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Un Beso O Dos
By Aurora


Maca yawned as her eyes finally opened and she stretched, wiggling her toes as they peeked out from under the covers. Sunlight was pouring through her window despite the very early hour and she groaned, feeling all the kinks obtained from her previous shift jolt her body and thoroughly aware she would be earning more today. Still, she reasoned, there was no feeling comparable to that of saving lives and deep down, she loved her job.

And as of late, there had been another reason for getting out of bed to go to work. Even if it was only on the off-chance that Maca would catch but a glimpse of the spirited young nurse she was currently exploring a relationship with, the effort was well-worth the reward.

Mere thought of Esther's name brought a grin to Maca's face as she crawled from bed and tousled her hair on the way to the shower. Esther was definitely an added bonus in going to work. Things had started off on shaky ground between the two of them, not helped by the nature of their occupations and the fact that Esther had never dated a woman before, but things were definitely improving.

Maca shrugged away her clothes and stepped into the shower, turning the water on full and sighing happily underneath the warm spray. Knowing Esther's sexual past hadn't deterred Maca this time, whereas before she would have stayed well clear, knowing the hardships and emotional whirlwind that dating women like Esther could bring; women that were curious or completely oblivious. And so far, her instincts had been right.

Showering was a quick affair and scrubbing the last of the shampoo from her hair, Maca slipped out of the shower and into her satin robe, towelling her hair dry as she walked back to her bedroom. Her intention was to drip-dry as she went about her morning routine but a ring of the doorbell forced her to divert and head for the door.

Looking through the peephole, Maca grinned at the face looking back at her. She didn't bother to pull the robe tighter about her body, instead opening the door to greet her unexpected guest.

Esther had been smiling before the door had been opened, when she'd had no clue what had been stood behind it, but now her jaw had almost hit the floor. Maca was leant casually against the doorjamb with her trademark smirk in place, towelling her hair while water droplets still ran down her skin. Esther followed the path of one water rivulet that travelled down Maca's neck and chest, lending an undeniably sexy quality to the doctor's already flawless skin as it traced the curves of her body. Esther continued following the water all the way to when it disappeared under the poorly held together robe.

She swallowed suddenly, feeling very flushed.

"Morning." Maca grinned, taking more than a little pleasure in the glazed look in Esther's eyes.

Esther looked up into Maca's eyes briefly before her gaze dipped again to the water patterns that snaked beneath the brunette's robe.

"See something you like?" Maca asked, cockily tilting her head to one side and using her finger wipe away some of the water that had gathered on her chest. Esther's throat contracted again, her voice seemingly lost. This was the last thing she'd expected when deciding to surprise Maca and meet her at her own home instead of the doctor coming to her place.

"I-" Esther stopped short and coughed to correct the elevation in her voice, eliciting a small giggle from Maca. She tried to continue but the barely contained laughter evident in Maca's face made it obvious she was being teased and the tall brunette had no intention of showing mercy. "You're so bad." Esther finished in a wheeze, completely at a loss for words.

Maca made a pouting face in mock sympathy before slipping her fingers under Esther's chin and bringing their lips together. The contact was amazingly soft and the tension already built up made Esther sigh as the sensation made her lips tingle. Her fingers instinctually reached out for the woman holding her, her fingertips searching along the cool material and resting lazily on the belt of the robe.

Mildly distracted by the fingertips wandering across her stomach, Maca draped her arms across Esther's shoulders and gathered the smaller woman into her arms. Esther's lips found the way to the hollow of her throat, sucking ever so lightly at the sensitive skin and making Maca's head tilt back to rest on the doorjamb. If Esther's amorous attentions continued, Maca seriously doubted whether they would make it to work on time, if at all.

"I'm the bad one?" Maca exclaimed suddenly, incredulous, quickly subduing the hand that was beginning to trail down the inside of her thigh. Esther looked up at her with a cheeky grin, expressing innocence but getting nowhere with it. She didn't answer the exclamation, instead returning her lips to Maca's skin and not caring where they landed so long as she could taste the woman holding her.

The doctor's protests died as Esther found her way back to Maca's waiting lips, whispering kisses over her mouth while playing with her hair. Maca responded in kind, dancing her fingers through Esther's tresses and burying herself in the smaller woman's kisses, loving the feel of soft skin against her own.

When an unfamiliar voice broke out through the hall, Maca and Esther pulled apart so fast that the taller woman hit her head off the door frame.

"Damn kids." Was all that Esther could discern from the old man that hastily retreated back into his apartment. With the track record that they were beginning to build up, Esther wondered whether or not they'd ever be able to share a kiss in private. But she then supposed that if they'd thought about privacy at all, they certainly wouldn't have chosen the hallway for a little alone time.

