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I Wanna Take You To a Gay Bar
By Erin Griffin


"You are sure it is HERE?! Myka asked, shifting her skirt and looking at the Farnsworth. Claudia's face was priceless as she tried not to laugh, and Myka's eyes flickered to Helena, who seemed intregued by where they were.

"Yup, it says here that there have been a number of strange happenings in the very first known lesbian bar after the disappearance of a double edged axe, which I think may be an artifact. Now that you're all caught up, mingle, get some info on what's been happening. Go. Gay it up." With that, there was a giggle as the screen went black. Myka closed the Farnsworth.

"Right," Myka sighed. She was sure she had been set up by Pete so he could get footage of chicks kissing because he was such a guy. "We don't even know what the axe is supposed to do. I mean... What could it do?"

"So, where should we look?" Helena asked, even as she continued to look around.

"I have no clue..." Myka said. "We should get a drink and try to talk to people, but something tells me that with all the regulars that are here, they won't want to talk to us new comers."

"I wouldn't say that. You look ravishing in that dress."

Myka's cheeks reddened. "This scrap of cloth, you mean. How Claudia was allowed to pick the attire is still a mystery to me. Come on," Myka said, taking Helena's hand. The two of them left their corner and went to the bar, where Myka ordered for them. "Look, there is the current owner, and she doesn't look too happy."

"Yes, well-"

"Excuse me, but would you like to dance?" came a new voice. Both women looked up and saw a woman they were briefed on back at the Warehouse, a woman named Gina who (according to Pete's gleeful report) loved to cause alot of drama in the small circle of women who frequented the bar. It was his suggestion that she had something to do with the axe being missing.

"Um, well..." Myka said slowly as Gina looked on expectantly.

"My girlfriend would, but, you see, she can't dance, can you, Darling?" Helena cut in.

"R-right. I suck. I'm sorry." Myka replied quickly. Gina's mouth opened.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Aw, it's alright. I often worry someone better than me would come along and just... take her away from me."

"Aw- honey, you don't have to worry," Myka replied, playing along.

"Good." HG Wells leaned in and kissed Myka, who stiffened before she allowed herself to be kissed. When they parted, she was surprised to see Gina gone and an odd look on Helena's face.

There was a silcence between them for a second before Myka suddenly said, "Look, the owner, and she has the axe. Let's go!"

Later, Myka (now in her more comfortable clothes) lay on her bed with on hand over the unread book in her hand, and the other on her stomache as she thought about the night she'd had and the small sting she felt in her hand after the many times she hit Pete for all of his ribbing. There was a knock on her door, and after granting entrance, Myka saw Helena enter. "I wanted to make sure you're okay. You haven't said a word to me since..."

"I don't know if it was an act." Was all Myka could say. There was a small look of confusion on HG Wells' face, but the raven haired woman remained silent. "I..."

Helena walked over to Myka's bed as the agent sat up and allowed for her to sit down. "I'm sorry about the kiss. I didn't want for us to be compromised."

"I'm not," Myka found herself saying before she could stop herself. Helena looked over at her.

"You're not?"

"Are you?

"No." As if to prove it, Helena captured Myka's lips, this time feeling her kiss returned. "I did have fun tonight despite everything."

"We should do it again sometime."


The End

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