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The Houseguest
By Ann


Riding into work on the back of Maca's motorcycle, Esther holds on tightly to her lover. It seems this is the only time the two have been able to relax and be alone with each other lately. Ever since Teresa and her husband had their huge fight over his lack of cleaning skills, she has been staying with the couple and sleeping on the couch. Even their bedroom is not safe as Teresa will walk in unannounced while chatting away about something or someone.

Maca skillfully steers the bike to a parking spot and turns off the engine. Allowing Esther a little more snuggling time, she finally steps off the bike and assists Esther before taking off her helmet and flipping her hair from side to side. Esther watches with a smile as she's always thought the action was quite sexy.

The two walk into the hospital hand in hand and make a beeline for the locker room. Stepping inside, Maca kicks the door shut and pulls Esther to her. She turns so that Esther is against the door and leans down to take total possession of her lover's lips.

Both women are close to losing control when Esther relunctantly releases Maca's lips and pants, "Dios, if Teresa doesn't move out soon, I'm going to die from not being able to make love to you. Seriously, I really think I'm suffering from the 'LackofMaca' disease."

Chuckling, Maca caresses Esther's face and replies, "I know, love. It's killing me too. Maybe we should try to intervene in their domestic squabble."

Maca's second attempt to kiss Esther is thwarted when someone tries to open the door, and the two women reluctantly break away from each other and move to opposite sides of the room. Esther manages to keep from groaning aloud when a smiling Teresa walks in and says, "Maca and Esther, just the two ladies I was looking for. What do you say we try out the new restaurant down the road before we go home tonight?"

Maca excuses herself citing an emergency leaving Esther to deal with their new roommate. On the way to Pediatrics, she stops by the nurse's station for Teresa's home phone number. Intervention has moved to the top of her list.

Three days later, both Maca and Esther are so sexually frustrated they are finding even the slightest thing erotic, from the shape of the flower vase on the nurses' desk to the feel of a bag of IV saline.

Esther walks to the nurses' station after 'copping' an extra feel of the IV bag of the patient in room 12, and she sighs aloud when she rounds the corner and sees her lover, sans white coat, updating a patient's chart and wearing Esther's favorite tight fitting black pants.

Stepping beside Maca, she whispers, "Ten days. We haven't had sex in ten days. I'm so horny I'm ready to take you right here on the nurse's desk."

Smiling, Maca replies, "You won't have to. I've talked Teresa into having dinner with her husband tonight, and he's taking her to the movies. We'll have hours alone in our apartment."

Esther immediately turns and walks directly to the nearest wall and bangs her head against it. Worried, Maca moves to her side and asks, "My love, what's the matter?"

With eyes closed and head leaning on the wall, Esther replies, "I'm working a double tonight. I couldn't bear going home knowing the night I was in for. You and I on the couch with Teresa sitting between us with that huge container of popcorn was too much to take."

Before Maca can respond, Teresa walks up to the couple and says, "I've got a date tonight, girls. Don't wait up."

She steps through the exit, and Maca and Esther both bang their heads on the wall.

At midnight, Esther tiptoes into the apartment and groans when she sees Teresa sleeping on the couch. Silently moving to the bedroom, she finds her lover fast asleep under the covers. She peels off her clothes and crawls in beside Maca joining her in slumber.

Three more days go by with Teresa still a guest in the apartment. She and her husband have had dates each night, but every time they go back to their home, Teresa gets upset when she sees the house in shambles. Her husband agrees to be more helpful picking up his things after Teresa cleans the house and gets it back in order. Of course, this leads to Teresa walking out and going back to Maca and Esther's.

Maca and Esther, on the other hand, have not tried to initiate any lovemaking while Teresa is out on her dates because they have no idea when she may decide to show up. They learned their lesson after the first night when Teresa came barging in complaining about her husband just as Esther had straddled Maca on the couch. Teresa pushed Esther to the side and plopped down between the two never missing a beat in her story.

On a Friday morning at the hospital, a smiling Teresa comes up to the couple and gives Maca a bear hug. Pulling away, she says, "Thank you, Maca. Maybe tonight will be the night I can get my husband to agree to my terms."

Esther watches Teresa walk away and asks, "What was that all about?"

Grinning, Maca replies, "I booked a room for the two of them at a hotel for tonight. I thought maybe a change of location would help things."

Esther leans into Maca and responds, "I certainly hope so, but at least we'll have the entire night to do whatever our hearts desire."

Stepping back, Maca answers, "No hanky panky until we get Teresa's house cleaned. I got the key from her husband, and we are going over there and scrub until everything is shiny, even the toaster. I want more than one night; I want our life back."

After work, the couple immediately head over to Teresa's house. Maca opens the door and quickly shuts it before Esther can take a step. Confused, Esther asks, "What's the matter?"

Maca takes a deep breath and says, "We should have brought a bulldozer."

Shaking her head, Esther turns the doorknob and replies, "There're two of us. How bad can it be?"

Opening the door, she steps inside and looks around in amazement. "Mierda, this is going to take all night."

Eight hours later, the two step out of the house and close the door. An exhausted Esther leans on Maca as they make their way to the motorcycle, and both women have a great deal of difficulty climbing onto the bike.

After a quick shower, the two crawl into bed, and Maca pulls Esther into her arms. Putting her mouth to her lover's ear, she mumbles, "I never thought I would be too tired to make love."

Esther replies with a snore.

When Maca and Esther step out of their bedroom the next morning, they are met by a glorious sight. Teresa is zipping up her suitcase and has her toiletry bag packed as well.

Noticing the two women, Teresa says, "I want to thank you for allowing me to stay with you during my domestic dispute with my husband. I think we have resolved our problem. When we got to our house this morning, it was spotless. He really did a marvelous job cleaning everything. He must really love me because he said it took hours to clean."

Esther mumbles, "Eight to be exact."

Maca elbows her lover in the side and moves toward Teresa. "We were glad to help you out. I'm just happy you have reconciled with your husband."

Smiling and nodding her head, Teresa walks toward the door. She opens it and starts to take a step forward, but she stops and says, "Oh, by the way, all the things I just said about my husband is a load of bull, I was just practicing for him and his friends. I know exactly what you two did, and I'm not going to forget it."

Taking a step into the hallway, Teresa adds, "Esther, I found someone to take your shift, and Maca, Doctor Vilches is covering for you."

As she is closing the door, she grins and says, "Now you can have um . . . what does Rusti call it? . . . um, oh yeah, hot monkey sex all day long. Be sure to take breaks and drink plenty of fluids. I'll see you in the morning."

Stunned, Maca and Esther stand in the middle of their apartment staring at the closed door.

The End

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