushed and she was nervously chewing on her lip.

"When you're ready for me, you let me know. I'll do the procedure and leave you alone to do whatever you feel comfortable with. I do encourage you to try to achieve an orgasm after the procedure."

"Duly noted doctor," Helena said and grinned. "I think I can handle that."

Myka made a face at her that only made Helena laugh.

"Are you sure that you're ready to do this?" Vanessa asked, now serious. "Myka?"

"I am," Myka whispered. "I can't say that I'm comfortable with the arrangement. It just feels so strange, but I do think the time is right."

"Our child will be conceived on our wedding night," Helena said and caressed Myka's cheek. "I cannot think of a more beautiful and meaningful time."

"It's settled then, "Vanessa said and got up. "I'll see you in about two weeks."

"Thank you doctor, for everything," Helena said seriously.

"You're both welcome."

When Helen entered Helena's parlor it was to find Helena looking like death warmed over. She carefully approached her and Helena looked up at her, her eyes full of unshed tears.

"What's wrong Helena?"

"I can't do this, Helen."

Helen sat down next to her on the small sofa. She took Helena's hand and to her surprise Helena gripped her hand hard. She again looked up into Helena's ghostly pale face.

"You don't want to marry Myka?" she asked gently.

"I do," Helena whimpered. "But I can't"

"And why not?" Helen said and stared at Helena. "Don't you love her?"

"Of course I love her!" Helena said heatedly. "That's precisely why I can't do this."

"You are not making any sense Helena."

"What do I have to offer her? She could have anyone, Helen. I'm old, damaged."

"Helena Wells, listen to yourself," Helen snapped. "You stop this pity party this instant!"

Helena looked shocked at Helen.

"You are a wonderful person, Helena. Myka loves you more than anything. You are about to start a family together. You have everything to offer her."

"It scares the devil out of me," Helena whispered.

Helen chuckled. "Now we're getting somewhere," she said and smirked at Helena's scowl. "Of course you're scared. I would be concerned if you weren't. It is a very serious commitment. But Helena, you can do this, because you love her, and you only want what is best for her."

"I do," Helena said in a small voice.

Helen walked over to the beautiful ivory dress that was displayed on an old-fashioned headless mannequin. The antique Victorian dress had been returned to Wells Hall from its regular display in the HG Wells museum. It had been altered to fit Helena and to be a bit more modern in style. Helen ran her fingertips down the sleeve, fingering the delicate lace.

"Your mother's dress. I know she wished for you to wear it someday. Do you know that she told me that once?" Helen said and smiled at Helena over her shoulder.

Helena sniffled and shook her head. "She never said anything."

"Perhaps because she knew of your preference for trousers?" Helen teased. Helena shot her another dirty look that made Helen laugh.

"Myka will adore you in this dress."

Helena smiled and nodded. "It does fit me rather nicely, does it not?"

"You look amazing in it, Helena."

"Come sit with me Helen," Helena said and smiled at her. "Let's have tea and talk. I feel that left to my own devices I tend to brood."

"You're not saying," Helen said and laughed.

"Oh hush, Helen," Helena muttered.

Myka turned the page and continued to read the guest list. Her face got paler and paler as she read on. Finally she put it down and just stared at Helena.

"God, Helena. This is like who's who of the UK," she whispered.

"Pish tosh," Helena said and laughed. "They are just a bunch of people who want to gawk at me and my gorgeous bride."

"A prince, Helena," Myka exclaimed. "A freaking prince, with the royal highness and all."

Myka slumped on the couch and her brow furrowed as she gave Helena a pained look.

"He's only third in line to the throne. Basically a commoner," Helena quipped and returned to her writing.

"You know that's not true," Myka muttered. She picked up the list again. "Actors, singers, lady this and lord that." Myka groaned. "The Bering side of the aisle will look like the riff raff," she muttered darkly.

"Darling, you know that's not true," Helena said and smiled sweetly at her. "With the exception of Artie perhaps."

Myka laughed and nodded. "Still, my guest list is very short."

Helena knelt by Myka's feet and took her hands. "The number of people means nothing, darling. Most of them don't even know me. They know my family and they are coming because this wedding is the social event of the year. They want to be able to say that they were there."

Myka sighed and nodded. "I know. It still makes me feel strange about it."

"The people who are important to us are in the front couple of rows in the church. The rest are just part of the decorations," Helena said and laughed.

Myka laughed. She pulled Helena closer and kissed her. "Thank you."

"I love you, darling."

Myka giggled as Helena dragged her over to the bed and pushed her down. When Helena's hands snaked under her shirt she sighed happily. Soon the worries about the wedding guests and guest lists flew out of her head as Helena's lips teased her in sensitive places.

"What a glorious ride!" Helena exclaimed happily and tossed her gloves and riding crop on the couch. She sat down next to Myka and kissed her cheek. "You should have come, darling."

"Helena, don't put your dirty things on the couch," Myka hissed.

Helena just laughed and nuzzled her cheek.

"You look so good in that outfit," Myka mumbled and ran her hand down Helena's side. Helena glanced down at her tan riding breeches and high boots. She had a few mud splashes and spots on her boots and pants, but her black jacket was still somewhat clean. She grinned at Myka.

"Thank you. I'm glad you find it pleasing."

"Your ass looks amazing in these pants," Myka growled and ran her hand over Helena's buttocks.

"Ladies," HP said embarrassed and cleared his throat.

They looked up at him. Helena laughed at his flushed face. Myka blushed furiously and instantly removed her hands.

"Darling, I quite enjoyed your hands on me," Helena protested.

"Clearly," HP muttered.

Helena laughed and jumped to her feet. She kissed HP's cheek and patted his shoulder. "HP, dear, you better get used to me being affectionate with Myka. It is to be expected with engaged couples, and most certainly will happen again."

"Helena," he said and rolled his eyes.

"Holy crap Batman!" Claudia shrieked and smacked Pete in the stomach. "Look at that!"

Pete let out a soft oof as her hand connected with his midsection. "Claud, it's just a carriage," he muttered.

"It's a frakking steampunkie Victorianesque marvel, Pete," she said excitedly and circled the antique carriage, carefully running her fingertips over the side, occasionally stopping to examine something. "Wow," she whispered.

"I'm glad that you approve of my buggy," Helena mused. She leaned against the open barn door with folded arms as she smiled, amused at Claudia's excitement.

"It's super cool HG," Claudia said and grinned.

"Would you care to see the horses?"

Claudia made a face and stepped away from the carriage. "Are they big? I'm kind of a smallish person and horses are generally huge, and they have teeth, and hooves and stuff," she prattled on and gestured to get her point across.

HG laughed and grabbed Claudia by the arm. "Nonsense, darling. Hurry up now, we don't have all day."

"Okay, okay, no need to drag me behind you," Claudia mumbled and pulled at her arm.

HG chuckled and instead wrapped her arm around Claudia's shoulders. "I am so glad that you're here, sweetheart," she said softly to the girl. "I know that it means the world to Myka too."

Claudia blushed and glanced quickly at Helena to see if she was serious. To her surprise there was no teasing twinkle in Helena's eyes, just a soft smile playing on her lips.

"Thanks," she mumbled.

"Now, come on, let's look at the horses."

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