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Bianca's Butch
By Texbkwrm

Part Five

The next day Jordan's cell phone rang as she walking to her classes. Seeing Bianca's number she quickly answered. "Hey baby, I missed you last night."

"I missed you too." Bianca replied. She had not wanted to go back to the boarding house but she knew her mom really wanted to talk.

"How did it go?" Jordan asked as she moved into a quiet corner so she could hear better.

"For my mom pretty good. She did say that she thought that I could let her know when I am going to spend the night away from home so that she wouldn't worry." Bianca smiled when she thought of her mother's stiff demeanor as she was forced to contemplate her daughter's love life. "Mom is still not willing to admit that I have grown up."

"Parents are like that." Jordan agreed.

"Jordan can you meet me at Enchantment around noon. Mom wants to take us to lunch." Bianca hesitated asking on such short notice.

"Sure I can miss the afternoon's class and get notes from Jeremy. You are going to have to tell me how to get there." Jordan replied her voice confident even as the butterflies began to dive bomb her stomach. They chatted for a few more minutes before finally getting off.

She found Jeremy to ask him to get the notes when she told him who she was going to meet his star struck expression was priceless but the first words out of his mouth were. "Your not going to wear that are you?" pointing to her sweatshirt and jeans.

Soon Jeremy and his posse had invaded her apartment on a "mission." Jordan said, "I feel like I am trapped in an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight guy."

Soon they had her dressed in black dockers and a charcoal gray sweater. They also made her wear the black cowboy boots after they had shined them to gleaming. They had been the only redeemable shoes in her closet. All the rest had been athletic shoes that had definitely seen better days. She left with promises to try and get autographs if she could.

Soon she was at the Enchantment building being escorted upstairs by security. She could tell they still didn't believe she was supposed to be admitted. She was led up the elevator and through the plush offices. Bianca saw her as she was returning to her office. "Jordan."

"Hey, wow this is really living high on the hog." Jordan said in awe of the surroundings.

"Thanks I think." Bianca chuckled at Jordan's Texas expressions. Pulling her along, Bianca introduced her to Val. "Val this is Jordan. Jordan this is my mom's assistant Val."

"How do you do." Jordan asked as she shook the other woman's hand. Soon the pleasantries were exchanged and Bianca was leading Jordan into her office.

"Nice." Jordan said. "and the office isn't bad either." smiling into her lovers eyes she leaned down for a kiss.

Rubbing her hand over Jordan's arm as she felt the soft material of the sweater, she asked. "What's with the clothes?"

"Jeremy got a hold of me and decided I wasn't suitably attired to meet his idol. So they did an emergency make over." Jordan replied sardonically.

"I like it. I really like the boots." Bianca said as Jordan picked her up and set her down on the desk.

Standing between her legs, Jordan brushed Bianca's hair away from her face. "I missed you this morning. So did Jazz."

"I missed you too." Bianca leaned down and they began to kiss deeply.

Hearing something Bianca pulled back. "Tell me that your mother didn't just walk in." Jordan begged. Feeling Bianca's nod, Jordan buried her head in her lovers neck and whispered. "Well there goes my shot at making a good first impression."

"Mom you could knock." Bianca said as Jordan helped her down.

"Bianca do you really think it is appropriate behavior for the office." Erika said as she struggled to regain her composure.

"Mom she was kissing me and I think that is appropriate anytime." Bianca said sliding her arm around Jordan's waist. The taller girl put her arm around Bianca's shoulder protectively and kissed the top of her head.

"I'm glad you think so because I plan to do it at every opportunity." Jordan said looking down into Bianca's eyes offering support and reassurance. Turning to face the older woman, she said "Ms Kane, Bianca thinks you might try and run me off. I have to tell you I love your daughter and I'm happy to say she loves me too. So nothing on this earth is going to make me run." Squeezing Bianca closer to her, Jordan continued. "All I ask is that you give me a chance to prove to you that I can make her happy."

Erika Kane was flabbergasted. To say that she was surprised to be confronted like that would be an understatement. She was glad to see Bianca so happy but was definitely uncomfortable with the openness of their affection. So she was a trifle defensive when she answered. "All I have ever wanted was for Bianca to be happy."

"See baby, your mom and I are going to get along fine. We agree on something already." Jordan teased gently.

Just then Jordan's stomach growled "Mom can we go eat now. If we don't feed Jordan soon she will start begging like Jazz."

As they were being seated at a table, Erika noticed Opal coming in and motioned her over to join them. When Bianca introduced Jordan, Opal was gracious and said. "I'm so glad to meet you Jordan. I don't think I have ever seen Bianca smile this much."

Jordan said. "The first time I saw Bianca smile it made my heart jump. Her smile, you can tell it starts from her heart and it lights up her eyes and it is my job to help keep it there."

"Jordan you are going to make me cry." Opal said.

Bianca nodded as tears welled up. "Hey now no crying. If ya'll start I will too and I'll end up looking like a raccoon and my sinuses will close up. I will be miserable all day." Jordan said quickly.

Opal and Erika laughed. Bianca leaned over and kissed Jordan on the cheek. She knew what the others didn't. Jordan was serious. She had been surprised the first time her lover had cried. Expecting her for some reason to try and be tough but Jordan felt things deeply. Behind her sometimes gruff nature was a very tender heart. "I love you." She whispered in her ear as she leaned away from the kiss.

