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The Best Place to be Stuck


Maca laughed quietly from the entrance of her kids' room. In front of her was a makeshift tent with light emanating from under it and four sets of feet to go along with the light snoring sounds she was hearing. She sighed. I must have just missed story time.

She lowered herself to the ground and slowly poked her head in the tent-or as her kids would call it- the 'castle'. It took all her willpower not to laugh on the spot- Esther had a pointy witch nose (attached with a string) still on her face while her two daughters had on matching princess tutu's and her son had a plastic sword draped over his chest. She smiled warmly at the sight before her. She loved playing 'Brave Knight saves the beautiful princesses from the witch,' but loathed being the witch. The large nose made her cross eyed- which greatly amused her kids, but she couldn't handle it, so the role was given to Esther.

Usually, she would move the kids to their beds when they fall asleep on the floor, but they looked so peaceful that she decided against it. Careful not to wake anyone, she removed the girls' tutu's and her son's sword and placed them outside the tent. Still trying hard not to laugh, she gently lifted Esther's head and pulled the witch nose off her.

"Hey," A sleepy Esther murmured.

"Didn't mean to wake you," Maca replied. "That didn't look too comfortable."

"I totally forgot about it." Esther smiled. She patted the empty space behind her. "I saved a space for my knight in shining armor, but she was late. Do you want to take her spot?"

"I'd love to." Maca spoke quietly, turning out the castle's source of lighting before taking her spot. She wrapped an arm around her wife and snuggled her face into the back of Esther's neck, giving her a few kisses before letting sleep consume her.

Hours later, into the early morning, Maca awoke to find herself utterly stuck beneath a pile of arms and legs. It seemed that Esther and their children all shifted in their sleep and gravitated closer and eventually on her body. She grinned, realizing that of all the places in the world she could be stuck in, she was in the best one.

The End

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