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Silk & Lace
By Athena


Chapter 4

"Helena?" Myka whispered.

Helena giggled and rushed to her. She cupped Myka's face and kissed her.

"What are you doing here?" Myka mumbled between kisses.

"Artie realized that you do need me after all."


"I happen to have a very good knowledge about this particular artifact," Helena said proudly. "As a matter of fact I chased after it all over Europe. I was close to capturing it once in Tangiers, but it disappeared in the night. We never found out where. The trail went cold after that. Now of course we know that it ended up here in America."

Myka smiled and nodded. She opened her mouth to ask Helena a question when her eyes fell on an item on the floor. A bag. Helena's bag. Myka looked at her.

"I hope you don't mind sharing your room. I'm afraid Artie was not in the mood to spend more money on me than necessary."

Myka glanced at the four-poster bed behind Helena and swallowed.

"It appears that we will be crossing that line sooner, rather than later," she mumbled.

"Nothing has to happen, darling," Helena said softly.

"Right," Myka said and straightened up. "Well, Pete and I were going to go out for dinner. You should come along."

"Of course darling."

"HG?" Pete said surprised and his eyebrows shot up. "What are you doing here?"

Helena rolled her eyes. "It's lovely to see you too Agent Lattimer," she mumbled.

"Sorry," he said and made a face. "I just thought that you'd been grounded by the Regents to play with your old toys."

Helena chuckled. "Yes, I guess I was. I will fill you in over dinner. I have some additional information that I did not brief Claudia on before I left," she explained. "There was simply no time," she said patiently when Pete gave her a look.

"Come on," Myka said and headed for the front door. "We need to get moving if we want to get dinner before they close."

Dinner had been wonderful. They had ended up in a beautiful little restaurant on a small side street. Helena especially had enjoyed the opportunity to eat under the stars and showed almost childlike excitement over all the tiny little lights in the trees. Myka had watched as Helena raved over the little things that Myka herself took for granted. She sighed and touched Helena's hand. As Myka looked into Helena's dark eyes it felt as if everything fell into place. This felt so right, like how things were supposed to be. She smiled at Helena and chuckled when Helena's eyes widened a little in response to what she saw in Myka's eyes.

"Ah, dinner," Pete said and grinned as the large plate with steak and mashed potatoes was put in front of him.

Myka laughed a little nervously as she removed her hand from Helena's. Helena grabbed her fingers and she looked up at her again. Helena winked at her, making Myka blush.

"Bon appetite darling," she said huskily.

Pete was already tucking his steak away, completely oblivious to the looks shared between his two coworkers. At least until he happened to look up just as Helena took a deep breath and ran her hand through her hair all while looking at Myka with so much desire it made Pete gulp. Women had looked at him with desire in the past, but no one had looked at him quite the way Helena was currently looking at Myka.

"Mm, this shrimp is great," Myka said and grinned at him.

Pete moved his jaw, forcing himself to focus on chewing. Eating. Yes, chewing and eating. Food. He swallowed and took a couple of sips of his cold soda. Yeah, that helped. He eyed Helena again, but she was no longer looking at Myka, now instead elegantly cutting her lamb chop before taking a small bite. He looked away as her eyelashes fluttered shut and a small moan escaped as she tasted the food.

"This is delicious," she purred.

When Helena had excused herself to go to the bathroom Pete leaned closer to Myka and looked seriously at her.

"Myka, what's going on between the two of you?"

Myka blushed furiously. "I don't know what you're talking about," she mumbled and looked away.

"Myka," he said again, softer this time. "I feel vibes, and right now I'm vibing out on sexy vibes."

She looked down at the table, absentmindedly playing with her dessert spoon. "I feel something for her," she finally admitted.

"And what about her?"

"I think she might be in love with me," she whispered.

He was silent for a long moment. When he finally glanced at her again he noticed the slumped shoulders and how Myka seemed to almost want to crawl inside herself. He gently grabbed her shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"You know I'm fine with it, right? I'm just worried that she might hurt you."

Myka nodded silently. "It's all a little overwhelming actually," she finally mumbled.

"I'm sure it is for her too," he said and smiled. "I mean think about it. It's been like a hundred years since she last got some nookie."

"Pete!" Myka hissed.

"Hey!" he said and held up his hands. "I'm only stating facts." He smirked at Myka. "She's one hell of a kisser."

"I know," Myka mumbled.

Pete laughed. "So you have kissed her," he teased.

"Yeah," Myka said and grinned at him. She chewed on her lip a little uncertain on how to explain her feelings for HG Wells to Pete.

"And I've kissed you, so I know that she's in for a treat," he teased.

Myka wacked his arm and he yelped. "Shut up Pete," she muttered. "And just for the record, that wasn't me. It was Alice."

"Hey, it was your lips," he objected and rubbed his arm. "Man, Myka you definitely don't hit like a girl."

"Well you are a girl," she said and made a face at him.

Pete made a face back at her just as HG returned. She looked at the two of them and sighed.