"Are you okay?" Esther smirked. She was sorry that Maca had hit her head but she had to admit that the situation was funny; it had been years since someone referred to her as a kid!

Maca continued to rub her head, wincing a little. "Maybe we should take this inside." She muttered, grinning all over again when Esther practically pushed her back into the apartment and slammed the door behind them in her enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, upon retreating back into the privacy of Maca's apartment, Esther caught sight of the wall clock and pointed out they were going to be late. It took all of Maca's self-control, and a lot of promises of a continuation on Esther's part, to get herself dressed and ready to leave. She was still pouting when they were making their way out of the apartment and when Maca tried to lean in for a kiss, Esther had to push her away in case they gave her aged neighbour a reason to come at them with a broom.

Morning shift at the hospital was slow and Maca found herself becoming cross-eyed over all the charts she had to summarise before she could see her next patient. If things didn't speed up soon, Maca was going to go insane with boredom. Thoughts of this morning had entertained her for a little while but as the minutes ticked on, she felt herself becoming more and more lethargic.

Not seeing even a little bit of Esther throughout the entire morning hadn't helped to maintain the buoyant spirit that Maca had woken with. As soon as the two of them had entered the hospital, Maca had known it was going to be a long day simply because Esther's name was already being shouted by five different people; there was no way that they were going to be spending any kind of time together.

Maca sighed, dropping her head down onto the gurney and abandoning her mountain of paperwork. If she didn't see Esther soon, she was going to go insane.

It didn't surprise Maca in the least that she was almost obsessed with Esther. The young nurse did something to her brain that made all other thought impossible when they were close. She was in love, she knew, and love had always made her do irrational things. But being in love with Esther put a whole new dimension on 'irrational'…

When Esther opened the door to the consultation room she almost ran straight to the gurney upon seeing Maca heaped over it. Her fears were quickly allayed however when the tall doctor trailed a hand through her hair, releasing an emotional sigh. She was muttering something that Esther couldn't distinguish but Maca's obvious signs of well-being and consciousness allowed her to grin at the little quirk; who knew Maca talked to herself?

"I can't…" Maca decided, pushing her hands down on the gurney and spinning determinately to escape the consultation room.

"Can't what?" Esther asked, now standing mere inches behind Maca and giggling as the doctor almost fell over her own feet in surprise. With a smile, Esther braced Maca's arms as she overcame her shock, smiling all the while at her. For a moment Maca simply looked down at Esther, smiling back as bright brown eyes met her own.

"I can't go another minute without kissing you, without being able to touch you…" Maca whispered, this time surprising Esther when she quickly leaned in for a kiss, wrapping her arms about the smaller woman's body and holding her close.

Esther felt like she was melting into Maca's lips as soft skin flittered against her own. Fingers quickly found their way up into her hair, wrapping up the strands in a soft, yearning grasp. Esther's eyelids fluttered at the contact, a small noise escaping her throat involuntarily as her knees literally weakened and she was forced to lean completely into the tall body against hers.

It never failed, ever. Maca's touch was always intoxicating, breath-taking and completely addictive. No matter how many times they would meet like this and dissolve into kisses and touches, Esther always needed more and more. From the very first touch that Maca laid upon her skin, accompanied by sensual words that were meant for her only, Esther had been completely enslaved by her need for more.

Maca pressed her body forwards a little, pushing Esther back in response so that some of their weight was supported by the gurney. She let her hands trail down Esther's neck, nails scraping the sensitive skin and eliciting a small cry for more as she went, continuing to kiss the soft mouth that was pressed to her own.

Somewhere, both Maca and Esther knew that no matter where they tried to steal a moment, someone would always catch them. So, mentally it came as no surprise when a little girl began tugging at Maca's coat, effectively ending their embrace. But despite knowing somewhere deep and buried that they would get caught, it still made both women jump apart as if shocked.

"What'ya doin?" The girl asked, looking up at them with big blue eyes through a wavy blonde fringe.

Esther coughed, not sure what on earth to say. When she looked back up at Maca, the doctor had an equally terrified expression on her face.

"We were…" Esther panicked. "…Practising Doctors and Nurses."

Maca near enough fell over herself with barely contained laughter. She was so overcome that she had to physically turn away from Esther to stop herself dissolving into fits of giggles.

But despite the lack of professionalism from her colleague, Esther continued, barely keeping a straight face herself but trying to be authoritative at the same time. "I had to check the Doctor's mouth to see if there was anything bad in it." She explained.

