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Prequel to a Honeymoon
By Ann


Dr. Macarena Fernandez Wilson scans the hall left and right looking for the head nurse, her wife Esther. Spotting the hospital's resident gossip, Teresa, Maca doesn't waste any time crossing the hall to the front desk.

"Teresa, have you seen Esther?" Maca nervously asks.

Teresa looks up from her magazine and replies, "Ah Maca, what are you still doing here? Your flight for the Caribbean leaves early this afternoon. Esther went home hours ago to pack. Why aren't you at home helping?"

Looking over her shoulder to be sure no one is listening, Maca leans toward Teresa and whispers, "I was hoping we would miss the flight, and then we could go somewhere else like maybe Quiergo."

"Quiergo?" Teresa almost shouts before loudly whispering, "Why would you want to go there? You can visit Quiergo anytime, but this is your honeymoon. It should be special."

Maca suddenly realizes several people are now intently listening to their conversation so she walks around the desk and takes Teresa by the arm escorting her around the corner and out of earshot of any potential eavesdroppers.

Turning the clerk toward her, Maca quietly asks, "Teresa, if I tell you something, do you promise to keep it a secret?"

Not one to keep many confidences, Teresa hesitates before she eventually nods her head in the affirmative.

Maca looks Teresa directly in the eye and confesses, "I'm afraid to fly."

A ghost of a grin appears on Teresa's face before she quickly takes on a serious expression. Without a word, she immediately takes Maca by the hand and leads her toward the pharmacy.

Hours later, Esther sits next to a highly tranquilized Maca in the first class section of the airplane. She squeezes her lover's hand and asks, "Sweetie, what did Teresa give you?"

Maca merely raises an eyebrow and replies, "Huh?"

"We'll talk later when the drugs have worn off. Here, put your head on my shoulder and get some sleep," Esther answers as she softly pats her lover's hand.

A smiling Maca complies, and within minutes, she is sound asleep. Esther doesn't even bother to wake her for the complimentary meal, and she lovingly allows her wife to drool on her shoulder until the plane has finally landed and come to a complete stop.

The other passengers begin to deplane when Maca finally opens her eyes and looks around. She blinks a few times and turns toward Esther.

"Are we there yet?" are the first words out of her mouth.

Grumbling, Esther helps Maca out of her seatbelt and assists her in standing. It takes a few minutes, but Maca eventually gets her sea legs and is able to walk on her own.

By the time the women hail a taxi; Maca is functioning on all cylinders and has become quite amorous. In fact, the driver has a very difficult time keeping the car from crossing the center stripe since most of his time is spent looking in the rearview mirror.

When they finally arrive at the private beach house, the driver refuses Maca's tip stating that he has already received his biggest tip of the year on the drive from the airport.

Laughing, the two lovers walk up the sidewalk with luggage in hand and enter their honeymoon retreat.

While unpacking, Maca confesses to Esther about her fear of flying and explains how Teresa came up with what seemed like the perfect solution. She apologizes for not being able to keep Esther company during the flight over, but she points out that she would never have gotten on the plane without the tranquilizers.

Esther moves next to her lover and gently kisses her lips. Pulling away, she says, "Honey, next time, promise me you'll tell me about any fears or uncertainties you have. We could have gone anywhere on our honeymoon, and I would have been happy because we would be together."

Smiling, Maca leans down and reciprocates Esther's earlier kiss only she adds a bit more passion coupled with a pair of roving hands.

Panting heavily, Esther reluctantly steps back and says, "Um, let's go take a quick walk on the beach. I want to see the water at least one time, and I'm afraid once we start making love we won't want to leave the house."

Maca grins and takes her wife's hand as she leads her to the glass doors leading to the beach. The two walk hand and hand until they reach the water's edge.

Esther puts her arm around Maca's waist and leans against her as the two stand as one looking out at the sun reflecting on the beautiful blue water.

A few minutes later, Maca turns and gently takes Esther's face in her hands. Looking into her lover's eyes, she says, "I love you, Esther Garcia Wilson."

"I love you too, Maca," Esther replies just as her wife leans down and softly kisses her.

It doesn't take long for the passion to once again flare as both women's hands begin to move freely. As Maca moves her hands to her lover's hips to pull her closer, Esther suddenly begins to chuckle.

Maca immediately releases Esther's lips and looks down at her in concern.

With a smile, Esther moves her hand up and down the outside of Maca's right pocket and asks, "Maca, do you have something in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Frowning, Maca reaches into her pocket and removes a toothbrush. She holds it up for Esther to see as a huge grin appears on her face.

A confused Esther asks, "What in the world are you doing with a toothbrush in your pants?"

Maca looks down at the sand and replies, "I've seen some of those 'Survivor' shows, and one of the first concerns many of them have is not being able to brush their teeth."

"If we crashed in the water and had to live on some deserted island, I wanted to be prepared so I put my toothbrush in my pocket. I guess my imagination went into overdrive this morning," she adds with a touch of embarrassment.

After a moment of silence, Maca slowly peers up to see an amused Esther.

Pulling her lover close, Maca teasingly says, "My imagination didn't just stop with the toothbrush. I have something in my other pocket that will definitely show you how happy I am to see you."

The End

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