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Dusty Footprints in Time
By Athena


Part 10: The Wedding

HP's wife Sarah and Myka's mother were quietly whispering with their heads together over Myka's bouquet. Myka glanced at them and then returned her attention to her reflection in the floor length mirror. She almost did not recognize the person looking back at her. Her hair had been professionally styled and arranged to fit with the Wells tiara and veil, and her face had been made-up by a very skilled makeup artist. Myka smiled. Her makeup was flawless, even better than during the fashion show in New York a few years back. Her eyes strayed from inspecting her face to land on Claudia as the girl stepped up behind her. Myka grinned at the sight and turned around. She held out her hands to Claudia who took them and gave Myka a shaky little smile.

"You look more scared than me," Myka said and chuckled.

Claudia made a face at her. "Yeah, well, I've never done this bridesmaid thing before."

"You're beautiful Claudia," Myka said softly. "I have no doubt that you will have a fun day."

"If you say so. Right now I feel like I'm gonna puke," Claudia muttered.

Myka laughed and squeezed Claudia's hands. "Perhaps you should have a sip of champagne? Just to sooth your nerves a little," she whispered. "You're old enough to drink here you know."

Claudia grinned and nodded. "I know," she said smugly.

"Claudia!" Myka said sternly. "Have you been drinking?"

"Yes mom," Claudia said and made a face at her. "The village pub is really fun. You and HG should try it sometime."

Myka shook her head and looked up. "Artie will kill me."

"Better not tell him then," Claudia said smugly.

Before Myka could comment the double doors to the room next door opened and a screaming and laughing horde of children came rushing through. Claudia barricaded Myka throwing her hands out widely.

"Stop right there!" she said and leaned forward so she was almost at eyelevel with them.

The six children came to an instant stop and stared at her. Sophie giggled and stuck her tongue out at Claudia. Claudia made a face at her.

"Sophie," Myka said gently to the girl.

"Myka, Myka, Myka," Sophie chanted and jumped up and down in excitement. "We saw Helena!"

Myka laughed and caressed her cheek. Sophie took her hand and pulled her over to the sofa.

"Hold it!" Claudia yelled and the two stopped. "You are so not sitting down in that dress, Myka. Especially not anywhere close to these flea and germ packages with their little butter and jam and Marmite hands," she said and gestured to the children.

"I don't have fleas," Sophie huffed with her hands on her hips. For a second she reminded Myka of Helena.

"Okay, I'll stand for now," Myka said and sighed.

"She's sooooo pretty," Sophie said and giggled. "Her dress is like a fairytale princess'. It's all…"

"Sophie!" Myka cut her off. "Please don't tell me. I want to see her at the church."

Sophie closed her mouth and bounced up and down on the sofa, clearly annoyed that she could not tell Myka about the dress.

"Now you have a secret," Myka whispered to her. "You've seen both my dress and Helena's. We don't know anything about each other's dresses."

Sophie grinned and nodded. "The black will be so pretty with your white dress," Sophie said quickly and jumped off the sofa. She pushed Freddie in the back and ran out of the room with him chasing after her.

"Black?!" Myka exclaimed and looked wild-eyed after the girl. "Black!? She can't be wearing black, can she?"

Claudia bit her lip as the look on Myka's face. Unable to contain her laughter any longer she burst out in a loud laugh.

"She's just messing with ya man," she said and touched Myka's arm. "Helena's dress is cream colored."

Myka sighed relieved. She glared after Sophie. "She is definitely a Wells," she muttered.

Claudia snickered and nodded. "Yep, a devilish HG mini-me."

"Stop fidgeting," Helen hissed to Helena.

They were standing by the entrance to the nearly filled to the brim church. A cacophony of loud voices surrounded them, but their location gave them privacy since no one would come up to talk to them. Helena pulled at her sleeve for the millionth time and Helen gently removed her fingers from it.

"Do you have the ring?" Helena whispered.

Helen nodded and put her hand over her pocket. She smiled at Helena and sighed softly. Helena was gorgeous. Her hair had been arranged with some curls down and the rest of her hair up in an elaborate arrangement. Helena touched an errant lock and put it back in place.

"You look exactly the way I always envisioned you as a bride," she whispered. "I am so happy for you, Helena."

Helena took Helen's hand, her eyes suddenly misty. She opened her mouth to answer when music started playing and the wedding guests instantly quieted. Taking one last deep breath Helena glanced at Helen who smiled at her. Helena nodded and the two entered the church, walking slowly down the aisle.

Myka looked up at the blue sky above. The day was as beautiful as they get in England in June. It was warm and sunny with a clear blue sky. She was riding in the open carriage next to her father. Claudia and the children were in a separate carriage behind them. She turned and looked at them, but all she could see were the four dark horses and the driver in his fancy uniform. Myka swallowed and turned around again.

"Are you all right?" Mr. Bering asked.

"I'm fine dad," Myka said in a small voice.

"You'll do just fine Myka," he said and smiled at her knowing how much she needed his approval on this day of all days.

Helena had cornered him two days prior and had a very stern talk with him about appropriate behavior on the wedding day. Warren had caved and agreed to try and show more emotion and support than he was normally comfortable with.

"I'm scared dad," she mumbled and gave him a pained look, biting her lip.

