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Date Night
By igivenoclues


Silvia was rushing around the house. She had recruited Montoya's help with her plans, and he had just called to inform her that Pepa was on her way. She quickly checked on the food in the oven, at the same time grabbing two wine glasses from the cabinet. Pleased with the way the roast was looking, she sprinted back to the table to set up the glasses and uncork the pinot noir. When she took a step back she was satisfied to see that the room was bathed in a warm glow from the numerous candles she had lit and spread throughout the apartment.

She turned to the doorway as she heard a key scraping in the lock. Well, almost in the lock. She heard the jingle as the keys hit the ground, and chuckled when she heard Pepa's muffled, "Joder!" It wasn't until she heard a sharp thump against the door that she winced and made her way to help her lover. Silvia opened the door slowly, and was greeted with a thoroughly frustrated Pepa. Silvia tried not to smirk as she drank in the sight before her. Gonzalo had said that he had given Pepa a hard time today for her. It showed.

Pepa scowled and rubbed the back of her head, certain there was going to be a lump. She muttered, "Do you think next time you could turn on the porch light? Everyone's lights are out, and it's pitch black out there, Sil--" Pepa had stepped past her, still grumbling, before she stood stock still just inside the doorway, a slow smile spreading across her face. She turned back to Silvia, seeing a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. Closing the outside door, Pepa pulled the redhead to her, their hips meeting, and Pepa leaned back to look into her eyes. "What's all this, princesa?" She draped her arms around the smaller woman's waist, rubbing gently at her lower back.

Silvia fought the grin that was threatening, pursing her lips. She said evenly, "You act like this is something out of the ordinary." She smiled broadly at Pepa's snigger and pressed a short, chaste kiss to the other woman's lips before continuing, "I just wanted to do something nice for you." She broke free of Pepa's embrace as the brunette leaned in for more.

Pepa grinned as Silvia walked away, her eyes drawn to the sway of the shorter woman's hips. "It smells delicious," she exclaimed as she followed Silvia into their kitchen.

"Yes, well, let's hope it tastes as good," Silvia said with a gentle smile. "Why don't you--" she cut herself off as she saw Pepa suddenly narrow her eyes and scan the apartment as though there was something missing. It was the investigative face Silvia had seen on many occasions when they were searching for evidence at a crime scene.

Where is it? Pepa glared at nothing in particular, disappearing from the kitchen in search of it.

Silvia tilted her head in confusion, but didn't move from her spot. When Pepa hadn't come back after a minute, she went after her. She found the dark haired woman in their bedroom on her knees, cheek plastered to the ground as she peered under their bed. Silvia couldn't stop the laugh from bursting from her lips, "Pepa, what the hell are you doing?"

Pepa twisted her neck to look back over her shoulder. "Where is it, Silvia?"

"Where is what?" Silvia watched as Pepa pushed herself up off the ground, and Pepa fixed her with a look that clearly said, 'You know exactly what I mean.' Or in this case, who. Silvia, well trained in dealing with Pepa's overreactions regarding this matter, schooled her face to indifference. "Oh, Rita is watching Pepe for the night."

Pepa growled. How Silvia could have named her – her nemesis, Pepe, she still couldn't understand. Needless to say, it was a point of contention. Pepa thought she saw the twinkle of a laugh in the brown eyes before her, but Silvia turned away before she could examine it more closely. She sighed, realizing that she should just be happy the damn goat was not here to bother her tonight.

Silvia, headed back to the kitchen, turned in the doorway to toss back, "Why don't you shower and get more comfortable. Dinner will be ready in another twenty minutes." With that she left Pepa standing next to their bed.

Pepa grimaced as she looked down at the shape she was in. "Another ruined vest," she whined to herself. "You'd think people didn't like them or something." She stripped as she walked into the bathroom and turned the knob of the shower. She stopped to look in the mirror as she waited for the water to heat up, and frowned at the slight shadows under her eyes. It had been a long day. The bust of a meth lab she had led went well until Paco and Mariano showed up to "help."

Things still ended well, except for her vest, of course. She had been on the receiving end of some concoction that a tweaking girl had thrown when they burst through the doors. It had burned a hole right through a large portion of the denim vest, but luckily had stopped there. Pepa smirked as she remembered her brother's horrified gaze when he realized that he had jeopardized the operation by going in too soon. She loved him, but she was constantly amazed at how much trouble he got into. She shook her head and climbed into the shower. She groaned as the hot water massaged the tense muscles in her back, and she quickly relaxed into it.

Montoya hadn't been as understanding as she was, and she was the one who got to be lectured, as it was her operation. Curtis and Kike hadn't even bothered to stick around for the verbal lashing. And Montoya did know how to drag it out. She sighed. That man needed to get laid. She grinned and turned into the spray, washing her face, and decided that she and Montoya would go out later that week to find him someone to fulfill that need. She chuckled quietly to herself, and continued washing away the events of the day.

