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Bianca's Butch
By Texbkwrm

Part One

Opening her eyes and groaning, Bianca awoke to unfamiliar surroundings. Elves with jackhammers had taken up residence in her skull and it felt like something had crawled into her mouth and died. Looking around through squinted eyes she realized she was not in her own bed, but what really concerned her was that a large PVU t-shirt she had never owned was her only article of clothing. As she rapidly scanned her memory, trying to recall where she might be and who might be singing in the shower, She mentally berated herself for her lapse in judgment. She remembered confronting Maggie about her feelings and the phrase "I'm into guys," still echoed painfully in her ears and her heart. She had just wanted to get away from the pain. She recalled a bar Rain had told her about where they didn't look real close at an ID if a twenty came with it. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. She was tired of straight girls and she just wanted to get away from her life. "Oh God."

Entering the bar had definitely been an experience; the other patrons had looked at her like she didn't belong there. Her designer clothes out of place amongst the jeans and t-shirts. Her misery just increased at this last rejection. She sat down at a table and when the waitress came up she asked for a white wine when all that got her was a funny look she changed her order to a beer. She remembered drinking several but that was about all she could pull from the drunken fog that was last night at least she hoped it was last night. Just then she heard the bathroom door open closing her eyes she feigned sleep not yet prepared to face whoever it was. She heard "Get in here." Startled she opened her eyes to the strangest sight. This great big animal she hoped it was a dog trotted by and over to the sink. Putting its paws on the rim of the sink it raised it up. "Good girl." As Bianca watched, the figure in the bathroom proceeded to brush the dog's teeth. Because of the huge dog and the angle all she could tell about the other person was that they were tall easily 6ft and had short dark hair. "Good girl. Now go get a drink." After a short pause "Not in the toilet."

Bianca lay back chuckling weakly. She closed her eyes hoping that when she opened them that this would all be a strange, very strange, dream. Before too many minutes had passed, the dog decided to check out the strange moaning creature in the bed. Bianca felt hot breath on her and as she opened her eyes this enormous tongue began to lick her face. "Jazz. Get over here you. You know better. Sorry about that. How are you feeling?" Finally face to face Bianca could not help but feel relieved that it was a woman. She remembered the tall woman from the bar. She had been the tallest of several women playing pool.

"How did I get here?" Bianca asked not sure if she wanted to know.

"Well, I kind of stopped you from going with another girl whose boyfriend had sent her in there to find someone looking for a threesome. You don't remember anything do you?" The tall woman asked.

Bianca just shook her head dreading to here what came after. "When you first came in we thought you were just some curious straight. Then watching you hit the bottle like that we figured you were trying to drown a heartache. When I saw that girl go after you I went over there cause I know her kind is trouble after I scared her off you started crying. I tried to get you to tell me where you lived so I could put you in a cab or even drive you home. You refused to tell me, you did not want to go home. In fact, you said you were never going home again. Then you got really weepy again and I could not make head nor tails of what you were saying." The taller woman's drawl became more pronounced as she continued. "So I decided to take you to my place and find out in the morning who you were. As I was helping you into my truck you threw up all over you and me," and this part seemed to disturb her the most. "And my truck! Do you know how long it is going to take me to get the smell out?" Definite indignation now. "Anyway I brought you home and after you threw up some more I cleaned you up and put you to bed."

Bianca was now maroon with embarrassment. "I think I remember you squirting me with a water hose."

"I wanted to get the worst off of both of us and I thought it might sober you up enough so that I would not have to carry you upstairs. It didn't work though." Shrugging sheepishly she added. "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Bianca asked hesitantly. "So we didn't do anything?"

"No princess. We didn't." The older girl reassured the younger.

"Why do you keep calling me princess?" Bianca was puzzled at the nickname.

"You wouldn't tell me your name last night. You didn't want me to call your mother." Bringing her over some water and Tylenol the taller girl sat gingerly on the side of the bed. "Did you get thrown out? If you did your welcome to stay until you get on your feet. The couch pulls out into a bed or Grandma Nan has a guestroom downstairs."

Bianca was touched by the offer. It made her think of her friend Rain and all the pain she had gone through. "No I'm okay my mom is trying to accept my being gay. I know she still wishes that I weren't but she wouldn't kick me out. I'm Bianca Montgomery."

