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Silk & Lace
By Athena


Chapter 3

"God Helena, you feel really good," Myka whispered.

Helena shivered as Myka's breath caressed her neck. "So do you darling, so do you."

Myka ran her hands up and down Helena's back amazed at how soft she was, and that she was actually allowed to touch this stunning woman like this. She sighed softly when Helena kissed her shoulder.

"Myka," she said softly and pulled back so she could look her in the eyes. "I know that things have changed since I last did this, but quite honestly I don't know if either of us is ready to take this much further."

Myka smiled. Helena's concern for her was nothing but touching. "I guess there really are some major differences between loving a man and a woman," she mused. "A man would have me naked on the bed by now."

Helena chuckled. "I might too darling, if the circumstances were different, and if I did not care about the future."

Myka grinned. "So when will I get to see the rest of the lingerie that you apparently bought for my pleasure?" she teased and laughed when she saw a sudden change of color on Helena's face. "You're blushing," she exclaimed.

"Well, it happens," Helena huffed, but couldn't help returning the smile.

Myka traced the pink hue from Helena's cheek down her neck to rest her hand between Helena's breasts. "You are so beautiful," she whispered.

Helena smiled and covered her hand. "Thank you."

Myka looked at her. "Can I…? Could you…?" she whispered and blushed.

"Remove my brassiere?" Helena asked softly.

Myka nodded. Helena reached around and unclasped the bra in the back. She slowly slipped the straps down her arms until the bra fell in her lap. Myka grabbed it and caressed the soft silk, still warm from Helena's body.

"This is perfect for you," she said softly and put it carefully on the armrest behind her. "But you are perfect without it."

Myka ran her fingertips down Helena's chest and then back up until she could wrap her fingers around Helena's breasts. She smiled when she heard her sigh. She looked at her and saw the hooded look and blissful smile.

"It's been a long time for you," Myka realized with a soft whisper.

Helena nodded. "It sure has, but well worth the wait darling." She leaned closer and pressed her lips against Myka's. "I left no one behind, and had I known that you would be here waiting for me, I would gladly have endured those agonizing years in a bronze coat without a second thought."

Myka sighed. "Oh Helena."

"It's in the past. Nothing we can do about it, and the nightmares are so far in between now, I hardly think about it anymore."

"You have nightmares?" Myka said concerned. She cupped Helena's cheek and looked her straight in the eyes. "Helena?"

Helena nodded. "Now and then. It was after all a fairly traumatic experience, and I wasn't that stable emotionally going in."

Myka hugged her hard wanting to show her that she was there for her. She wasn't prepared for the intense feeling of having Helena's breasts pressed against hers.

"Oh God," she whispered and swallowed.

Helena chuckled. "Indeed. Perhaps this is what I need to cure any restless sleep?" she teased to ease the mood.

Myka chuckled. "Promise me that you'll let me know if you have another one? Bang on the wall, call me, or just come in here. I don't care; just promise me that you won't suffer through it alone."

Helena smiled and nodded. "I'll try."

She ran her hand over Myka's chest and cupped her breast. She ever so gently brushed her thumb over the nipple.

"MYKA! HG!" Claudia hollered as her thumping footsteps could be heard in the hallway outside as she came running upstairs.

HG pulled away from Myka and they stared at each other before frantically reaching for their shirts.

"What Claud?" Myka yelled.

"We got a ping," Claudia said through the door. "Meeting downstairs in five."

"We'll be there."

HG smiled sadly at Myka. "I'm sorry darling."

Myka nodded and looked away as she slipped on her bra and shirt. HG gently cupped Myka's chin and kissed her softly. Myka smiled at her.

"I don't know about you, love, but I'm very tingly right now," HG said and grinned.

Myka laughed and nodded. She ran her hand through her hair. "Yeah," she whispered.

HG took Myka's hand as they left the room.

HG leaned back in her chair and sighed. The ping had been in New England, on an island to be more exact. Artie had decided that it was only necessary to send two agents, so Myka was going with Pete.

"I've actually been there, you know," HG commented as she folded her arms and looked stubbornly at Artie.

