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Barcelona is for Lovers
By igivenoclues


"Vamos a Barcelona."

Pepa's hands stilled from their gentle ministrations over her lover's stomach, and she lifted her head off of Silvia's chest. Slightly confused as to why her princesa was asking to go to Barcelona, she raised an eyebrow at her. "Barcelona?"

"Sí," Silvia responded simply. She smiled as she brushed the jagged brown hair back and tucked it behind an ear. She took a deep breath and continued, "Let's elope." She grinned when Pepa's jaw dropped, and couldn't help pulling her in for a quick kiss.

Pepa, dumbstruck, kissed her back softly, but couldn't help pulling away to look at her closely. "We're supposed to get married next week. You've been planning it with Sara for months." Her eyebrows knit together in confusion. "Why do you want to elope?" She was proud of herself for not calling her lover crazy.

It was Silvia's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Pepa…you were the one who wanted to elope in the first place. Wouldn't it make you happy?"

Pepa's mind raced as she tried to phrase her words smoothly, but all she could think about was how it was all taken care of already. Plus they had a deposit down that they would lose. Not to mention that she was actually looking forward to having her family there. Except for Don Lorenzo. Maybe going to Barcelona wasn't such a bad idea. She grinned. "Vale. You have a point. But why Barcelona?"

"Lola can be our witness. She was sad she wouldn't be able to make it back for the wedding, anyway." Silvia's smile spread as she went on, "And we can still have our reception here. I just – Pepa, I've done this before. I don't need my father to walk me down the aisle. I don't need a lot of people there. It's for us, Pepa. Not them. And it's not like we don't have vacation time to spare. We could leave in the morning, get married tomorrow, and then have a whole week before we need to be back." She trailed her fingers down Pepa's side, and over her hip. "A whole week, Pepa. We could go to the beach."

Pepa shivered at the tone Silvia's voice had just taken. She slid closer to the redhead, allowing her hand to splay over Silvia's flat stomach. "A whole week, pelirroja?" Her grin turned wicked, "What would we do for a whole week?" She leaned in and kissed along Silvia's jawline, smiling at the sound of the smaller woman's soft intake of breath.

Silvia, not one to be outdone, shrugged lightly and said evenly, "I don't know. Wind surf? Snorkel?" She fought the smirk that was trying to make it's way onto her face as Pepa pulled away in alarm. "What?" She allowed an innocent smile to appear, much to Pepa's obvious frustration.

"Snorkel?" Pepa could not hide the disbelief in her voice.

"No? Would you rather see if we can get a guided tour of the coves? Or maybe a surfing lesson or two?" She was trying not to laugh at the brunette's apparent dismay at the thought.

Pepa's mouth was opening and closing, but she couldn't seem to form any words. "A guided tour? Silvia, you must be joking…"

Silvia finally let out a chuckle, and immediately regretted it. Pepa growled as she caught on, starting to tickle her mercilessly.

"I'll give you a guided tour, princesa," she laughed as she leaned in once more to capture Silvia's lips in a probing kiss. She found she was quickly forgetting that she was supposed to be tickling Silvia as the redhead moaned faintly from the kiss. Pepa allowed the kiss to deepen, her tongue tangling with Silvia's as she pulled the other girl on top of her.

"Pepa," Silvia sighed breathlessly as their mouths separated. Her eyes fluttered shut, and she whispered, "We don't have to leave too early."

That was all the encouragement Pepa needed.

The morning light was cascading into their living room as Pepa collected their suitcases. She turned to call Silvia, and heard her respond that she would be right out. As Pepa tossed their bags into the back of the car she looked up to see Silvia coming down the steps of their porch. She faintly heard the redhead humming to herself, and couldn't stop the beam that stretched across her face. She was shaken out of her silence when her lover's eyes caught her own. Pepa never really knew what Silvia saw in her, but she knew she saw something. There was a way the brown eyes almost sparkled when she was looking at Pepa, and Pepa was unable to deny the love that was clearly in the look. She sighed contentedly, and was surprised when her voice came out in an almost rasp, "Ready, princesa?"

Silvia smiled brightly and nodded her assent. Pepa sped around the side of the car to open the door for her lover. Silvia's eye roll did not go unnoticed, and Pepa laughed. Silvia thought she was crazy for always doing that for her. Pepa, however, never forgot the way Silvia had whispered "and who said chivalry was dead?" the first time she did it. The taller woman caught Silvia's arm, and she turned to kiss her. The kiss was no different than any they shared on any other morning, yet full of a promise of more to come. Silvia smacked Pepa's rear playfully whispering, "Come on, Pepa. You start with that and we'll end up in the car getting nowhere fast."

"Is that supposed to deter me?" Pepa asked with a sly grin. "Because you know that sounds like a good idea." She jogged around the front, climbing in and starting the car. "These seats go back, you know." She pulled out of the driveway, briefly turning to catch Silvia's eye. "It is our wedding day, pelirroja!"

"Tonight," Silvia responded, placing her hand on the brunette's thigh and squeezing tenderly. She leaned over and rested her head on Pepa's shoulder. "It'll be worth the wait. I promise."

The End

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