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Might Have Been Kinder
By Femvamp


In the end it might have been kinder if Helena had pulled the trigger.

Myka was never the same after that. She had left the Warehouse, at least for awhile. A few months later she came back but everyone knew she came back a different person. She still laughed at all of Pete’s jokes and Claudia shenanigans but the light in her eyes was gone. There was a coldness in her gaze. Leena had even commented that her aura was darker, colder, full of shadows.

She was different. No one said anything but even Artie noticed. He had always been the one who was paranoid, the father figure who said "Don't touch that," and "that's not food." He was the parental figure shaking his finger at the world but now it was Myka. It was almost like she mistrusted everything and everyone that wasn’t already in their little group. Everyone who was an outsider was the enemy and not to be trusted. That worried Artie more then he could say; and he couldn’t put his finger on why.

No one knew quite why Myka had returned to the Warehouse. After a few months of being gone she appeared outside the B&B with her bags and that was that. She was back. She never explained her return or where she had gone; not that she needed to; they all knew she had gone home to her parents. Pete had called every day asking about her and every day he got the same answer. She didn’t want to talk to him.

Everyone had known how much she had cared about Helena, and they had all suspected that the relationship had progressed past the friendship stage but no one knew for certain. Neither woman had ever said anything and no one knew for sure. However Pete was certain that Myka had fallen hard for Helena. He could actually forgive Helena for trying to destroy the world; hey bad days; but breaking his partner’s heart was something he would never forgive her for.

In the end it might have been kinder if she had pulled the trigger, because the partner he knew was gone. All that was left was a shell of a woman; a shell of a partner. Yes, she was just as good as she had always been but she had lost something; something Pete couldn’t put his finger on; but it was something important. It was something vital.

The only person who knew for sure why Myka returned to the Warehouse was Mrs. Fredrick. She had appeared at her parents home one day and simply asked her to and went so far as to offer to let her see Helena if she returned. Myka had said no. She had no interest in seeing the woman again. “We didn’t bronze her.” Mrs. Fredrick said simply.

“Why not?” Myka didn’t even turn around to look at Mrs Fredrick as she spoke, “I would have.” In the end it might have been kinder if Helena had pulled the trigger, but the world was not a kind place and Myka was no longer a kind person. “If you want me back I’ll come back.”

Myka never did ask about Helena after that, but Helena did ask about her and it broke her heart when Mrs. Fredrick told her what she had done. She might not have destroyed the world but she had done something almost as bad. She had destroyed the only person left in it, who might have saved her. She had destroyed the only person who could have loved her.

In the end it might have been kinder if she had pulled the trigger.

The End

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