"I'm Jordan McGregor nice to meet you." Smiling she added. "I've seen you on campus."

Bianca noticing the total lack of recognition at the name Montgomery and the strong accent her benefactress had, she asked. "You aren't from around here are you?"

"I'm from Texas; I came up here to do my last two years. I got offered a partial scholarship to play softball and basketball." Jordan explained.

Just then the dog put her head on Jordan's leg and whined piteously. "All right I'm getting you breakfast. Spoiled dog." Bianca heard the microwave start and then watched as Jordan added bacon to the kibble before putting it on the floor. The dog looked up and its owner said. "We're out of eggs." You could almost hear the dog sigh before it turned to gobble up its meal.

"What kind of dog is it?" Bianca asked laughing inwardly at its antics.

"I think she is part Saint Bernard and part Rottwieller. I found her under our jasmine bush. We live in the country right off the interstate and people dump animals out there all the time." Jordan said while she sat out some sweats beside the bed for her. "Here are some clothes I don't know if yours are salvageable. I have got to go down and help my Grandma. I'll be back in a little while. There is a new toothbrush in the medicine cabinet." She added on her way out.

Bianca decided that she might as well get up and face the day. She felt lucky that all she had to regret was a hangover. Making her way to the bathroom she finally noticed the decor of the apartment. It had a warm homey feel but definitely reflected it's owner. There was sports equipment and weights on one side with an autographed poster of the Houston Comets in a prominent position. Across the room there was a sitting area and a study area with a computer and textbooks completely overwhelming a rickety old desk. The mix of styles and colors shouted college student. Entering the bathroom, she had a vague flash back to someone holding her hair back while she vomited in the yard. Climbing into the shower, she remembered more. The colorful language as Jordan fireman carried her up the stairs to her garage apartment. "Useless as tits on a boar hog." was one phase that struck her as being particularly funny. She felt like a kid playing dress up in the oversized sweats but they were warm. Picking up a tube of toothpaste she laughed as she noted it was beef flavored. "That must be Jazz's."

Leaving the bathroom she steeled her nerves to call Erika. She knew her mom was probably worried sick. Finding the phone she sat down on the catch and dialed Enchantment. Val picked up "Erika Kane's office how can I help you."

"Val is Mom there." Bianca asked.

"Bianca," hearing the name Erika snatched the phone out of Val's hand. "Bianca where are you I have been worried sick. Maggie called several times looking for you. I have had Chris out searching everywhere we could think of. He found your car at some rundown bar."

"Mom I'm okay. I'm sorry I worried you. I should have called last night. I had a little too much to drink. A friend put me up." Bianca informed her.

Jazz hearing the distress moved over and started licking Bianca's arm to comfort her and then put her head in her lap. "Look mom I have to go I'll be home soon."

"Bianca what friend? Where are you?" Erika said as the phone disconnected.

"She is not going to be happy about that." Bianca told Jazz. "You are just a big ole marshmallow." Jazz at the petting scrambled up on the couch pinning Bianca with the upper half of her body.

Bianca laughed as Jordan walked in. "Help I'm stuck."

"Jazz get down now." the big dog just slunk off knowing it was busted. "You know better than to get on the couch."

Noticing scratches on the other girl's arm, Bianca asked. "What happened?"

"My grandma is taking one of her cats to the vet's for a check up and I had to get it in the carrier for her." Jordan added. "It really did not want to go."

"Jordan would you mind taking me home." Bianca asked. "My mom is worried."

"Oh sure let me get my books that way I won't miss my afternoon classes." Jordan quickly got things together. When they got to the truck, Bianca could tell that Jordan had cleaned it. The bottle of Febreeze was still in the cab. "I'm sorry about that."

Jordan just brushed it off. "It needed a good cleaning anyway and I found four dollars in change."

All too soon they were at Myrtles. "Thanks again." Bianca said.

Jordan said. "Here's my number. You know if you need anything." Handing her a slip of paper through the truck's window.

"You better go you are going to be late to class." Bianca said waving goodbye.

Part Two

Bianca had cried on Myrtle's shoulder and been interrogated by everyone from her mother to Maggie. She promised to never disappear like that again but gave no details about what happened that night other than she had spent the night with a friend.