"Who hasn't?" he muttered.

"Me," Claudia said and raised her hand.

Artie just waved her objection away. He shot HG a surly look. "The Regents want an update on your Time Machine so I can't actually let you go," he finally admitted.

"Why didn't you just say so?" HG exclaimed and grinned. "That is perfectly fine." She smiled at Claudia. "Perhaps I could request Claudia's assistance?"

"She needs to work on finding more info on the artifact," Artie muttered.

"Dude," Claudia said and slumped in her chair, sulking. "That's so lame." She threw her arms out in a wide exasperated gesture. "HG freaking Wells wants me, Claudia Donovan, computernerdiness extraordinaire to assist her on a task assigned her by no other than the Regents, and you're going to make me do artifact research? So fracking lame," she muttered.

HG chuckled and touched Claudia's arm. "It's all right darling. I'll save some fun things for you."

Claudia grinned at her and held up her hand for a fist bump. HG tilted her head confused with the gesture. Claudia took her hand and closed it into a fist before touching her own to HG's.

"Fist bump. All cool gadgeteers need to know it. It's like our secret handshake," she whispered and winked at HG.

"Can we focus please?" Artie barked.

Claudia jumped and made a face. "Mr. Grumpy McBearness so needs to chill," she mumbled.

"People," Artie snapped and glared at them before focusing on Pete and Myka who were sitting next to each other on his left. "I've booked you on the next flight to Boston. You'll take a smaller plane from there to Nantucket."

Pete nodded and went back to reading the case file.

"So the artifact is nautical?" Myka asked.

"We assume as much. We don't know for sure what it is."

"Dead fish and boats that are stranded at sea," Pete mumbled. "Great. And I just got the smell of burnt rubber out of my hair."

HG snickered behind her hand. Artie shot her a dirty look and she smiled serenely at him.

"No matter what the Regents want, I really do need you to focus on this Claudia," Artie said seriously. "Once we know what we're dealing with you can assist Helena."


"So," Myka said. "When are we leaving?"

"You're booked on a redeye to Boston," Artie mumbled.

"Aww, man," Pete said and winced. "That's so mean."

Myka sighed and tried not to think of what she and Helena had almost done.

"I'll help you pack, darling," Helena offered.

Myka looked up and smiled at her. Helena held her gaze maybe a moment too long and Pete's head snapped up. He stared from one to the other and then grinned. Myka elbowed him and he winced.

"Ouch, Myka!" he hissed. "Why is it that you always manage to hit me where it hurts the most?"

"Talent, Pete," she mumbled. "Talent."

He made a face at her. "All right if we're done here I need to pack."

Artie nodded and they all filed out of the room. Helena touched Myka's arm and smiled at her. Together they headed for the stairs.

Myka closed the door behind her and leaned against it. Helena was standing in the middle of her room smiling at her.

"I'm so sorry darling," Helena said and smiled.

"I know. The timing sucks," Myka muttered.

Myka walked closer, and looked a little hesitantly at Helena. Helena grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. Myka laughed as their bodies collided. She wrapped her arms around Helena's neck.

"I had such delicious plans for you," Helena mumbled and brushed her lips over Myka's neck. "I want to cover your body with kisses, tasting every inch of you," she whispered.

"Oh Helena," Myka sighed.

"I guess I'll have to prepare a nice surprise for you when you return."

Myka grinned and pulled away. "I think I'd like that."

Helena kissed her and felt Myka melt into her as their tongues stroked against each other.

"I can't wait until I can feel you naked against me," Helena whispered.

Myka blushed and chewed on her lip. Helena pulled away from her and sat down on the bed.

"I think I need to distance myself from you somewhat darling," Helena muttered and ran her hand through her hair. "If not I might not be able to refrain from throwing you on the bed."

Myka chuckled and nodded. She pulled her suitcase out of her closet and put it down on the bed. Helena watched as she filled it with clothes and toiletries. She ran her hand over a set of Myka's underwear.

"How lovely," she mumbled.

Myka blushed and took it from Helena. Helena grinned at her.