"Can't I leave the two of you alone for a moment without you turning into rambunctious children?" she said and rolled her eyes.

"She started it," Pete muttered.

"Did not," Myka said and made a face at him. "I can't help if you're a girl."

"Oh do stop it, both of you," HG snapped. "You're Warehouse agents, not school children."

"You know you shouldn't yell at your girlfriend if you want to get some nookie later," Pete muttered.

"Pete!" "What?"

"Girlfriend?" HG whispered and looked at Myka. "You told him?"

Myka nodded. "He guessed actually."

"I had a vibe," Pete corrected her.

HG made a face at him and waved for him to be quiet. Myka made the same gesture. Pete sighed and leaned back in his seat.

"Two Mykas," he muttered.

On the way back to the B&B HG accidentally brushed her knuckles against Myka's hand as they walked next to each other. She looked up, surprised, when Myka took her hand, gently curling her fingers around Helena's. Myka smiled at her and it was such a beautiful sight it caused HG to gasp.

"So, well tomorrow, perhaps we should split up and…" he turned and glanced at the two and rolled his eyes. "Man, can't the two of you knock it off for just a moment?"

"Sure Pete," Myka said, but her eyes were on HG.

They reached the B&B and Pete opened the white painted gate to let them in. HG walked through with Myka in tow, still holding her hand.

"You're just the cutest," he mumbled.

Pete closed the front door quietly behind them. The place was silent.

"Perhaps we should talk about tomorrow…" Myka started when Pete's Farnsworth buzzed.

"Why don't the two of you check on that and I'll pop up to the room to look over my notes?" Helena suggested.

Pete was already halfway into the living room. He nodded at her before disappearing around the corner.

"Darling," Helena said and smiled at Myka. "I just thought that you might be more comfortable if I got ready for bed first."

Myka stepped closer and placed her hands on Helena's chest, right above her breasts. "You mean so I can't see what naughty underwear you have on?" she teased.

"Myka," Helena hissed. "This is hardly the place for…"

Helena's words were silenced by a slow and very thorough kiss that made Helena sway a little. Myka wrapped her arms around Helena's waist, pulling her closer.

"That was Artie…" Pete froze on the doorstep and gaped. "Man, that's hot," he said and grinned.

Myka tore her lips away from Helena's and glared at him. "Pete, don't you have anything else to do than perv on us?"

He scratched his chin as if he was thinking and finally shook his head. "Nope, nothing comes to mind."

"Pervert," Myka muttered and stepped away from Helena.

"See you upstairs darling?" Helena said and smiled at Myka.

"I'll be right up," Myka mumbled a little embarrassed.

"I'm glad I got the room at the end of the hall," Pete muttered. "I don't think I would get any sleep if…"

"Pete, focus," Myka snapped as her cheeks flushed at his words.

Pete filled her in on what Artie had said. Apparently there had been a similar string of events in a small town on Long Island. Claudia had narrowed it down to three boats that had been in the two locations at the right time.

They agreed to head down to the marina first thing in the morning.

Myka knocked gently on the door before opening it. The room was empty, but she could hear the shower running in the bathroom. She grinned and chewed on her lip. HG freaking Wells was naked in her shower. Myka swallowed and hung up her coat on the hook on the door. She slipped out of her boots and walked over to the bed. Helena's bag was sitting on it, open and almost empty. Myka glanced over at the small dresser and wondered for a moment which drawer Helena had picked. Returning her gaze to the bag she noticed the pile of neatly folded clothes sitting next to it. On top was a matching set of silk underwear. A distinct pink tag peaked out on the side. Myka inhaled and her nostrils flared as she reached out with trembling fingers to touch the soft silk. The sound of the shower turning off made her snatch her hand back.

"Perv," she muttered to herself. "It's just underwear. Granted it's super sexy, gorgeous, silky lace underwear, but still just underwear," she mumbled.

The door to the bathroom opened and Helena stepped out. She smiled widely when she spotted Myka.

"What a delightful surprise."

Myka blushed and nodded. Helena was in a short black silk robe that reached half-way down her thighs. Even though tied together it revealed a large part of Helena's chest and gave Myka a clear view of that enchanting freckle between Helena's breasts. Myka stared at it as if hypnotized.

"Darling, is something amiss?" Helena teased.

"You left that there on purpose," Myka mumbled and gestured to Helena's underwear.

"Of course I did," Helena purred and stepped closer. She ran her hand over Myka's shoulder and down her arm. Taking Myka's hand she raised it to her lips and placed a feather light kiss on Myka's knuckles. "I did not want them to get wet in the bathroom."

Myka took a shaky breath as her eyes met Helena's. Again experiencing the feeling of clarity that had touched her earlier in the restaurant, she touched her finger to Helena's jaw, slowly tracing the elegant curve.

"Perhaps you should just save them for tomorrow," Myka whispered and stepped closer still.

"Then what should I sleep in?" Helena said with a coquettish little laugh.