Fifteen minutes later she walked back into the kitchen, still towel drying her hair. Silvia turned and smiled happily at her. The redhead asked, "You ready?"

Pepa nodded, her mouth watering at the scent of a hot meal. They made their way into their dining area, and Silvia poured them both some wine. Pepa took the proffered wine glass, stooping to kiss Silvia tenderly before sitting across from her, "Thank you for this, pelirroja." As they ate their dinner Silvia asked about her day, and Pepa calmly told her about Paco and Mariano. When Pepa told her about Montoya being even more short-tempered than usual, she thought she saw that hint of amusement flash through the redhead's eyes again, but she chose to ignore it.

Nearly the entire bottle of wine later, and an easy silence had come over them. Pepa took that time to examine her lover more closely. The romantic meal reminded her of another one that had taken place over a year prior. "You know," she began, a teasing smile slowly spreading across her face. "Did you notice how I didn't freak out and threaten to leave at this surprise?"

Silvia shook her head, but smiled in amusement, "It was a little bit different, Pepa." She looked into the flame of the candle in front of her. "But yes, I did notice," she finished grudgingly.

Pepa laughed and took Silvia's hand in her own. She rubbed her thumb over the other woman's knuckles, before drawing the hand to her, and placing a gentle kiss on it. Silvia looked at her, a smile, which Pepa could only describe as beguiling, firmly planted on her lips, and the brunette decided it would be a good thing if they moved to the bedroom.

Silvia stood rapidly, and pulled Pepa along with her. "Come on."

Pepa was confused when they stepped up onto the roof of their building, but she couldn't stop the smile when she saw the blankets and pillows spread out before her. Silvia trotted ahead, and set herself down gracefully atop the pile, tapping the spot next to her. Pepa heeded the request, and spread out next to Silvia, propped up on an elbow. The redhead pushed her shoulder, indicating she should lie on her back. Once flat, Silvia rested her head on her shoulder, and pointed heavenward. "Hundreds of stars."

Pepa smiled at the words, a reprise of the ones whispered atop a car so long ago. She kissed Silvia's bushy red hair, breathing her in deeply. She fondly remembered how the other woman had gone out of her way back then, busting street lights so they would be able to see the stars. It hit her abruptly. She raised her head, shifting their bodies to look into Silvia's eyes. "Did you knock out all the lights again? Is that why I smacked my head on our door?" She was thoroughly amused, even as she felt a small bruise that had formed on the top of her head. Pepa laughed as Silvia pursed her lips, her signal that she was trying hard not to smile. "Silvia," she mockingly admonished. "That's destruction of property!"

Silvia couldn't contain the ebullient laughter any longer, and she pushed Pepa back down, snuggling up again. As their chuckles slowed, Silvia started to kiss up Pepa's neck. At Pepa's responsive shiver, Silvia smiled and continued. When she reached the patch of skin right below the brunette's earlobe, she whispered, "Happy anniversary." Pepa immediately tensed, and Silvia could almost hear the other woman's panicky thoughts. She leaned back, and pressed a kiss on Pepa's, now silent, lips. "Relax, Pepa." She kissed her again, this time lingering, and teasing Pepa's lips open with her tongue. Pepa pouted at the loss of contact when Silvia pulled away once more.

As the fog slowly lifted from Pepa's mind, the dark haired woman cocked her head and said, "Silvia, our anniversary isn't for a few weeks."

Silvia nodded. "That's not the anniversary I'm celebrating with you tonight." She skimmed her hand up from where it had been resting on Pepa's hip, and cupped the other woman's face. "Two years ago you came back into my life. Like a windstorm, you shook everything up." She rolled away to lay flat on her back. "You brought all--" she waved her hands around, trying to signify all it encompassed, "this -- back into my life." She felt more than saw Pepa scoot closer and prop herself up on her elbow once more. "You snuck in behind my defenses, Pepa." She paused, collecting herself. "I still don't know how you did that," she added with a shaky laugh. "But you taught me how to let go of things that I couldn't control." She could feel Pepa's eyes on her, but she still didn't look. "You showed me things that I had never seen before." Her voice had gotten quiet, but she continued, "You made me feel loved. And secure in that love. For the first time in my life."

Pepa reached out and turned Silvia's head to face her own. She smiled reassuringly and silently brushed the red hair away from shining brown eyes.

Silvia looked into Pepa's eyes, and was blown away once more by the amount of love that was evident in them. She turned her face to kiss Pepa's palm that was still resting on her cheek. "I just -- I just wanted to be able to show you that tonight. Show you that I see how much you have done. That I see your love for me reflected in all that you do." She raised her hand to wrap around the nape of Pepa's neck, and pulled her down for a kiss. "I love you, Pepa."

Pepa sighed happily and cuddled up, pulling one of the blankets over them and laying an arm protectively over Silvia's waist, effectively pulling the smaller woman more tightly against her. Pepa knew she would be content to stay this way for the rest of the night. And, with a wry smile, she decided they needed more anniversaries.

The End

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