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Modern Marvels
By Athena


Chapter 1

HG looked appreciatively at Myka who was stretched out on the couch across from her. Her right arm folded under her head, her left balancing a book on her chest. Myka's outfit was in HG's opinion lovely, even though according to the standards she was used to, it was quite scandalous. Young Myka was dressed in a white tank top and shorts. Her long legs were lightly tanned and HG noticed that her toenails had been painted dark red. She looked at Myka's face again and watched her arm move as she turned the page and then settle under her head again. There was something with the picture that confused HG, and it annoyed her that she couldn't put her finger on it. Then it hit her. Myka had no body hair, except on her head and eyebrows of course. This newfound information was highly puzzling to HG. She chewed on her lip for a moment before making her mind up.

"Excuse me Myka, may I ask you a personal question?" she said feeling slightly embarrassed.

Myka looked up at her. "Sure. What do you want to know?"

HG crossed the room and sat down by her feet. Myka moved her legs to make room for her. As HG looked down at her shapely legs she realized that even her legs were smooth. "This might sound very silly, but why don't you have any body hair? Is it genetic?" HG asked confused.

Myka bit her lip trying not to laugh, but failed miserably. "I'm sorry," she choked out. She sat up and grabbed HG's arm when the woman started to get up. "I really am. I wasn't laughing at you Helena, only at the thought of not having to shave ever again," she explained with a big smile.

"You shave?" HG asked not quite believing her. "Your body?"

Myka nodded. "Most women do, especially in the summer when you wear less clothing," she explained to the confused woman.

HG looked down at Myka's legs. "May I?" she asked hesitantly holding her hand over Myka's leg.

Myka slowly nodded. She bit her lip as HG ran her hand up her calf. Her leg twitched a little when HG's fingers brushed against the soft skin behind her knee. Their eyes met and HG grinned. "So soft," she purred.

"Thanks," Myka croaked.

HG smirked, very pleased with herself. "So, you shave your legs and under your arms. Anything else I should know about?" she asked.

Myka blushed a healthy pink. "Well, I… you know… most, I mean some women also shave or trim their privates," she finally managed.

HG laughed. "Are you telling me that women, sane women, actually put a razor that close to their private area?" she held on to Myka's leg to steady herself. "Are you insane?"

"Razors are a little bit safer to use these days than what you're used to," Myka defended herself.

"Am I to take that as a yes?" HG purred.

"Take it any way you like," Myka mumbled embarrassed. "All I'm saying is that it's more comfortable and less messy."

HG grinned. "I guess I'll have to try and see for myself."

Myka turned red again. "I guess."

HG ran a finger down Myka's calf as if inspecting her work. She finally glanced up at her. "Will you show me?"

Myka stared at her. "You want me to do what now?"

"Not my private area, silly girl. My legs," HG said and laughed.

Myka sighed in relief. Oh you really want to, that annoying little bad Myka whispered in her ear. She pushed all thoughts of HG's privates out of her mind. "Sure, I'll help you."

"Now?" HG said cheerfully.

Myka sighed and smiled at her. HG really was quite endearing when she got all excited over something. "Come on Victorian lady, let's make you scandalous," Myka said and swung her legs around.

Myka bit her lip as HG entered her bathroom dressed only in her white shirt which reached half way down her thighs. God have mercy, she thought. Then a thought occurred to her and she looked up at HG. "Eh, Helena, are you wearing something underneath there?" she was sure her face was red again.

HG folded her arms which made the shirt ride higher on her thighs and reveal more of her perfect legs. "Are you asking me if I'm wearing undergarments darling?" she said and wriggled her eyebrows.

Myka nodded.

HG leaned down and her hair brushed against Myka's face as she whispered in her ear. "Why don't you look for yourself?"

"Helena!" Myka blurted out.

"Oh, don't you Helena me young lady. I know that you want to."

Myka bit her lip. "Of for god's sake Helena, just sit down. I know you're just messing with me," Myka said exasperated.

"I would never do such an evil thing," HG said softly as she sat down on the towel Myka had placed on the edge of the bathtub.

"Shave first, talk later," Myka muttered.

