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Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
By mightbefound


Silvia Castro knew she was a strong woman. She knew it, in her head and in her heart. She had had to be; she had survived her mother's death, years of unrequited love, a disastrous marriage and divorce, a breakdown, losing her unborn child, and, most recently, the breakup from hell. Despite it all, she had triumphed. She had come out okay. She had a job that helped save the world, a beautiful god-daughter, friends she loved, and a family she adored.

She was strong. She was kickass. She was phenomenal at what she did. She could handle anything the world threw at her.

And she sure as hell wasn't going to give in to Pepa Miranda and take her back.

Not even if Pepa was charming, loving, kind, generous. Because Pepa was insensitive. Pepa was crazy. Pepa was intolerable. Pepa was an asshole.

That didn't mean, however, that she wanted to see Pepa parading her new girlfriend around the station. Especially not when it was a skinny blonde with more bust than brains. A blow-up doll, that's who Pepa was talking to. Apparently real women didn't cut it anymore, so she'd gone to the sex store on the corner and picked out an inflatable woman.

So, okay. All this was fine.

But then Pepa leaned in for a kiss. It was just a peck on the mouth, but

Oh. Fuck. No.

She was Silvia Castro. She was strong. This was her damn precinct. And she was not going to stand for this.

Pepa squeezed the woman's hand, and walked away for a moment. Silvia moved in.

"I mean, I know her last four girlfriends have all been killed by drug dealers. But it's a total coincidence, and she's worth it!"

Silvia watched the girl almost run out the door with a supreme sense of satisfaction. She turned around, to go back to her desk. Nelson was watching her with wide eyes.

"One word to her and they'll never find your body," she calmly informed him, and watched his eyes bug out as he spilled coffee all over his desk. Silvia would normally have felt bad, maybe helped him mop it up, but not right now. Served him right for making eyes at her Pepa not even a week after they'd broken up.

When Pepa came back in, Silvia was buried in paperwork. Pepa, confused, asked Nelson where the woman had gone. His explanation was halting and incoherent. Nelson was apparently a horrible liar. Silvia made a mental note.

She felt Pepa's suspicious eyes on her. She didn't look up. Pepa didn't come over.

"Aitor," she said, and the young man almost squeaked, whirling around. Silvia hadn't been blind to the way he'd been avoiding her for the past few weeks, ducking out of rooms she was in and staring at the floor when he couldn't get away. Now he was looking at her like she was a loaded gun.

"I just want you to know there's no hard feelings," she said, smiling and putting a hand on his shoulder. He twitched.

"Really. Pepa and I are done. You and I are okay. I'm over it." She put on her most sincere smile and he started breathing again.

Aitor nodded, eyes still wide. "Okay. Okay. I'm glad." His gaze slid behind her. "I, uh. I need to get back to your dad."

"Okay." Silvia let him pass her. "Aitor, just one thing?"

He half-turned.

"If you touch her again I'll cut your balls off."

Silvia's smile showed all her teeth.

He squeaked, turned, and came face-to-face with Pepa.

Her hands shot out to his hips, stopping them from knocking heads. His gaze dropped to her hands.

Aitor screamed. Pepa blinked. Silvia smirked.

Aitor fainted.

Pepa gave Silvia a hard, questioning look, already sinking down beside his body and checking his pulse.

Silvia shrugged. "Something he ate?"

"It's so admirable that you're looking beyond the physical. Just remember to use protection—herpes and syphilis are both extremely contagious."

"Her girlfriend has a shotgun. A big one. You don't want to know what happened the last time Pepa tried to leave her. That poor woman. They're still finding pieces of her."

"But just think of the advantages to dating a nymphomaniac sex addict!"

"Pepa's so much hotter now than when she was Pepe, don't you agree?"

Silvia blinked, rotating her head to scan the room. No, there was no random chick loitering, waiting for Pepa.

Her face flushed. Her fingers clenched. The locker room was their place, dammit. If Pepa was even thinking about having sex with someone else in the shower….

She stormed into the locker room, ready to rip the shower curtain off and write Pepa up to high heaven for indecent public exposure. But…the showers were off? The room was quiet.

The next thing she knew, she was being pulled back and held fast against a long, lean body. She knew it instinctively, and didn't struggle.

"Did you think I wouldn't notice?" Pepa's hot breath played across her ear, her cheek. Silvia shivered. Felt Pepa's body shift in response. She panted softly.

"I've known what you've been doing for weeks. Weeks, Silvia. I thought you would stop. But you didn't."

Pepa's breath was on her neck, now, the velvety skin of Pepa's nose rubbing against Silvia's jaw. Pepa's leg was between hers. She had one arm around Silvia's stomach, the other around her chest. Pepa was almost, almost cupping Silvia's breast.


Silvia snorted, turned her head.

Their lips were separated by millimeters.

"I think you can figure it out," she rasped. Pepa's teeth flashed as she bit her lip. Silence hung for a moment.

"Are we back together?" Pepa finally asked. Her voice was low and hard and still smoky.

Silvia laughed. "No," she responded, and Pepa's hold on her tightened for an instant. Then it relaxed. Pepa's arms dropped away. Infuriatingly, Silvia missed them. They breathed together for a moment, still back to belly.

"Then it's on, pelirroja," Pepa whispered behind her, cheek just grazing Silvia's. She made sure to brush Silvia as she walked by the redhead. Silvia stared at her ass as she walked away. Pepa looked over her shoulder, caught her.

Their eyes locked, and they both smiled and snorted, and then Silvia was alone.

The End

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