Maca mumbled something about a 'wicked tongue' for which she received a pinch to her side that made her yelp. She turned in time to see the girl being hefted onto the gurney, her little eyes looking them both over as if she actually knew she was being fed garbage.

A tiny hand reached out for Esther's stethoscope and slid it from the nurse's neck. "You practise?" She asked while placing the ends in her ears, sounding very wary.

"All the time." Maca assured, the implications of the statement well over the little girl's comprehension but still the truth; they practised kissing as often as they could get away with. And this time it was Esther's turn to hide her face as a huge grin overtook her features.

Deciding that the more questions the little one asked, the deeper they were going to dig themselves into the ground, Esther stole Maca's stethoscope in replacement of her own and made a hasty exit. She spared a quick moment at the door, looking back at Maca with a flirtatious smirk that promised more for later, then disappeared.

Maca turned her attention back to the little girl now currently holding the stethoscope to her chest, listening for the rapid beating of Maca's heart. "Can we practise too?"

Maca just about died.

After spending a good half-hour in consultation with the little girl, Maca had had just about enough of probing questions and youthful curiosity, no matter how innocent. With a smile and a wave goodbye, Maca took the little girl back to the children's ward and departed, sighing with great relief that she no longer had to think up wild, yet plausible, explanations for her behaviour with Esther. She made a detour to the break room on the way back, realising that it was coming on to lunchtime and she hadn't even stopped for morning-break.

As was normal around the ER, the break room was dark and empty. Maca flicked the switch on the coffee pot and leant against the workbench, closing her eyes and letting her head rest on her chest. She was tired and frustrated, both of which called for a strong cup of black coffee and an obscene amount of sugar.

When the coffee pot had finished heating, Maca removed it and poured the thick black liquid into a mug, inhaling the powerful aroma as it floated upward on the steam. She skipped the milk and went straight to the sugar, heaping in three spoons before her teeth began to tingle at the mere thought of such an amount of sugar. After a quick stir, the mug found its way to Maca's waiting mouth where she took a small sip of the drink and sighed as the caffeine hit her.

"It doesn't get much better than that." Maca groaned with ecstasy.

"I bet you it could."

Maca turned, not at all surprised, to see Esther sprawled across the lounge couch, silently watching her from afar. She had a small smirk on her face and a glint in her eye that Maca found irresistibly sexy.

"You think?" The tall doctor asked, placing her coffee down on the counter without a second thought. She pushed herself away from the worktop and walked over to the couch, stopping when her legs came into contact with the armrest. Esther glided down to the end of the couch where Maca was stood, rising up on her knees so that she was only a few inches shorter than the other woman.

"I could show you…" Esther offered, being coy and flirtatious at the same time, teasing Maca with her words.

Maca felt herself leaning forward involuntarily, captured by the words that were being whispered from Esther's lips. When Maca spoke her reply, her words were hushed and deep, sending a little tingle down Esther's spine.

"You could?" Maca grazed her lips lightly over Esther's before the words had barely left her mouth, catching the nurse off-guard.

Esther's brain seemed to short-circuit when Maca's lips touched her skin. She could hear Maca's words ringing in her ears and it made her blood suddenly flush hot and colour rise in her cheeks. Esther's fingers moved of their own accord, trailing inside Maca's coat and pushing the material away from her shoulders and neck.

With no reply to Maca's question but a small nod, Esther rose up on her knees as far as she could and pressed her lips back to Maca's, softly, slowly tracing the skin with her own. Her pulse had suddenly quickened, throbbing through her veins as her impulses began urging her forward without conscious thought.

With a gentle, almost hesitant, touch of her tongue to Maca's lips, Esther felt the doctor's arms convulsively wrap about her tighter and a small moan escape her throat. The sound and response encouraged Esther's tentative searching on and she let her tongue trace the contours of Maca's lips, before pressing a little more, letting out a small sound as Maca's tongue met her own, hesitantly searching.

Maca's hand slipped down Esther's side, moving lower until she was lightly supporting her hip and drawing the two of them as close as their positions would allow. The more that Esther's mouth moved against her own, the dizzier Maca could feel herself becoming and she leaned more against the sofa, bringing the two of them so close that they touched almost everywhere. Maca could feel her knees going weak, her muscles trembling and her addled mind blocking everything out but the woman she was kissing.

The break room door opened so fast that neither woman had a chance to pull apart from their sensual exchange.

"God!" Elisa's hand slipped free of the handle in shock and she stumbled as her weight tilted forward suddenly. "Can you two get a room!" She yelled, scrabbling for balance. Wobbling slightly on unsteady legs for a moment till she was upright fully, she put a hand over her eyes and hastily turned and fled, shutting the door as she went.