Myka had not really thought the whole process through from start to finish. Half way through she looked at HG and realized that her white shirt had become quite transparent in the process as HG's hand at one point slipped while holding the shower handle. She swallowed as her eyes fixated on HG's small, but very stiff nipples. She looked away.

HG caught her looking and smiled to herself. This might turn out all right in the end after all. She reached out and touched Myka's chin. "Are you all right darling?" she asked softly.


"I think I can do my arms on my own, unless you think you should supervise," HG said with a smirk.

"No, I'm good. I'm sure you'll be fine on your own," Myka squeaked. Why wasn't her voice working right?

HG contemplating how far she could push Myka. "Myka," she asked softly in a little more serious tone. "I know you find this embarrassing, but be assured that I'm eternally grateful for your help."

Myka looked up at her and nodded in understanding.

"One last question," she said. "Oh dear, this is embarrassing," HG mumbled. "Hypothetically speaking, should one decide to shave one's privates, how would one do that? All of it? Part of it?"

Myka's eyes narrowed. Was HG toying with her? She seemed to be honest in her questioning. Myka sighed. "It's a matter of preference really," she said. Then she got an idea. "Hold on a sec. Don't go anywhere," she said and left.

HG turned off the water and dried her cooling legs. She ran a hand down her calf enjoying the smoothness. She grinned. Some things really were very nice in this new crazy world. She looked up when Myka returned with a small pad in her hand.

"Okay, listen," she said and sat down on the toilet. She showed HG the pad which had two very basic drawings on it. "I'd say that these are the most preferred options," Myka said quickly. "Either you just leave a little at the top, like this," she pointed at the left drawing. "Or if you like less, just a little strip in the middle. Like this," she said and pointed at the other drawing. She looked at HG who was studying the two drawings. "Of course you can just trim it short all the way around and shave any stray hairs that would poke out on the side.

"Poke out on the side?" HG said with a chuckle. "What does that mean?"

Myka's face turned an interesting shade of pink. "You know, when you're wearing panties. You don't want anything sticking out," she explained waiving her hands in the air. "Or even worse, if you're wearing a bikini."

"What's a bikini?" HG asked softly, clearly embarrassed that she had to ask.

"Oh, of course. Sorry. It's a two piece bathing suit. Pretty much a bra and panties in bathing suit material."

HG grinned again. "I love the sound of that. I definitely need to get one of those."

Myka coughed. "Sure, okay."

HG smiled at her and folded her arms.

"What?" Myka asked confused.

"Do you want to watch? You're more than welcome to stay," she said with a purr.

"Oh, no that's okay. I'm sorry. Of course you want some privacy." Myka scrambled to her feet and quickly moved to the door.

"Oh, Myka," HG called her back.


HG smiled at her. "Would you be a darling and get me something else to wear?"

"Sure. Anything in particular you'd like?"

"Whatever is in my closet," she waived her off.

Myka closed the bathroom door and took a deep breath. HG half naked, shaving, was not having a calming effect on her. Far from it. She straightened up and left the room to go looking for clothes for her lovely guest.

HG was quite pleased with the result. It had required some interesting bending and twisting, but she thought she got it right. She smiled. Wonder if I could get Myka to inspect? She chuckled. All in good time.

Myka stared at the sad sight of HG's closet. It was almost empty. Two pair of pants, a couple of shirts, her brown coat and a leather jacket. She touched the leather jacket and brought the sleeve to her face. She inhaled and closed her eyes for a moment, then realizing what she was doing, scolded herself. Myka, get a grip. You're making out with HG's jacket for god's sake. How pathetic is that? She grabbed a shirt and closed the door. Hanging it over the chair she opened the top drawer. It felt a little odd to go through someone else's underwear. Though the sight of the neatly stacked underwear was almost as sad as the closet. Four identical panties, two bras and half a dozen dark socks. She sighed. This little exercise had given her more insight into HG than she had expected. She made a vow to change it. She was sure that HG had owned a lot of clothes way back when. She could tell by the way she carried herself, and how she always looked so impeccable. Myka quickly grabbed a pair of panties and a bra and closed the drawer. She smiled when she got an idea. Clothes in hand she hurried back to her room.