"Perhaps I'll wear it for you," Myka said and turned away.

"I think I would enjoy that immensely," Helena purred. "Not as much as I'd like to take them off you."

Myka blushed a darker shade of red. She put the last item in her suitcase and closed it. Pulling a book out of the bookcase she added it to her carryon pile. Finally she sat down next to Helena on the bed.

"This is so strange," she said and sighed.

"Perhaps it's for the best," Helena said and caressed Myka's cheek. "This forced separation gives you time to think."

"Sometimes I have a tendency to over think things," Myka muttered darkly.

Helena chuckled and kissed her. "I won't allow it," she said and grinned.

Myka smiled and nodded. She sighed and got up. "Well, I guess this is it."

Helena took a few steps closer and pulled Myka into a fierce hug. She kissed her, almost with desperation.

"Be careful darling. I expect you to return to me safe and sound."

Myka made a face. "Promise."

Myka stared at the darkness outside her window. Pete was asleep in the seat next to her, snoring softly. She had pushed him off her shoulder earlier, when he had almost drooled on her jacket. She sighed and pulled out the note from her pocket. It was a regular large yellow post-it note, but it held a much deeper meaning to Myka. She glanced at Pete again making sure that he was still asleep. Opening the folded note she read the words written on it. Written for her.

//Barely have my eyes closed upon your departure, when I feel the loss as a deep pain inside. Then my heart flutters with joy as I anticipate your return, when I can once again hold you in my arms.//

The note was for once written in Helena's own old-fashioned handwriting and simply signed Helena. Myka sighed again and folded the note before putting it back in her pocket.

Pete stirred and again tried to snuggle up against her. She pushed him away with a sigh. She turned off the light above her and tried to get comfortable under her thin airline blanket. Myka closed her eyes as her last awake thoughts went to Helena, wondering what she was doing.

Myka sighed relieved as they returned to the B&B where they were staying. She and Pete had been running all over Nantucket on a wild goose chase following leads that ended in nothing. Myka was tired and irritated. She did not like wasting her time.

"Well that was a day I don't need to be repeated," Pete said dramatically.

The Farnsworth buzzed and Pete pulled it out. Myka gestured to the porch and Pete headed in that direction.

"I'm just going to talk to the owner for a moment," Myka said after him.

"Okay Mykes."

Myka sighed and went looking for the old lady who ran the B&B.

"That was Claudia," Pete said when she returned. "What we're looking for is a sextant."

Myka's eyebrows shot up. She smirked at him.

"Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with sex," he said and made a face at her. "Disappointing!"

Myka laughed and shook her head. "So what's so special with this particular sextant?"

"It was originally owned by this Dutch guy who was on a ship that disappeared…"

"The Flying Dutchman?" Myka exclaimed.

"I was just getting to that," Pete said and sighed. "You're no fun Mykes," he whined.

Myka grinned and made a face at him. "So how can it be around if the ship disappeared?"

"That's the question, right?" he said and grinned excitedly. "He got drunk in port and ended up missing the departure."

Myka nodded. "That makes sense. All they did when they got back was get drunk…"

"And laid!" Pete added with a leer.

Myka rolled her eyes. "And that." She glanced at her watch. "Pete, it's almost eight. Should we grab some dinner?"

"Fantastic plan."

"I just want to run up to my room and change. Okay?"

"Fine. I'll just wait here. Be snappy, okay. I'm starving."

"You're always starving," Myka muttered.

"Hey I heard that!"

"Pete, there's a wine and cheese platter in the library if you want to munch. Just don't touch the wine."

Pete grinned and rubbed his hands together. "You know I won't."

Myka nodded and smiled as she watched him leave. "Cheese cubes, tiny little cheese cubes," she could hear him sing-song down the hall. She chuckled and headed for the stairs.

Myka fingered the note in her pocket as she dragged her feet upstairs. She pulled the key out of her pocket. She smiled at the feel of the old-fashioned looking key. It was so unusual to actually get a key in a hotel these days that it felt really special. She unlocked her door and stepped inside – and instantly froze in place.

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