Maca bit her lip to keep in the grin, finding Elisa's panic utterly hilarious. Esther, on the other hand, felt very much the same way she did when Elisa had first caught them sharing a kiss; scared. But as before, Maca's fingertips lightly cupped her face and she kissed her once more, soothing away the worry.

"We'll never be alone, will we?" Maca groaned, making Esther laugh and kiss her again in sympathy before regretfully pulling apart. With the mood broken and the chances of them being walked in-on again increasing with every moment, they shared one last kiss to the cheek before going back to work.

The afternoon continued much the same way the morning had. Esther was being called on by seemingly everyone, over and over, till she was sure her head would spin off in confusion. Maca was faring no better in paediatrics with several vomiting children causing chaos.

Esther let her clipboard drop to the reception desk with a resounding clatter, her head soon following after with a small thud. Theresa watched from behind the desk, her eyes narrowed in scrutiny as she watched Esther put her hands on her head.

"Are you alright?" The older woman asked, placing her own paperwork on the counter and expertly ignoring a waiting patient.

Esther stuck her thumb in the air, keeping her face down. "Peachy." She mumbled with unmistakable sarcasm.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing." Esther blatantly lied, not about to tell to Teresa she was going to go insane if she didn't get five minutes alone with Maca.

"You get more and more like a snobby Wilson everyday." Teresa scalded her.

Esther's head shot up immediately at the insult to her girlfriend, a witty and stinging comeback on her lips. She caught herself before the comment slipped past her control however, instead settling for a less offensive remark. "Maca isn't snobby."

Teresa just frowned at her.

"And nor am I." Esther added, earning a further disapproving look from Teresa. "You don't know Maca. If you did, you wouldn't say such things…"

Knowing that if Teresa continued on the current path of conversation then both of them would probably end up saying things that they shouldn't, Esther picked up her clipboard again and left the reception. She had no idea where she was going or what she hoped to accomplish after just completing her staff-rounds, but she walked on regardless, her temper still fizzing a little.

She found herself heading out of the ER department and toward ICU. From there she continued round the hospital to the emergency paediatrics section. She was disappointed to find that Maca wasn't there; she could have used a little comfort right now.

With a long sigh, Esther decided that she should probably head up to surgery and see if Vilches or Cruz had anything they wanted her to take care of. She waited patiently outside the elevator, watching the dial slowly count back to the first floor where she was waiting.

When the doors opened, Maca was looking back at her.

"Where are you going?" She asked, making no attempt to leave the elevator.

"Surgery." Esther explained. "You?"

Maca grinned. "I was going back to the ER, but if you're getting in, I'm not going anywhere."

Esther laughed and stepped into the elevator, pressing the dial as she walked passed so that the doors closed behind her. Sensing that this was probably the safest opportunity of the day for them to be truly alone, Esther spared no time in dropping her clipboard and pressing herself into Maca's tall body.

Maca's back touched the elevator wall as Esther pressed into her, their lips making contact almost immediately. The frustration and desperateness at being denied any decent time alone together made Esther's hands reach up and thread themselves into Maca's hair, pulling back on the tendrils so that the doctor's throat was exposed to her wandering lips.

Maca made no attempt to stop Esther's moves; willingly letting her head rest back on the wall as Esther trailed her mouth and lips down her throat. When she nipped lightly at the skin, Maca was so caught off guard that a small groan of pleasure hissed from her throat. Her hands instinctually reached up for Esther's clothes, wrapping the fabric about her fingers convulsively as the nurse's ministrations continued over her flushed skin.

It felt to Esther like all the tension they'd been building up through the day was suddenly bursting out of her. Not for the first time she'd thought about pushing the emergency button on the elevator, trapping the two of them alone together where no one would be able to reach them for some time. She wanted more than just kisses with the way she was feeling. So much more.

Esther had thought about what it would be like to get intimate with Maca; not stopping at the kisses and sly glances they shared but actually exploring the body beneath the clothes. They'd only been together for a few weeks and Esther had no idea at what pace their relationship should be progressing, but something inside her was screaming at how slow things were feeling. She wanted Maca so much that it kept her awake at night.

Maca's head tilted to the side as Esther worked her way further down her collar, moving back the fabric that restricted access and gently sucking at the hollow in her collarbone. Maca's response was to dig her nails deeper into Esther's sides, causing her to rise up into their embrace, pressing so close to one another that it ached.

Burning to the point of collapse, Maca couldn't take any more of Esther's wanderings and she reached for the other woman's face, cupping it in her hands and pressing their lips together in a wanting kiss. Maca could feel the heat coming off the both of them in waves, adding a thin film of perspiration to their skin that shined in the light.