"Of course you are," he said and smiled. "I was scared to death on my wedding day." Realizing that he was not helping he tried a different approach. "Myka, you excel at everything you do. I am so proud of you," he said and smiled. "Today is going to be perfect. Do you know how I know that?" he said and grinned. Myka shook her head. "Because Helena wouldn't allow anything to go wrong today."

Myka laughed and nodded.

Warren smiled reassuringly at Myka as the carriage pulled up outside the church. He hopped out and held out his hand to Myka to help her down. Claudia was there in an instant grabbing the veil before it could hit the ground.

"Sophie, Bea, Tessa and Lizzie on the stairs now," she ordered the little girls. Turning her attention to the two boys she gave them a once over. Freddie's collar was crooked but otherwise they looked okay. "You two," she said to the boys, "are holding the veil so you're with me."

Claudia kept an eye on Sophie who was fingering the pink rose petals in her little basket. She grabbed the girl's arm just as Sophie was about to put a couple on top of four year-old Daniel's head.

"None of that missy," she muttered.

Sophie giggled and put the rose petals back in her basket. Claudia ushered the four girls ahead of Myka and Warren before turning to Myka. She straightened Myka's veil and smiled at her. She gave the bouquet a last touch before nodding.

"You look perfect Myka."

"Thanks Claudia," Myka whispered.

Claudia squeezed her arm. "You'll do great."

Myka took a deep breath and nodded. She took her father's hand and squeezed it hard. He smiled reassuringly at her.

Claudia fixed Freddie's collar and then took her spot behind the two boys. "We're all set," she said loudly to the two uniformed men by the door.

The doors opened wide and music from the church organ filled the air around them. Myka made a strangled sound and her shoulders stiffened.

"Move it Myka," Claudia hissed. "Sophie and Bea, now," she added a bit louder.

The girls slowly started forward and they all entered the church.

The music started again. Helena turned around to face the entrance. She watched as the four little flower girls came into view. She smiled as they sprinkled rose petals along the aisle in front of Myka. Myka! Helena's head snapped up and she stared in absolute wonder at Myka. Myka was wearing a sleeveless white dress in silk and lace. The bodice encased Myka's upper body in beautiful lace. The tiara glimmered on her head as the lights reflected in the many gemstones. Helena just stared at her in awe.

As Myka came closer Helena noticed small details about her dress and the flowers in the bouquet. She swallowed and beamed as Warren placed Myka's hand in hers. They nodded at each other before he took his seat. Helena leaned closer to Myka.

"You are absolutely stunning, darling," she whispered.

Myka blushed. "So are you."

The music stopped and the two turned their attention to the priest.

The ceremony was shorter than Myka had expected and before she knew it she was looking at Helena's smiling face as she said the final words. She swallowed and gazed at her wife. My wife, Myka thought and her eyes started to mist. Movement on her left jolted her out of her musings and she looked confused at Claudia.

"The bouquet Myka," Claudia hissed and almost shoved the flowers back into Myka's hand.

Myka stared at the flowers, overcome by emotions. Helena pulled at her hand until they were facing each other. She smiled at Myka.

"Ready to start your life as Mrs. Bering Wells, darling?"

Myka swallowed and nodded. She squeezed Helena's hand and together they walked down the aisle followed by Claudia and the children.

Outside the church Helena quickly helped Myka into the carriage. She gathered her dress and got in next to her.

"Drive!" she barked to the driver.

The whip cracked in the air and the horses started forward bringing them away from the church in seconds. Helena carefully removed her veil and grinned at Myka.

"Finally alone," she said cheerfully and leaned forward to kiss Myka. "And I can finally kiss my wife for the first time."

Myka laughed and leaned closer.

Back at Wells Hall Helena and Myka went directly to the small formal living room where the photo shoot had been set up. The photographer had been taking pictures of them outside the church as they were getting into the carriage so it did not surprise them that she was not yet there. Her assistant smiled at them when they entered the room.

"Congratulations," the young woman said a little shyly.

"Thank you darling," Helena said and patted her arm.

"Let me call the stylist so he can touch up your hair and makeup before Bella gets here." She took the bouquet from Myka and placed it in a secure location on the table that had been set up for taking close ups of the flowers.

Helena nodded and pulled Myka over to the window. She took Myka's hands and looked at her with so much love in her eyes it made Myka's heart ache.

"This is a fairytale," Myka whispered.

"No, love, it's better. It's real."

Helena wrapped her arms around Myka and kissed her softly. She sighed against Myka's lips when she felt Myka's slender arms tighten around her waist.

"I couldn't have made a more beautiful arrangement myself," the photographer said with a chuckle as she lowered the camera. "Let's come back to this spot after Julio has done his job."

Forty five minutes later Myka felt like her face was hurting from smiling so much. The children who had joined them for pictures started to get restless. She heard Claudia threaten to break David's arm if he tried to pick his nose again. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"Just a couple more," Bella said and looked straight at Myka.

Ten minutes later everyone but Helena and Myka left. Helena stopped Myka and took her hand.

"Darling, I would love to have a picture from down by the swing. What do you say?"

Myka nodded and they started the short walk down to the swing with Bella and her assistant in tow.

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