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Guess Who?


"Shit!" The doctor fiddled with the light switch briefly, knowing that yes the light bulb was dead and no, she couldn't revive it. She left the door open as much as she could without the help of a doorstopper, but she just as well should have looked for what she needed in the dark, as the light from the hallway was virtually nonexistent.

In the corner of her eye, Esther saw long legs and a white doctor's coat whip into a storage closet. She smiled and bit her lip. She was feeling sneaky and mischievous. It had been a while since her and Maca 'did inventory.' Walking closer to the closet door and looking both ways down the hallway, she saw that the coast was clear. Quietly, she entered and closed the door.

Seconds later there was a crash, and the tall doctor found herself being slammed against the wall and being kissed with a good deal more tongue than most strangers would be comfortable with. But alas, kisses were kisses, and at the moment whoever was sucking her tongue into their mouth was very talented and had her permission to do anything they

wanted with her body…especially anything involving that tongue.

Suddenly both women were blinded with a flashlight coming from the doorway. To Esther's embarrassed surprise, it was Maca, her wife, and she was holding a spare light bulb and a step ladder in one hand. Esther quickly looked to the woman in her arms who was sporting an identical doctor's coat as her wife.

Verónica Solé. Long blonde hair, legs to die for, her eyes were currently glazed over and she was wearing a none too innocent smirk. Esther brought a hand to her head and almost swooned. So much hotness in one room. Wow. Okay…so her kissing partner wasn't Maca. She didn't know what to expect from her wife and was contemplating vanishing into thin air, but shook her head slightly when she realized that wasn't an option and she was out of luck. Slowly she turned her head back around to glance at her wife.

Or was she just about to get really lucky?

Instead of fixing the light, Maca placed the step ladder in a corner along with the light bulb and closed the door. With a flick of her wrist, she turned the lock. Just before turning her flashlight off, Vero and Esther saw her lick her lips and the predatory look in her eyes as she walked closer to them.

"Mind if I join you?"

The End

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