Esther's lips melted into Maca's as their bodies pressed close and the elevator started to feel warmer and warmer. Maca let her tongue slowly trace Esther's lips before she nibbled lightly at her skin, feeling the woman in her arms stand up on her toes to get closer, a sigh rumbling up her throat.

When a ring announced the opening of the doors, Esther's mind was filled with memories from the last time she'd been caught kissing Maca in the elevator. The two of them had pulled apart so fast and tried so hard to be innocent but there was no use; Rusti knew what he had just walked in on. It had made them laugh, but there had been a tremble of fear in the back of Esther's mind, knowing that she couldn't go back now that she'd crossed the line.

So when the doors opened this time, the two of them repeated the motions like before; pulling apart and separating, trying to look casual. But, much to their annoyance and somewhat relief, there was no one waiting for the elevator outside the doors.

"Fucking typical." Maca growled, not at all happy that she'd been forced to let Esther go for no reason.

Esther laughed, openly, finding her girlfriend's annoyance and frustration extremely sexy. She had to admit that she too was feeling the frustration building and building but it sounded as though Maca was feeling it the most; Esther couldn't recall ever hearing Maca swear.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise." Esther assured, turning to make sure they were still alone before quickly kissing Maca once more.

"You had better." Maca teased, a sultry look in her deep brown eyes.

Esther swallowed a little, thinking that she'd love to spend days and days making it up to Maca. She didn't voice her thoughts out loud though, deciding instead to just smile in good humour, grab her clipboard and escape the elevator before her hormones got the better of her.

Maca watched Esther leave before pressing the button that would take her back down to the first floor. She didn't doubt that there would be more than enough sick children to keep her busy all afternoon but she found herself working out the minutes to when she could next escape to look for Esther.

"One hundred and five… One hundred and six… One hundred and seven…" Esther groaned, counting out the number of small syringes contained within a box. Both the ER and surgery were abnormally quiet and there was nothing other than taking stock to keep her busy. It was a duty she found incredibly tedious and one she often delegated to other nurses. But with nothing to do but stand and be idle, she'd chosen the lesser of the two evils and taken on the task herself.

Esther was buried in the back of the stock room, trying to keep out of the way while people came in and out to collect things. She'd already tuned out the sound of people entering and leaving the room, concentrating more on the task at hand. She was so absorbed that she almost missed the sound of her name being called hesitantly from the doorway.

"Esther?" Maca peered round the door into the stock room, searching for Esther. After checking at the front desk, she'd been told that Esther was taking stock and with a few minutes to spare, Maca thought she might be able to share them with Esther.

"Huh?" Esther replied dazedly, certain that she'd heard a voice but not sure if it was her own name being called.

"Esther." Maca returned, hearing Esther's familiar voice in response and slipping through the door, closing it behind her.

Maca weaved her way through the many racks and stands in the stockroom, checking the room as she went to see if the two of them were alone. When she reached Esther, hidden away in the back, most disused racks, she concluded that the two of them were indeed alone.

"Are you busy?" Maca asked as she walked closer to Esther, trailing her fingers over stacks of boxes and scrubs as she went.

"Not at all." Esther returned, latching her fingers onto Maca's white coat as she leaned in and gently placed a kiss on her lips.

None of the desperateness that had been in their earlier encounter was present in the way that Maca slowly and delicately let her lips graze over Esther's. Like hushed whispers, Maca's kisses brushed over Esther's mouth, over and over in a loving embrace, never crossing over into desperateness.

Maca's hands gently reached up for Esther's chin, cupping the smaller woman's face in her palms and brushing her thumbs backward and forwards over delicate skin. Their lips touched just the once, staying in contact for longer than any decent kiss was supposed to last. Neither of them moved, content to just touch and feel each other, holding the kiss for as long as possible.

When Esther eventually moved her lips, just to draw breath, she felt Maca's fingers flex into her, her body moving forward and pressing lightly. The steel rack suddenly pressed into Esther's back, her body growing weak against the sheer emotion of being wanted by Maca.

Maca was gently leaning over Esther, the both of them leant against the racks and their contact soft and gentle. They melted into one another in soft romance, Maca's fingers slowly sifting Esther's hair in loving need.


Maca jumped away from Esther so fast that she knocked over a stack of scrubs and several boxes of gauze. When she turned to look at who had caught them, all she could make out was the retreating figure of a male nurse diving out of the door. It shouldn't have come as a surprise, considering, but it still never failed to catch them both off-guard.

