The Houseguest G Esther/Maca This story originates from a challenge from Ralst which involves Hector, Vilches, or Teresa staying with the couple after an argument with their partner. Esther and Maca will do anything to get rid of him/her. Complete

A Miracle in the Midst of a Storm PG Esther/Maca This is in response to the challenge SFC#91 involving Maca going into early labor and Esther having to act as midwife. Complete

Prequel to a Honeymoon PG Esther/Maca This is in response to a challenge issued in the LJ femslash_fluff community involving a couple, the beach, and a toothbrush. I've taken the liberty of changing the location of their honeymoon from Quiergo, Spain to Esther's first choice, the Caribbean. Complete

Mistletoe Tradition PG Esther/Maca Mistletoe tranditions of their own. Complete

Ground Zero - Spain, 12.19 p.m. PG Esther/Maca Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete


Crepúsculo PG-13 Esther/Maca A moment in the twilight. Complete

Un Beso O Dos 15 Esther/Maca SFC#89 - Just how many times can two people be caught kissing? Complete

Captive Hearts Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 18 Esther/Maca Maca's not as strong as she thought she'd be after leaving Esther, instead losing herself to long nights and a bottle. And she's forced to take a long, hard look at herself when an emergency leaves her alone in the ER with Cruz. On-Going

Want & Need PG Esther/Maca   Maca/Vero There's a striking difference between being wanted and being needed. Complete

Lost & Found PG Esther/Maca A little glimpse into what could have happened between the couch incident and the following first kiss. Complete


In another light PG Maca/Vero It's all about how you look at it. Complete


The real story PG Esther/Maca When two hearts meet! Complete

Cathy Bassler

Come Back to Me 1 PG Esther/Maca No synopsis given. Complete


A Touch of Comfort PG Esther/Maca No synopsis given. Complete

Family Time New PG-13 Esther/Maca The importance of family. Complete

Rumor Has It New PG-13 Esther/Maca   Maca/Claudia An innocent remark goes astray. Complete


Insecurity PG-13 Esther/Maca This is based on an incident in Episode 8-11 when Esther becomes extremely jealous. This short fiction speculates on the reasons for her extreme reaction. I am happy to say that so far her possible fears are unjustified. Complete

Indigo Star

Long Way Home 1 2 3 4 15 Esther/Maca What would have happened to Maca and Esther if the helicopter hadn't crashed in episode 9.08? Complete


The Best Place to be Stuck PG Esther/Maca Set in the future. Coming home late from work, Maca joins Esther and their three children after story time. Complete

Guess Who? PG-13 Esther/? A closet is a terrible thing to waste. Complete


Dry Spell PG-13 Esther/Maca Fun in a supply closet. Complete

Just Following Orders PG Maca/Cruz Cruz needs Maca's help with something. Complete


Maybe We Are Both Good People (Who've Done Some Bad Things) PG-13 Esther/Maca   Silvia/Pepa Los hombres de Paco crossover - Pepa goes undercover with Maca. It gets a little complicated. Complete

Through the Years PG-13 Esther/Maca   Silvia/Pepa   Maca/Pepa Los hombres de Paco crossover - Snapshots of the Pepa-Maca friendship through the years. Complete


Time to show you to my mountain... PG Esther/Maca Maca thinks it's time she showed Esther her mountain. Complete

In sickness and in health PG Esther/Maca Esther is feeling unwell. Complete

So now what? PG Esther/Maca What happens when it comes to the end of shift? Complete

Love Thy Mother PG Esther/Maca A good day is not being had by all... Complete

Is this This? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Even femslash couples need to see the shrink sometime.... Complete


Proving My Love 1-3 4-6 15 Esther/Maca Maca tries to kiss Esther and the nurse runs off and the young doctor decides to take a leave from the hospital. She heads to Barcelona to meet up with some friends and runs into her ex. On-Going


A Tiny Wrinkle PG Esther/Maca A tiny wrinkle in their courtship. Based on episode 8.07. Complete

Wrestling God PG Esther/Maca The agony of failure. Complete


Hope PG Esther/Maca Sometimes a little hope is all we need to get us through the night. Complete