Almost a week later Bianca was walking through the Student Center, when she saw Jordan sitting by herself at a table studying. Bianca shyly walked up. "Hi, Jordan."

"Hey, Bianca have a seat." Jordan smiled at the bashful way Bianca brushed her hair behind ear.

"I don't want to interrupt. I just wanted to say thanks for everything." Bianca said.

"You are not interrupting. The numbers are all running together right now. I could use a break and some company." Jordan shut her books and motioned to the chair beside her.

Bianca sat down. "How's your grandma?"

"She's good." Jordan answered. "How's your mom?"

"Well she's finally calmed down." Bianca said wryly.

"How are you doing? Feeling any better." Pausing for a minute, she added. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want too."

"It still hurts but I'm better." Bianca appreciated the concern in the other girls eyes even if she did not feel like talking about it. "What are you studying?"

"Calculus." Jordan smiled. "I know fun huh."

"Well now I know who to call to help me with my math homework." Bianca kidded.

"I am sure we could come to some arrangement. I'm a sucker for a pretty face" Jordan teased back. Bianca blushed at the compliment. They small talked about school until Bianca had to leave for her next class.

Over the next few weeks, they ran into each other several times. One afternoon as she was leaving her History class, Bianca found Jordan waiting outside. "Jordan, Hi."

"Hi, Bianca. Can I talk to you for a minute?" The taller girl asked nervously.

"Sure. Is everything okay?" Bianca asked concerned.

"Oh yeah everything's fine." Jordan paused and wiped her palms against her thighs. "You know the Gay and Lesbian student association is having a mixer this Friday and I wondered if you wanted to go with me."

Bianca paused caught off guard by the question. "Jordan."

"Hey it's okay. You know if you've got plans or something." Jordan interrupted.

"No," Bianca said standing a little straighter. "I'd like it. What time do you want to meet or do you want to pick me up at Myrtles."

"Really, you'll go?" at Bianca's nod, she yelled. "Aw right!"

Bianca grinned as the other students turned to look at the commotion. "What time?" She prodded.

"Um, how about six. We can grab a bite." Jordan told her.

Agreeing on the details, the two parted to go to classes. Bianca smiling at Jordan whistling down the hallways.

Friday soon came and at a few minutes to 6:00, Jordan walked up to the boarding house. Myrtle let her in and said. "Bianca will be right down. I'm Myrtle."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Jordan. Your place is really set up nice." Jordan said nervously. Wanting to make a good impression knowing how much the older woman meant to Bianca.

Jordan turned as she heard someone coming down the stairs. "Wow! Bianca, you're beautiful. I mean your always beautiful but wow."

Myrtle smiled at the reaction to the red dress Bianca had been agonizing about. "Let me get my camera." She hurried to the other room.

"You are looking nice yourself." Bianca said blushing under the appreciative stare of her date. Jordan was wearing black dockers and a collarless men's dress shirt. Topped with a black denim duster to block out the cold.

Jordan pulled out a red rose from the inside pocket of the duster. She had put it there to protect it from the cold. "For you."

Bianca took the rose. "Thank you," she said touched by the gesture. Before she could say anything else Myrtle returned and took several pictures before letting them go with her best wishes.

Jordan took her to a nice little bistro that was popular with students. They ate and laughed. When Bianca had causally mentioned that her mom was in cosmetics and Jordan asked. "What does she sell Mary Kay or something?" Bianca could not help but laugh at the idea of the sophisticated La Kane selling door to door or giving home facials to housewives. "Not exactly."

Walking into the mixer both girls felt slightly awkward. Jordan took Bianca's hand and squeezed. "You okay?"

"A little nervous." Bianca replied.

"Why don't we go and get a drink?" Jordan asked as they walked over to the refreshment area.

"Hey Jordan," came a shout from one of the side tables. Her friend Jeremy waved her over. As he said about himself Jeremy didn't flame gay: he glowed gay and in that hot pink satin shirt he definitely glowed. "Hi, sweetie," he said as they got closer. "and who is this cutie with you?"

"Bianca this is my friend Jeremy Lassiter and that's Oscar and Harold also friends of mine. Guy's this is Bianca Montgomery." As Jordan made the introductions she was unprepared for the reaction she got.