Maca felt like she was going to scream if this kept up. "Come with me." She ordered, taking Esther's arm by the wrist and leading her from the stockroom. Maca had had quite enough of people walking in on her and interrupting the few precious moments that she and Esther had alone together.

"Where are we going?" Esther asked, trying to keep up with Maca as she was dragged through the busy ER unit and out into the patient's reception.

Maca halted for a brief moment, looking around, trying to establish where the best place to hide would be. There was no use trying to be alone in the medic rooms, nor would they be truly alone behind the vending machine and out of sight. It was only when Maca looked out into the drop-off bay that an idea came to her.

"This way." Maca instructed, tugging once more on Esther's arm and taking them both out of reception.

In the drop-off court there was an ambulance waiting to move, having just brought in an emergency patient. The ambulance crew was nowhere to be seen and the forecourt was deserted but for the parked vehicle.

As Esther realised where they were heading, she felt her pulse pick up a little in excitement. A part of her worried that they'd be caught more easily out here than they would of inside, but another part of her thrilled at the prospect of being a little more open with Maca; a little more daring.

Although Maca had led them to the ambulance, hiding them behind the large vehicle so they were out of sight completely, it was Esther who took control after they'd stopped. Maca found herself spun round and facing Esther before she realised what was going on. Their lips were together even quicker, picking up their embrace so fast that it was like they hadn't even stopped.

Concealed behind the ambulance, they continued to kiss, over and over, finally knowing some peace amidst the chaos and interruptions of the hospital. Maca could feel herself falling into Esther's arms, her knees going weak and time just stopping, keeping the two of them in a perfect moment.

Things were still continuing inside the hospital however. Vilches dropped his histories down on the reception desk, running a hand through his thinning grey hair. Aimé was soon by his side, similarly dropping his notes into the filing tray and retrieving his next case with a heavy groan.

"It's going to be a long day." Cruz announced darkly, suddenly appearing by their sides and taking a new case from the admission's pile.

"What gave you that idea?" Laura quipped, her voice heavily laden with sarcasm as she eyed the huge pile of histories that were waiting for attention. Cruz didn't bother to answer, feeling exactly the same way that Laura did about it all.

"Next?" Elisa groaned, dropping a report into another tray, declaring the case dealt with and none to keen about starting on the next one.

"Has anyone seen Esther?" Héctor asked as he walked over to the group, looking about for the head-nurse but not seeing any sign of her.

"No." Cruz replied, similarly looking over the bustling crowds in reception but finding no sign of the woman. "I can't find Maca either; she's supposed to be in surgery with me in twenty minutes…"

Elisa looked across to Rusti who was grinning at her from the other side of the reception desk. The both of them could very well imagine what was going on if neither woman could be found. Even Teresa, who was now making her presence known within the group, had an inclining that something funny was going on between the two, although she wasn't quite sure what.

When Eva suddenly ran back into reception from the ER, her escort duties completed, Vilches caught her on the move.

"Eva, move that damn ambulance out of the bay!" He snarled, sick and tired of reminding the medics that it wasn't a parking spot.

The paramedic just waved a hand over her shoulder, knowing that gruff though Vilches was, he was even more so when it came to blocking up the main entrance to the ER. So, deciding that it would be best to ride the issue out, she did as she was told and climbed into the ambulance.

Maca and Esther were so lost in one another that they hadn't even noticed the ambulance pull away.

"Holy shit." Cruz muttered, immediately clamping her hand over her mouth at the outburst but unable to draw her eyes away from the scene in front of her.

At the rather abrupt comment, several heads turned in Cruz's direction, and then followed her gaze out into the drop-off bay. It was when the gathered group finally saw what had caused Cruz's comment that several more exclamations of 'holy shit' hissed from their mouths; Teresa looked like someone had slapped her.

Out in the forecourt, Maca wrapped a gentle hand around the back of Esther's neck, drawing Esther to her even more, deepening the kiss that they were already sharing. Esther was quick to follow the encouragement, letting her arms slip around Maca's waist so that their hips came together, consequently bringing their bodies into touch.

Their kissing seemed endless; one kiss, a tentative taste, all seemed to melt into one another and go on for indescribable moments of need, passion and complete, loving contentment.

But no matter how much she just wanted to melt into Maca's mouth and let the woman tease and taste any part of her that she could reach, Esther pulled away to catch her breath. She rested her own head on Maca's forehead, grinning from ear to ear.

"Wow…" She breathed, leaning in quickly to steal another kiss.

"Uh huh." Maca agreed, her lips slightly swollen and her eyes so deep a brown that they almost looked black. "Don't stop." She whispered after a moment, leaning in again for Esther's lips and gathering the woman up into her embrace.