HG was still in the bathroom. Myka could hear the water running in the shower. She dug through her drawer and pulled out a couple of things. She settled for a little cami with spaghetti straps and a pair of yoga pants and put HG's underwear on top. When the shower stopped she walked over and knocked on the door. "Are you decent?" she asked.

"Of course I'm not," HG huffed from the other side. "You have my clothes."

"Just wrap a towel around you," Myka said impatiently. She heard some movement and then the door opened. HG was standing there only wearing a white towel. Her dark hair was slicked against her head and a wet lock clung to her collar bone. A drop of water escaped and ran down and disappeared between her breasts. Myka bit her lip and her head snapped up to look at HG's face. HG smirked. "Are you done?" she teased.

"What?" Myka squeaked. "Here," she said and handed HG her little arrangement.

HG frowned. "These aren't mine."

"Well, now they are. Consider it a gift," Myka said quickly.

HG looked at her and smiled. There was a gentleness to her that Myka had never seen before. It was as if her eyes had softened. "Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome. Now get back in there and get dressed," Myka shooed her back in the bathroom. She could still hear her laughter through the closed door.

Myka was on the bed reading when HG appeared. She looked up at her and gaped. "Helena, you're beautiful," she said.

HG laughed and made a little twirl on the floor. "I like this outfit. It's very comfy," she said and grinned. She sat down on the bed and looked at Myka for a moment. "Thank you," she said and touched her hand.

Myka just smiled.

HG raised her arm. "Look, I did it," she said revealing her smooth hairless armpit.

Myka laughed and shook her head. "You certainly did." She bit her lip. "I'm glad that you're here Helena," she finally admitted. "Thanks for trusting me with this."

HG stretched out on the bed facing her. "No, thank you. You've been so patient with me. I know how hard I've been on you at times, and you never ever get frustrated with me and tell me to go away."

"I would never do that," Myka said slightly upset that HG would even think that she might.

"I know darling. That's why you're so precious to me."

Myka looked at HG and slowly traced the strap down her right shoulder. "This looks so much better on you than me."

HG laughed softly. "I find that hard to believe, but thank you."

Myka smiled. "You know, we really should get you more clothes."

HG looked down. "I find it hard to go shopping," she finally admitted. "I've never gone shopping before."

Myka frowned. "You've never been shopping for clothes? But, you surely must have. You did wear clothes back in the 1890s, right?"

HG laughed. "Of course I did," she said and her eyes twinkled. "It's just that I had a tailor. She would come to my house. The only time I went shopping was to pick out fabrics. I mostly did that while travelling."

Myka finally understood. "So you don't even know what size you are," she said more to herself than HG.


Myka pursed her lips. "Well I think we're close to the same size. I'm a tiny bit taller than you, but that's about it. If you like you can try some of my clothes and we can figure out what you like and don't like."

HG smiled a genuine happy smile and leaned closer. For one panicky moment Myka thought that she was going to kiss her, but HG's lips just brushed her cheek. "Thank you darling."

"You're welcome," she whispered.

HG sat up and leaned against the headboard. She reached out and played with one of Myka's soft curls. "You have beautiful hair."

"I have beautiful hair?" Myka said and laughed. "No, no, no. You're the one with beautiful hair. This hair is cursed," she said and grabbed a strand of her hair and pulled at it. When she let go it bounced back to its naturally curly state. "If I cut it any shorter it sticks straight out from my head. I look like a complete moron," Myka huffed.

HG laughed. "I quite like it the way it is. And the curls are absolutely charming."

Myka blushed. She looked down. She startled when an insistent finger under her chin made her look up and meet HG's demanding gaze. "Am I making you nervous darling?" she asked softly.

"Maybe a little," Myka whispered.

HG laughed. "Good," she said before she leaned down and pressed her lips against Myka's.

Myka was not prepared for the intense feeling of HG's lips against hers. She moaned when the tip of HG's tongue caressed her lower lip. She pressed against her as she wrapped her arms around her. I am kissing Helena, she thought. Oh, my god, I'm actually kissing this amazing woman. HG slid her leg between Myka's and pushed against her thigh. And that's when all rational thought ended.

To Be Continued

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