"Oh My God!" Jeremy screamed. "You are Erika Kane's daughter. I am such a fan. I use Enchantment's face creams all the time." Grabbing Jordan's hand he put it to his cheek. "See how soft it makes my skin."

Jordan jerked her hand away. "Jeremy I don't want to feel your face."

Within seconds Bianca was surrounded by gay men asking her about her mother , Enchantment, and skin care tips. Jordan asked Jeremy because at the moment she couldn't get to her date. "Who's Erika Kane and what's Enchantment?"

Jeremy looked at her in horror. "You philistine." Soon taking pity on the fashion challenged, Jeremy explained. "Erika Kane was a supermodel and she owns one of the most premiere cosmetics and perfume companies in the world."

After 15 minutes, Jordan stepped up and pulled Bianca from her admirers. "Can I have a dance with my date now."

It was a slow song and as they swayed together, Bianca asked. "Are you upset?"

"No, I kinda wonder why you didn't tell me yourself?" Jordan waited patiently for an answer.

"I like it that when you look at me you see Bianca Montgomery not Erika Kane's lesbian daughter." Bianca ducked her head down embarrassed.

"I don't know how anyone could look at you and not see the wonderful person you are." Jordan said tilting the other woman's chin up so she could look into her eyes. Slowly she leaned down and gently kissed her. Smiling when they broke apart they danced for most of the night.

As the band was playing the last song and people were getting ready to go, Bianca spoke, "Jordan can we take this slow?"

Jordan replied. "Honey you call the tune and I'll dance the dance?"

Part Three

Bianca and Jordan were soon seeing each other 4 to 5 times a week. They would go out to movies and dinner sometimes but Bianca's favorite evenings were when they would go to Jordan's. She felt somehow above the world there. Whether they were studying or cuddled up on the couch watching videos, she felt safe and happy. They had just finished watching a video when Bianca noticed a guitar in the corner. "Do you play?"

"Some, I'm a little out of practice." Jordan picked up and began playing a few chords. "Do you want me to play you something?" At the other girls nod she began to sing a slow country tune.

When we dance together, my world's in disguise
It's a fairy land tale that's come true
And when you look at me
With those stars in your eyes
I could waltz across Texas with you

Waltz across Texas with you in my arms
Waltz across Texas with you

Bianca just watched while Jordan chorded through the long instrumental between stanzas. Her eyes followed the gentle hands while her heart listened to the emotion in the words.

Like a storybook ending
I'm lost in your charms
And I could waltz across Texas with you

My heartaches and troubles are just up and gone
The moment that you come in view
And with your hand in mine, dear
I could dance all night long
I could waltz across Texas with you

"It's beautiful." Bainca said with tears in her eyes.

"The way you make me feel, it's like I'm living a fairytale." Jordan leaned over and kissed her.

After the kiss Bianca stood up, Jordan looked at her puzzled until Bianca reached down and clasped her hand pulling her to her feet. "Can I have this dance?"

Soon they were dancing in time with Jordan's singing. Lost in loves melody.

Part Four

Bianca woke up to Jordan's voice. "Aw Jazz! Cut that out." She looked up from the pillow of Jordan's chest to see her lovers face being covered with doggy kisses. "I'm up. Rotten dog."

Bianca laughed. "Don't talk about Jazz like that she's a good girl. Aren't you sweetie?" Bianca said as she sat up and began to pet the dog.

Jordan got up swearing at the cold and put some food out for the dog. Hurrying back to cuddle under the covers with Bianca. "I just want to stay here like this with you forever."

"I know," Bianca agreed. Too soon though they both had to get up. School and other obligations pulling them from their safe haven. Jordan showered first while Bianca called Erika, "Mom, Mom I'm fine."

"I have been out of my mind with worry." Erika shrieked.

"I'm sorry I didn't call. I just spent the night with Jordan." Bianca pulls the phone away from her ear as her mother's voice rises by at least an octave.

"Jordan who? How do you know this person and why did you spend the night and not call me?" La Kane is on full blast now.

"Mom Jordan and I have been dating for two months and I really don't think you want me to answer that last part." Bianca retorted.

"Bianca you have been dating someone for months and I haven't met them." The hurt in Erika's voice was just a little to much for Bianca.

"Let me just say do you remember these names Sarah, Rain, and Frankie." Bianca sarcastically listed the girls names.

