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Dating HG Wells
By Athena


Chapter 1

Agent Myka Bering was a mess. She was speeding down this desolate dirt road somewhere in the badlands of South Dakota to get as far away from the Warehouse as possible. The road blurred in front of her as tears fell from her dark eyes. Tears that she had held back since the moment she woke up on a sandy stone floor in Egypt only four days ago. She knew that her mascara was leaving streaks on her cheeks, but she didn't care. She impatiently wiped her face and her hand came away smeared with it. Angrily she wiped her hand on her pants and stepped a little harder on the gas. She had to get away. She needed to be alone somewhere where she could yell at the universe for taking away everyone that she loved.

She opened the console between the seats and fumbled around for a moment in an attempt to find some Kleenex. God damn it, why can't people replace things when they use them up, she thought annoyed. Then her fingers closed around something soft and silky. The car swerved on the slippery gravel as she startled at the find. Realizing that she was a danger driving, she pulled over to the side. She brought the soft red scarf to her face. Helena's scent was still on it. Myka completely lost it. She cried like she had never cried before, not even over Steve, her whole body shook with grief over what she had lost. She screamed and banged her hands on the steering wheel. It just wasn't fair. All she had ever done was trust, and love this amazing woman. She knew in her heart that Helena still loved her. She had seen it in her eyes during that awful moment when Helena had held the gun to her head.

"Myka," a soft voice said. She startled and her head snapped around.

"Mrs. F?" Myka blurted out. "How?"

Mrs. Frederic just raised an eyebrow, challenging her to ask.

"Never mind," she muttered.

"I believe you were looking for this," she said and offered Myka a pack of Kleenex.

"Thanks. I'm sorry, I must be a mess."

"Pretty much, but that's understandable," she said with a sad smile.

They sat in silence for a moment. Myka too upset to know what to say, and Mrs. Frederic; well no one ever really understands her mysterious ways.

"Be patient Myka, and don't give up hope. If you love something enough, but are willing to let it go, it will always come back to you."

Myka tears started all over again and she pressed the soft tissue against her eyes. "Does that mean that I'll see her again?" Myka whispered and looked at Mrs. Frederic, or where Mrs. Frederic should've been. The woman was gone.

"Your destinies are tied together in a bond so strong not even the Regents understand it. Have faith Myka," came the eerie answer.

She had not bothered to go back to Leena's. Instead she had called her mother and asked her to call Leena later on in the week. After she hung up, Myka did something so against her own nature it made it feel absolutely right. She just drove. Without a plan, or a destination in mind, she just drove. When she started to get tired she checked into a motel, paying cash and using a fake name. She'd kicked off her boots and just collapsed on top of the bed completely exhausted. Hours later she woke up shivering in the cold air. She slipped under the covers and hugged the spare pillow close. "Why Helena?" she whispered into the red scarf where the scent of the woman she loved still lingered.

As she slept an eerie shadow hovered in a dark corner, watching over her. As the sun started to come up the woman stepped closer to the bed and gently caressed Myka's cheek. "I'm so sorry darling," she whispered. "I never meant to cause you pain."

Myka woke up with a start. She felt a slight panic as she didn't recognize the room. She touched her cheek were the soft touch still lingered. She sat up and hugged her knees, rocking back and forth, fighting the tears. As the sun came through the blinds a single ray hit the object on the pillow. Myka reached out with a trembling hand afraid that it was just a fabric of her imagination. When her fingers closed around it she could feel the coldness of the metal. She slowly opened her hand. There in the palm of her hand was Helena's ring.

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