Barcelona is for Lovers PG Silvia/Pepa A romantic getaway. Complete

Date Night 15 Silvia/Pepa Silvia surprises Pepa with a romantic evening. Complete

Conversations 15 Silvia/Pepa How things should have turned out after episode 81. Complete

Revelations PG Silvia/Pepa Post episode 82 - Silvia's POV. Complete

Aftermath PG Silvia/Pepa The emotions behind the events of episode 82. Complete


Want 15 Silvia/Pepa Don Lorenzo wants to assure himself of Pepa's intentions. Complete


Songs of Innocence & Experience 1 2 3 4 5 15 Silvia/Pepa Pepa goes undercover in Sevilla and steps into a nightmare. On-Going

Untitled: 1 18 Silvia/Pepa No synopsis given. Complete

Untitled: 2 PG Silvia/Pepa Silvia takes exception to Pepa's couch. Complete

Untitled: 3 PG-13 Silvia/Pepa Silvia and Lola have another Pepa-centric conversation. Complete

Maybe We Are Both Good People (Who've Done Some Bad Things) PG-13 Silvia/Pepa   Esther/Maca Hospital Central crossover - Pepa goes undercover with Maca. It gets a little complicated. Complete

Through the Years PG-13 Silvia/Pepa   Esther/Maca   Maca/Pepa Hospital Central crossover - Snapshots of the Pepa-Maca friendship through the years. Complete

How To Be Dead PG-13 Silvia/Pepa Angsty AU ficlet to the end of ep. 82. Complete

People's Case: Pepa vs. Goat PG Silvia/Pepa The goat hates Pepa. It's mutual. Complete

Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning) PG-13 Silvia/Pepa Pepa's kind of an ass. Silvia is, too, but at least Pepa's not getting any. Complete


Shit Happens PG-13 Silvia/Pepa A day at the beach. Complete

Misty Flores

Over Again 15 Silvia/Pepa Prompt - LETTING GO - Sometimes the best way to let go is just to hold on. Complete

I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today 15 Silvia/Pepa "You know I'd rather you live to annoy the hell out of me than try to figure out how to live without you." Complete

The Buddy Cop Formula PG-13 Silvia/Pepa "All those buddy-cop movies Pepa watches, there's the crazy one and the one who follows the rules. That's what makes them work together so well. That's what keeps them alive." Complete

Light Up PG-13 Silvia/Pepa When tragedy strikes Silvia Castro, it never does so with a light hand. Complete

My Father, The Hero 1 15 Silvia/Pepa One day, after the break up, Don Lorenzo calls Pepa into his office with a special mission. On-Going


Bring Me The Head Of El Gordo 1 2 PG-13 Silvia/Pepa Silvia is gravely, but not fataly hurt at her wedding to Pepa. Pepa works to help Silvia recover from her injuries, while searching for the man responsible for Silvia being hurt in the first place. Complete