"Was that really necessary? I do want you to find someone. I know that I have made mistakes but only because I was trying to protect you." Erika explained.

"Mom I will introduce you to Jordan but you have to promise to behave." Bianca's tone got very serious on the last part. "I mean it."

"Bianca I don't know what you are saying of course I will be nice to your friend." Erika reassured.

"Girlfriend mother, Girlfriend." Bianca corrected leaving no doubts about the relationship. "I'll call you later." she added getting off the phone.

Jordan walked over, "You call your mom."

"Yes, she wants to meet you." Bianca told her.

"Is that a problem?" Jordan asked. "Are you afraid I'll embarrass you?"

"Oh no! I'm afraid my mom will." The younger girl sighed at the possible disaster looming.

"Hey it's okay. I love you there is nothing she can do that will change that." Jordan hugged her.

Bianca whispered. "I hope so."

"Hey none of that. We are going to be fine. The only way you are going to get rid of me is to tell me to go and you will probably have to repeat it several times slowly before I believe it." Seeing Bianca smile she added. "Worst come to worst I will sick Jeremy and his posse on her. She won't see daylight for years between the fawning, the autographs, and the questions."

Bianca laughed aloud at that. "I need to shower so we can take the dog out." Rising she felt better than she ever had due to Jordan's confidence.

Soon they were outside laughing at the dog's antics in the snow. Coming back toward the apartment they were met outside by Jordan's grandmother. "Grandma Nan this is Bianca Montgomery my girlfriend. Bianca this is Nancy Owens my grandma"

"It so nice to finally meet you. You are all that Jordan has been talking about." The older lady said offering her hand to Bianca.

"I have heard a lot about you to. I'm glad to meet you." Bianca assured her.

"I would not be interrupting you and your girlfriend if it wasn't important Jordan. Not that you couldn't have brought her over for dinner or lunch or just to say hello but I was young once so I understand." Jordan never could quite understand how Grandma Nan could chastise you without really seeming too. She just always knew she felt guilty afterward.

"Okay Grandma, what do you need help with?" Jordan asked.

"Precious is on the roof." Her grandmother informed her.

"Grandma she'll come down eventually." Jordan said rolling her eyes, knowing even as she said it she wasn't getting out of this chore. "Okay," she added at the look the previous comment had got her, "but only if she comes to me. I am not chasing her on an icy roof."

"Here you go." She handed Jordan a can of sardines to entice the wayward cat. "Bianca why don't you come with me to the kitchen, while Jordan gets the ladder. I have hot chocolate and fresh sticky buns." Grandma Nan tucked her hand in Bianca's elbow and led her to the main house.

Soon seated at the kitchen table, Bianca was subjected to a gentle inquisition about her life. You could tell how much Jordan was loved by this woman as she bragged on her granddaughter. Showing off different ribbons and trophies that Jordan had won for sports and martial arts, she said. "She has always been a honor student and a good athlete."

Bianca looked at a picture of Jordan standing between two women. Noticing what the younger girl was looking at Nancy explained. "That is my daughter Bobby and her partner Jordan's Aunt Max. They raised Jordan after her mother died."

Right before her grandmother could pull out the photo albums, the door opened. Jordan came walking in carrying the biggest cat Bianca had ever seen into the kitchen. When Jordan sat down the longhaired tortoise shell cat, it sauntered over like the royalty it was rubbing up against it's owners legs for the acknowledgment that was its due. "Oh and how is my Precious. That was a very naughty thing you did." Nancy scolded as she petted.

"That cat hates me." Jordan said as she sat down taking a sticky roll from the plate.

"She does not." Her grandmother said as if that was the most absurd thing she had ever heard.

"She tried to knock me off the ladder and she tried to bite me luckily she couldn't get through the gloves." Jordan showed Bianca the teeth marks on her leather gloves.

"Precious was just scared. I am going to put her in her bed by the fireplace so she can warm up." Taking the cat with her she left the room.

"Precious," Jordan mocked. "I didn't realize until I saw the Tolkien movies and read the books. That her name really does fit that cat. She's evil."

"You shouldn't have told me that. Now every time your grandmother mentions her I'm going to think of Golem." Bianca snickered.

When Nancy came back in and announce that "Poor Precious was so tired, she went right to sleep." Both girls burst out laughing.

Part Five

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