Only when the piercing sound of an exaggerated wolf-whistle echoed through the forecourt did they pull apart, both looking into reception to see the group of doctors staring back at them, all of them completely shocked but smiling.

A crimson blush immediately raced up into Esther's cheeks when everyone started clapping, accompanied by whooping laughter and more whistling. She hid behind Maca who was grinning from ear to ear, not finding the attention nearly as embarrassing as Esther did.

Héctor looked as though he was trying to wake himself up from a fantasy; rubbing his eyes with his knuckles and gulping like a fish out of water. Both Cruz and Laura were laughing, winking at Maca and mouthing 'congratulations' while they clapped. Vilches and Aimé were both grinning, clapping good-naturedly with the others. Theresa had turned on Rusti, demanding why she hadn't been told about this before and Elisa just smiled for them, having already passed on her congratulations when having previously caught them.

Maca looked away from the congratulatory applause and down to the woman that was crouched and hidden behind her. Esther's face could only be described as a vivid scarlet.

"Well, at least we won't have to hide anymore." Maca pointed out, still grinning at her girlfriend's embarrassment but thoroughly enjoying the attention herself.

"I want to die." Esther mumbled into Maca's white coat, groaning with utter mortification as everyone joined them on the forecourt.

Maca turned around and retrieved Esther from hiding, placing a supportive hand beneath her chin and raising her gaze so that they looked at each other directly in the eyes. "I'll take care of you." Maca promised, kissing Esther once more, regardless of the comments, whistles and general playful teasing that started up once more.

Escaping the hospital to the privacy of home hadn't been a problem after being caught behind the ambulance. All of the doctors, whether in a position of authority or not, had practically herded them out of the hospital so that they could be alone.

And far from being unwilling, Maca had taken a still humiliated Esther home to her apartment.

When they entered the apartment, Maca had guided Esther in through to the living room, sitting the frail nurse down on the couch and kneeling on the floor in front of her.

"Are you okay?" Maca asked, trying to look up into Esther's eyes but not able to bring her out of hiding.

Esther's response was an inaudible mumble, after which she threw herself into Maca's arms without warning. Maca held her as tightly as possible, rubbing a hand up and down Esther's back while she drew slow, calming breaths. Maca knew she should try to say something, just to ease her girlfriend's worry but nothing she said could possibly prepare Esther for the whirlwind that would be waiting for them; life was certainly going to be more interesting.

When Esther remained hidden for what seemed like hours, Maca swallowed hard, screwing up her face in a grimace as her stomach began to feel nauseous. She had no desire to say what she was about to, but a part of her cared too much for Esther to put her through something she was frightened of. Maca wanted Esther to want her without fear or worry; she wanted Esther to be happy and not frightened of being happy.

"We don't…" Maca felt like she was about to cry. "We don't have to do this anymore if you don't want to…" She whispered, feeling hollow inside at just the thought of Esther walking away from her. But she would understand, eventually, if that's what Esther wanted…

Esther felt a shiver run down her spine as Maca whispered into her ear. She understood what Maca was telling her; that it was okay to be afraid, but Esther had no intention of going anywhere. Esther wanted Maca far too much to walk away from her, no matter how confused or frightened she might be. She'd never felt more safe, or needed, than she did with Maca and nothing, not even being horribly embarrassed, could drive her away from Maca's side.

More time went on and on, and Maca heard no reply. She was still wrapped up with Esther in a secure embrace but the longer silence blanketed the room, the slacker Maca's grip became. Taking the silence as a negative reply, Maca began putting the walls up around her heart and slowly withdrawing from Esther. It was only when her hands began to slip away from Esther's sides did her actions spark a reaction.

Esther grabbed for the arms that were leaving her sides, holding them firm against her body and turning her head into Maca's hair, breathing in her flavour. She let her lips place soft kisses on even softer hair, nuzzling a little so that skin eventually came into contact with skin. When her lips touched Maca's ear, she felt a shiver run through the woman's body.

"I'm not going anywhere…" Esther whispered, taking the sensitive skin between her lips and teasingly touching her tongue to flesh.

Maca felt like lightning had just ricocheted all through her body and fire burned her from the inside out. Her fingers suddenly came to life at Esther's sides and gathered her clothes up, tugging Esther closer. The tiny touch had been enough to reawaken all the tension and frustration that had been built-up during the day and Maca knelt up on her knees, pressing into Esther and her touch.

Esther moved her lips away from Maca's ear, leaving tiny kisses down the muscle of her neck in wet heat. She felt herself being drawn closer by Maca's grasp, not at all stopping the movement and sighing when she felt their bodies truly touch.

