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Dry Spell
By lysachan


Esther Garcia sighed audibly and subconsciously tapped her pencil against a brown folder that was laying under her hands on the table. Her eyes were nailed to the clock on the wall as the minutes slowly ticked by. It wasn't a particularly busy day at the hospital, meaning that the chief nurse had a lot more time on her hands than she would've preferred. If she had been able to busy herself somehow, she could've ignored the growing feeling of uneasiness somewhere inside of her. But now she was doomed to acknowledge it all, desperately counting down the minutes to the moment she could finally do something about it.

Her problem was plain a simple: sex. There wasn't a better, or more decent, way to put it. It had been two weeks, two long weeks, without any physical contact with her lover who'd been whisked off to a medical conference in London, and Esther was getting more and more jittery by the day. She would never have believed that getting through two lousy weeks could be such torture; just thinking about Maca's irresistible smile and in-every-way gorgeous body made Esther squeeze the pencil in her hand a little bit tighter.

The pediatrician was supposed to arrive back to Spain that morning and start her shift at noon, much to Esther's delight. She shifted her weight restlessly from one foot to the other, absent-mindedly wrote a few notes on the report in front of her and then turned her eyes back to the entrance. It was almost eleven o'clock already.

"Esther! I need some help with a patient. Do you have a minute?" Laura exclaimed from across the hallway. The distraction was more than welcome to the nurse and she abandoned the files, running to the trauma room at the speed of light.

When Esther, thirty minutes later, emerged from the room again, she immediately spotted a familiar motorcycle helmet on a chair behind Teresa who was standing in the reception. Striding towards the older woman, she opened her mouth to speak, but before she could make a sound, Teresa raised her hand and pointed sharply towards the hallway behind her.

"She went that way," the receptionist said without glancing up from the newest issue of a gossip magazine she was reading. For a few seconds Esther was slightly flabbergasted, pondering whether her behaviour might have actually been that obvious. Then she figured that she had more important things to worry about and headed towards the break room where she figured Maca could've gone to.

Half way to her intended destination she spotted her lover standing in the corridor and pulling a white doctor's coat on her shoulders; she'd obviously just got changed. Esther stopped dead in her tracks and simply adored the other woman from afar. Maca was an absolutely stunning sight in her tight jeans, black tank top and the white coat. And she was all hers.

Suddenly the target of her lustful thoughts looked up, almost as if sensing Esther's presence, and their eyes met. A wide grin immediately spread on the taller woman's face, a grin that was only reserved for Esther and Esther alone. It was that one simple thing which caused all her emotions to boil over, and the nurse almost ran to Maca and pulled her in a nearby supply closet.

The door clicked shut behind them and Esther pulled Maca to her. She kissed her hungrily, forcing the doctor to back against a metal shelf full of green scrubs. One of them kicked over a bucket and someone managed to drop a few boxes of rubber gloves, but neither of them could've cared less. With a swift move Maca turned them around, accidentally swiping a pile of bed sheets to the floor in the process. But Esther didn't feel like submitting after the two weeks of pure hell, so she pushed Maca backwards, the doctor grunting slightly as her back made contact with the concrete wall. The movement caused a mop that was leaning against a shelf to fall, whacking Maca in the head and breaking the moment.

"Ouch! Jesus...," Maca cursed and rubbed the back of her head; there would be small bump for sure. Then she chuckled and gave Esther a little peck on the lips. "This is such a movie cliché," she said, her smile nothing short of amused.

"But a very good one at that," Esther smiled back. She leaned closer again, kissing Maca softly on the nose and then making her way along the doctor's jaw and down the long, slender neck. "Besides, no one will interrupt us here like they always do in the dressing room and, well, where ever we are," she added between kisses, sliding her hands underneath the tank top Maca was wearing under her white coat. Maca hissed as Esther's hands touched her bare skin. She leaned her head back against the wall, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

All of a sudden the door was yanked open and Maca's head snapped back up; a young nurse stood at the door, her mouth hanging half open as if she was trying to come up with something to say. The room was dead silent and nobody dared to move. Finally the nurse seemed to find her ability to breathe again and closed the door, blushing furiously. For a moment neither woman said anything, both of them taking in the utter irony of the situation. Eventually Maca was the first one to talk:

"You just had to say it, huh?" she sighed. Esther slowly looked up, her hands still under the other woman's shirt, and met Maca's sparkling eyes. As on cue, both of them burst out laughing.

"They're never going to live this down." Esther shook her head and buried it in her hands. Maca pulled her in her arms and gave her a gentle kiss on the top of the head.

"The entire hospital probably knows by now," Maca noted, stroking Esther's back, making small circles with her hand.

"Yeah," Esther agreed and took a step back. "Should we go back? Your shift is only a few hours long anyway."

Maca pursed her lips and tilted her head slightly to the side, studying the woman in front of her with cunning eyes. Without a word she slipped from the embrace and walked to the door, picking up a small chair that stood next to it. Carefully she placed it under the door handle and turned around, a sultry look on her face that made Esther's knees go weak.

"It's been two weeks. Don't tell me I'm the only one who needed to force herself to imagine Davila naked way too often during that time." Esther had to put a hand on her mouth to stifle a laugh.

Slowly Maca closed the distance between them, never breaking eye-contact, the wicked grin on her face matching the one on the nurse's. One hand slid up Esther's side under her uniform coat, and Esther closed her eyes at the sensation. Maca put her other hand on the wall and leaned closer, her breath warm on Esther's skin and making the smaller woman tremble. She traced the outline of Esther's neck with her tongue, and as she finally spoke, her voice was low, almost a whisper:

"So, let's give them something to talk about then."

The End

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