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Proving My Love
By Nina



Doctor Macarena Fernandez Wilson was sitting in the lounge after trying to kiss Esther. The nurse had rushed out of there like Maca had some kind of contagious disease. How could she face the other woman, what the hell was she thinking? Maybe she thought that Esther was attracted to her, but clearly she was wrong. Maca sighed as she closed her eyes as she kept replaying the attempted kiss. After some careful thinking, the young woman walked into the office of Antonio Davila.

"Hola Maca."


"How may I help you?"

"Well I was hoping that I might be able to take a little leave of absence."

"A leave? Porqué?"

"I just need some time for me. I have been stressing out a lot."

"Ah I see."

"So can I?"

"Yes you can…When do you plan to leave?"

"Today hopefully."

"Well go ahead, and I know that you will be missed."


"No problem."

Maca smiled as she stood up and headed to the door to leave.


Maca turned around and looked at her boss, "Sí?"

"Call us and let us know when you plan to come back."

"Of course…Adiós"

"Adiós Maca"

The young woman left the office and headed to get her belongings before she left. She made sure that she didn't run into Esther. She didn't want the young nurse to feel uncomfortable around her any longer. She was packing up her belongings, when Hector Martinez walked into the room

"Hola Maca."

"Hola Hector."

"You are going somewhere?"



"Just taken a leave…I need some time to think about some things."

"I understand…Well I will miss you."

"I will miss you too."

Hector walked over to the woman and hugged her, "Take care of yourself."



"Adiós Hector," Maca replied as she walked out the room and the hospital altogether.

Teresa Montoro came and stood by Hector, "Was that Maca?"


"Where is she going?"

"On leave."

"On leave?"



Hector hunched his shoulders and walked away

"I wonder if Esther knows," Teresa replied as she stood there staring at the door

Maca walked into her apartment and sat down on her couch, she was thinking of what she should do now. Davila had told her that she could take as much time as she needed to get her issues into order. She heard her phone begin to ring and knew she wasn't up to answering. She let the answering machine pick it up as she listened carefully.

'Hola, I am not in right now, if you leave a message I will get back to you as soon as possible…Thank you'

Then Maca heard the annoying beep and wondered why they couldn't have something else other than the beep.

"Maca…It's me…I know we haven't spoken in a while but I was hoping that you and I could get together and talk…Please Maca."

Maca sighed as she listened to the caller, she and that person haven't spoken in almost two years and now she suddenly is getting calls.

"That's it…I think that I am just going to go out to visit some friends in Barcelona. It has been a while since I have seen Demetrio," Maca replied as she headed to her room to pack, "Demetrio would know what to do"



Esther Garcia was walking in a daze, she too kept replaying the kiss and what it meant to her, but she had no idea what to think. She had never been attracted to a woman before, and now she found herself in awe of Maca. But she couldn't be with her…It would be wrong, especially when she was dating Esteban Rodriquez and he loved her. But did she love him? She wasn't sure, especially since she had shared that kiss with Maca. Her mind was wandering when Teresa approached her.


Esther looked at her friend, "Sí?"

"We must talk."


"It's very important."

Esther sighed as she looked at the older woman, "Qué?"

"It's about Maca?"



"Tell me…."

"Hector told me that Maca left."

"Left for the day?"

"No…She left on leave."

Esther was confused, "She took a leave?"

"Sí…She took a leave of absence."

Esther face went white, "No…"



"Hector had no idea and I haven't found anyone that knows why either…I thought she was happy here…What could have made her run off?"

Esther thought about it, 'She left because of me'


Esther turned and looked at Teresa, "Sorry?"

"Are you okay?"


"So do you have any idea why Maca left?"


"I am going to go find out."

Before Teresa walked away she turned and looked at the brunette, "I see Esteban approaching."

Esther turned and saw her boyfriend, "Esteban ádonde?"

Teresa turned and pointed in a direction, "There."

"Ah, thank you."

"Of course."

Esteban Rodriquez walked over and kissed the nurse, "Hola Teresa…Hola my love."

"Hola Esteban…I have to go check on my paperwork, adiós you two"

"Adiós Teresa."

Esther nodded but her mind was still thinking about Maca leaving.

Esteban took Esther's hand, "My love, when are you getting off?"

"I get off from work in about two hours… Porqué?"

"I was hoping that you and I could catch movie and get something to eat."

Esther sighed, "I don't know Esteban."

"Please for me."

Esther watched the puppy eyed look her boyfriend gave her and decided to go ahead go out with him, "Fine…"

"Gracias, you are the best."

Esther sighed as she felt his lips brush against hers and he rushed off, 'What the hell was I thinking?'

"Esther I need your help in here," Doctor Laura Llanos called out.

"Coming," Esther rushed off and headed in to help the other woman.

Maca was looking at her watch as she waited for the taxi to come and pick her up. Her flight was leaving in three hours and she wanted to get there with plenty of time to spare. She remembered that Demetrio was more than happy to have her come out and visit him in Barcelona. She hadn't seen him for almost a year and she knew that he would be the shoulder she needed to lean on.

Maca wasn't paying attention to anything at the time, because her mind was still on the kiss that she had tried to plant on the scared nurse, "Estúpido…How could I had been such an idiota."

Maca's answering machine went off; she never heard the phone ring.

"Maca it's me again…Please call me…Please Maca I miss you dearly…I plan to be in Barcelona in a few weeks and I was hoping that maybe we could get together…You know the number Maca….Please call me."

Maca sighed, "What am I going to do?"

Shortly Maca heard the taxi and knew that it was time for her to leave and catch her flight to Barcelona. Unknown to Maca she was in for a surprise of her life and she might not be ready for it.



A few hours later, Maca arrived in Barcelona and was getting her bags together, when someone touched her arm and she turned around.

"Excuse me," Demetrio Sanchez replied.

Maca smirked, "Why you."

"I missed you."

"I missed you too," Maca hugged her friend.

"So do you have all your bags here?"


"Bueno," Demetrio replied as he grabbed her bags, "So you haven't come to visit me in like over a year…Why now?"

"I think I did something stupid Metrio."

"What may that be?"

"I have fallen for someone…."

"Really, I am glad that you have gotten over…"

"Please don't say that name….What makes matters worse is that person is here as well."

"For real?"

Maca nodded.

"How do you know?"

"She left two messages on my answering machine before I was on my way here."

Demetrio sighed, "I don't understand…I thought you told her that you didn't want anything to do with her?"

"I did…That's why I was surprised that she called me."

Demetrio looked at his friend, "I wonder how she got your number."

"I wonder that too."

"Damn it…I know… idiota."


"Who is the one person who would want you back with her?"

"He wouldn't?"

"Come on Maca, we have known each other since birth…Would I lie to you?"


"Then trust me…I know he did it and when I get my hands on him….he will pay," Demetrio replied as he began to walk faster, "Are you coming?"

Maca nodded and followed her friend out of the airport; she knew that Demetrio would not stop until he made an example of their other friend.

Esther was waiting at the front desk when she saw Davila.

"Hola Esther."


"Are you okay?"


"Are you sure?"

"Sí," Esther replied again, "Can I ask you something?"


"Is it true that Maca is gone?"

"Sí…She took a leave of absence."

"Oh…Did she say anything?"

"No…She just said she needed some time for her to de-stress I believe."

"Oh," Esther replied as she looked down.

"Well I have a consultation to go to now."


"Don't worry Esther…Maca will be back soon."

Esther watched the doctor leave, 'I need to figure out what to do…Do I want Esteban or do I want Maca?'

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