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AUTHOR'S NOTE: 1. Wanted to do a story about them. New to this site as a writer, been reading for awhile though. A little behind the times but loved these two when they were on. But also noticed that although Esther almost died 3 times, that I know of, Maca was never hospitalized for being hurt. Wanted to change that. 2. This takes place after they got back together in season 17.
SPOILERS: Might contain some if anyone didn't see all the seasons of it. Not sure. Just want to warn you.
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Come Back to Me
By Cathy Bassler


Chapter 1

Maca and Esther had been back together a couple of weeks after going to the spa. Even with Esther having an allergic reaction to the chocolate massage, it had ended wonderfully. Even with being at the hospital.

But there was one thing, or one person, she still had to deal with.


"Esther?" Theresa called to Esther as she came from an examination room. "Phone call."

"Oh, Theresa please take a message," she replies. "I'm helping Maca with a patient."

"Yes, okay," Theresa says as she goes to pick up the receiver.

"I'm sorry, Esther is with a patient, may I take a message?" she says into the phone.

And she rolls her eyes as she listens to the voice. The voice that has called at least three times already today.

"Yes, I am positive she's with a patient," she says, suddenly defensive. "I am NOT lying to you."

"Okay, I will tell her," she finishes, then hangs up.

"Dios Mio, that woman will drive me crazy if she keeps calling," Theresa says to no one in particular.

"Who keeps calling?" Claudia, neurologist asks as she comes to the desk.

"Oh, that woman, for Esther," Theresa replies.

"Ah, Bea," Claudia says. "I thought Esther talked to her."

"Who knows," Theresa says. "But she'll probably show up here next."

She then turns to where she keeps message notes to write down Beas' number for Esther.


About twenty minutes later, Maca and Esther came out of the exam room.

"She should be fine in a couple of days," Maca says about the patient they just had, a little girl with the flu.

"Oh, I hope so," Esther replies. "She's so adorable."

"Yes, like our two daughters," Maca says smiling.

"Yes, just like them," Esther says, leaning in for a kiss.

"Oh will you two cut out the mushy stuff," Claudia says with a giggle.

"Never," they reply in unison, then kiss again.

Then suddenly:


They both jump as they turn to the doors.

And Bea is standing there.

"Bea, what..?" Esther starts to say, but stops suddenly when she sees what's in Beas' hand.

A gun.

"You kissed her?" she seethes, her hands trembling.

"Bea, please, let's go talk about this," Esther says calmly.

"NO!!!" Bea screams. "NO MORE TALKING!!"

"You belong with me, not HER!!" she yells, then brings her right hand up and points the gun.

Right at Maca.

"Bea, don't do this," Esther says, trying to slowly move towards her ex-lover.

"If I can't have you, she can't either," she says.

She then slowly turns the gun, to Esther.

Then suddenly:

"NO!!!!" Maca yells as she grabs for the gun.

And in the struggle, it goes off.

"MACAAAAAA!!!" Esther yells, as everything seemingly goes in slow motion.

And that everything being Maca, falling to the ground.

Blood pouring from her head.

The End

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