Maca's eyelids fluttered as Esther continued down her throat, her breath escaping her mouth in short breaths as she struggled to level her erratic breathing. Her heart was pounding in her ears and a warm flush had begun creeping up her chest; she wanted Esther so much that it hurt to stay away.

When their mouths finally met in a heated kiss, all the reserve and shyness that had been present during the day evaporated, leaving both of them gasping for breath and aching for taste. The couch cushions began to bow as Maca pushed into Esther's kiss, forcing the both of them back onto the couch.

Lying completely back on the sofa, Maca could feel Esther's hips arching up into her own, sending another shockwave of tension burning through her muscles. She felt her hand begin moving down Esther's side, cautiously moving lower so that her fingers were playing over Esther's hips. The nurse's response was unrestrained as her hips trembled slightly and a plea for more slipped from her mouth and straight into Maca's.

Maca was about to act on the impulse, unable to control the need that had suddenly taken claim of her actions, when Esther's phone rang through the room, separating the two of them.

"What happened to the right to privacy!" Maca yelled disgustedly, reluctantly sitting upright and moving, becoming thoroughly irate and unbearably frustrated. Even when there was no one around, they had still been caught kissing.

"It was destroyed by over-anxious mothers." Esther replied darkly, glowering at the display on her mobile phone. When she pressed the keypad to allow the call and lifted the phone to her ear, her irritation was poorly concealed. "Mama?"

"Esther García, where on earth are you?" Encarna demanded, her voice crackling a little over the phone. "I called the hospital and you weren't there. I called your home and you weren't there-"

"Mama!" Esther cut off her mother mid-sentence before she could launch into a full scale lecture. "I'm fine." Esther assured. "I'm with Maca at her apartment."

"Oh…" Encarna muttered, effectively cut off from her motherly rant.

Esther broke the silence that followed for moments after. "Is there something you wanted, Mama?"

"No, no." Encarna stumbled. "I just wanted to know where you were."

Esther could hear Maca groan in the background; they'd been interrupted for nothing! Esther hoped that her mother hadn't heard the noise and instead offered her assurances that she was fine, told her mother she loved her and put the phone down.

When Esther met Maca's gaze it was still hot and lingering. Although the phone call had been disruptive, Esther was relieved to see that it hadn't completely killed the mood; she wasn't done with Maca.

"Bedroom?" Esther asked boldly, letting a self-satisfied smirk creep across her face as Maca's eyebrows almost arched into her hair.

It didn't take Maca long to recover however and she quickly led the way to her bedroom without a word. When she turned to face Esther who was behind her, Maca found a hand pressed against her chest, forcing her back down on the soft mattress.

Maca lay down willingly, watching almost mesmerised as Esther followed her down and straddled her waist, leaning down to play a kiss across her shocked mouth.

It took a few moments before Maca's brain finally kicked into gear and she began responding to Esther's attentions. She found her hands slipping under Esther's shirt for the very first time, letting her fingers toy with the flawlessly smooth skin underneath. Her lips continued to tangle with Esther's drowning in the overload of touch and pleasure that was building with every passing second.

She was so lost that a tapping noise at her window failed to distract her from Esther's attentions. She continued to search the body above her own, wrapping her arms about Esther's neck and drawing her down into her touch, subconsciously pushing up at the same time.

Esther's senses twitched a little as she heard a tapping noise at the window. It distracted her mouth as she let it wander over Maca's neck once more, nipping lightly at the taught muscles as she went, earning a slight moan. She could feel the mattress shifting beneath the two of them as Esther found herself relying less and less on her arms to hold her above Maca, instead letting her body lay atop the one beneath her, revelling in the sensations that it was causing.

The tapping however was insistent and neither Maca nor Esther could block it out for very long. They both turned their heads to the window, wondering what on earth could be causing the tapping when they were two floors up.

"You've got to be kidding." Esther stated in disbelief, eyeing the pigeon on the windowsill with a very scathing look. Of all things, they were being harassed by a bird…

Maca tossed a pillow at the window in frustration and the pigeon flew off in a flurry of startled feathers. She groaned, laying back into the remaining pillows and resting her hands on Esther's hips. It really was beginning to feel like they would never be alone together.

Maca looked up into Esther's eyes, still seeing the lingering desire she had seen moments ago, smouldering like dark embers and it made the pit of her stomach burn once more and her pulse race.

"Heaven help the next person who stops me from getting what I want." Maca growled, suddenly reaching up and claiming the mouth she'd been so desperate for all day.

The End

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