Myka stepped away and entered the bathroom. Almost as an afterthought she looked at Helena over her shoulder. "I'm sure you can think of something appropriate."

Helena chuckled and shook her head. "Oh Myka," she whispered. "If only you knew how you have captured my heart."

When Myka appeared showered and ready for bed it was to find Helena seated by the antique desk. Helena was writing, her hand moving in a fast flowing motion as she penned one word after the other. She was still in her robe, her feet bare, though Myka could only see one since Helena had pulled her left leg up underneath her. Helena's hair was still up in the somewhat messy ponytail she had sported coming out of the shower. A few strands of hair had escaped and they framed her face beautifully.

Myka glanced at the bed. Helena's clothes and bag were gone and the comforter had been turned down. She swallowed thinking about what might happen in that bed tonight.

"I'm not going to ravage you darling," Helena said, still writing.

"And why not?" Myka asked.

Helena's head snapped up and she stared at Myka. Myka smirked at her and folded her arms.

"I much prefer my bed partners to be willing and engaged, not scared or fighting."

"With the right motivation I'm sure you would find me more than willing," Myka teased.

Helena swallowed. "Darling? What are you saying?"

Myka stepped closer and caressed Helena's cheek. She leaned down and kissed her softly before answering.

"All I'm saying Helena is that this feels so right. You feel so right. I have never felt this excited and nervous at the same time about a relationship. And the nervousness has nothing to do with if this is right or not," she said softly. "I'm afraid that I will fail you, disappoint you with my lack of experience."

Helena got up and cupped Myka's cheeks. "You are so wrong, love," she whispered and kissed her. "There is just no possibility of you failing. Don't you know Myka Bering, that you have stolen my heart?"

Myka gasped. Helena smiled and nodded. "So you see; we are equally scared of losing something precious. Perhaps by trusting each other we can set fear aside?"

Myka nodded and took Helena's hand. "It's late. Come to bed."

Helena laughed and nodded. "Just a moment," she said and turned back to the desk. She carefully capped her fountain pen and put it on top of the neatly arranged pages of stationary she had used to write on.

"What were you writing?" Myka asked curious.

"Just something that popped into my head. I don't really know what it will become, but since inspiration hit, I decided to jot down a few errant thoughts," Helena said with an impish grin. "There is a time for writing and there is a time for other things. And now is definitely not the time for writing," she said with a teasing smile.

Myka swallowed and watched Helena as she walked around the bed and slowly removed her robe. She was completely naked underneath. They looked at each other for a long moment before Myka's smile turned into a grin.

"So beautiful," she whispered.

Helena laughed and slipped under the sheets. She patted the bed beside her. "Come darling."

Myka pulled off her white tank top and hung it over the desk chair. She heard a tiny gasp behind her. Helena was looking at her with such intensity she almost felt like her skin was burning. Myka put her hands inside her lounge pants and slowly pushed them down. Helena bit her lip as she watched Myka undress. Stepping out of her pants Myka stood absolutely still for a moment watching Helena intently as she took in Myka's naked body.

"Stunning, absolutely stunning," Helena whispered. She looked up at Myka and held out her hand. "Come here darling or I will think that you are nothing but a mere mirage."

Myka chuckled and slipped into bed next to Helena. They faced each other, still about a foot apart, not touching. Myka could feel the energy, like little sparks between her body and Helena's. She closed her eyes and focused on Helena.

"I can feel your body even without touching you."

Helena ran her hand down Myka's side and took her hand. "But touching is so much better, don't you think?"

"Yeah," Myka said and grinned.

Helena pulled Myka to her and kissed her. Feeling Myka melt against her she rolled her over until she could gaze down on her. Myka wrapped her arms around Helena's waist, holding her tight.

Helena moved her thigh against Myka giggling when she felt how ready Myka was. Myka grabbed her hips, pushing up against her.

"Darling, if you keep this up you will spend against my leg," Helena teased.

Myka laughed out loud and eased off a little. She looked at Helena and chuckled again. "You are so incredibly cute sometimes. Do you know that?"

"What did I do?" Helena asked confused.

"I don't think I've ever heard a lover use the word spend. It is very sweet. Very you," she said and touched Helena's cheek.

Helena looked away. "Well, it appears that the vocabulary has changed somewhat in the last hundred years. If I say something that offends you darling, I do apologize. I am after all from a different time."

Myka could feel the change in Helena, how she withdrew from her, putting up walls around herself. She grabbed Helena's face and looked seriously at her.

"Didn't you hear what I said? It's cute, as in sweet, endearing. I like it. You say the sweetest things Helena and it makes me love you more."

Helena nodded and let out a sigh of relief. "Perhaps you would be so kind to help me update my terribly outdated seduction vocabulary."

Myka shook her head. "Nope, I like it just the way it is. I don't want you to start talking dirty to me in modern day words. The very thought of that honestly turns me off. Your beautiful old-fashioned words are on the other hand very sexy."

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