Jordan squeezed the hand she was holding. Her eyes echoing Bianca's words. Again they were lost to everyone but each other. Erika was still Erika and not being the center of attention was a trifle annoying to her. Opal saw the look in her friends eye and decided she better bring the couple's attention back before Erika did. "Jordan what are you studying in school?"

"I am going after a degree in architecture." Jordan then added. "If calculus doesn't do me under."

Soon Erika joined the questioning. When the typical question of where she was from and how long she had lived in Pine Valley had been answered Erika moved into more personal territory. "What do your parents do?"

"Well I was raised by my Aunt Max and her partner my Aunt Bobby after my mom died. Max owns an auto repair shop and Aunt Bobby is a certified music teacher but she just gives private lessons now and helps with the shop." Jordan's love for her parents colored her voice with pride.

Bianca asked. "Why doesn't she teach?"

"I'm from a little town and when she moved in with my Aunt Max they decided not to renew her contract." Jordan explained.

"That's awful." Opal said outraged.

"I hate to admit it but I liked only having to share my Aunt Bobby with a few piano students and Max." Jordan said sheepishly. "I can only really appreciate how hard that it must have been to lose your career like that now that I'm an adult."

"What about your father Jordan?" Erika asked.

Embarrassed, Jordan answered. "That is kind of a long funny story do you really have time? The gist of it is I don't really know who it is."

"Go ahead." Erika answered with Opal echoing both of them curious.

"Mom." Bianca said not wanting to make Jordan self-conscious.

"No it's okay. I don't have any secrets it just a long story." Jordan answered.

"My Grandma was a real bible thumper and my grandfather died when my aunt and my mom were kids. When my aunt was fourteen, she was caught kissing a girl. Well Grandma took her to the preacher and they even hauled her up in front of the church to cast out the demons in her. Now Aunt Max did not take kindly to this and gave them what for and told them she wasn't going to stop kissing girls. She liked it. The preacher, he was fit to be tied and he told grandma to kick her out until she got right with the Lord. So she went to live with her paternal grandfather. Now my mom was about three years younger than my aunt and well she didn't kiss girls but there wasn't many guys she wouldn't kiss and more. She got pregnant when she was seventeen. So they hauled her in front of the church to confess her sins and make her name the father. I understand there were a lot of scared men in those pews but she wouldn't tell them so she got kicked out too. So when I was born she put John Black down as the father's name." Seeing the blank expressions, she clarified. "That was the preacher's name. Now we are pretty sure she did that just to shame her mama and that preacher." Jordan grinned wryly and added. "That preacher is still at that same church. To piss him off I used to wave at him as I passed in the truck and yell 'Hi daddy' as loud as I could."

Bianca chuckled thinking of her lover tweaking the nose of that hypocrite. "I can just see it."

"Hey I have lots of Baptist preacher jokes. You want to hear some." Jordan joked lightening the mood even further.

Opal snorted knowing all about small minded small town bigots, "I know a few we will have to compare someday."

Because Bianca had a meeting, Erika let her take the car saying that she would get a ride with Opal as soon as both girls left, she turned to her friend and said. "What do I do?"

"Nothing they're in love and that Jordan is good people." Opal said having taken a liking to the honest Texan.

"She seems nice but." Erika left it hanging not knowing how to finish her thoughts.

"But what?" Opal said.

"She seems rough for Bianca. I never pictured her with one of those sort of lesbians." Erika explained.

"You mean butch." Opal said.

"I know we can do a make over. She is tall and she has good bones. She seems athletic and has a nice over all shape." Erika now has a plan. "Good clothes by the right designer a new hairstyle some makeup. It will be perfect."

Opal knowing her friend said. "Now Erika."

Part Six

As Jordan walked Bianca to her classes, they ran into Maggie. "Bianca, Hi." the two friends glanced at each other uneasily.

"Maggie, hi. This is Jordan, my girlfriend." Bianca introduced them.

"Hi." Maggie said, "Gee she's tall."

Both girls laughed at the blonde's unintentional comment. "I noticed." Bianca teased.

"Bianca can we get together for lunch. I miss you. We can make it a foursome. You and Jordan and Me and Henry. Please." Maggie begged.

"Jordan is that okay with you?" Bianca asked wanting to talk to her friend but not wanting to make the other girl uncomfortable.

"Sure, I get out of practice at one if that's not too late." Jordan answered. Agreeing to the meet. Jordan kissed Bianca lightly and left her talking with Maggie as they waited for math.

As soon as Jordan was out of sight, Maggie began peppering Bianca with questions. "Where did you meet her? How long have you been going out? Why didn't you tell me?"

Maggie followed and sat in the chair beside her. Bianca said. "Maggie you aren't in this class."

"They will never know, they aren't giving a test and you know this part." Maggie informed not willing to walk away without the scoop. So Bianca clandestinely answered questions all through math.

They finally had to part to go to other classes but their friendship was back on solid ground.

Bianca's eyes lit up when she saw Jordan approaching her and Maggie at the table. Making eye contact with her girlfriend Jordan's customary lopsided grin blossomed into a full smile. Bianca slid over to allow her to sit and they kissed once and then again as if the hours apart had been days instead. "Aw that is so sweet." Maggie said grinning at the love struck couple.

Soon Henry came up and sat down beside Maggie draping an arm possessively around her. Jordan smiled wryly at the protect the straight girl from the lesbians gesture. Soon they were discussing classes and when Maggie brought up that Henry played the guitar, Bianca chimed in with. "Jordan plays too. She's really good." Soon Maggie and Bianca lost track of the conversation between the two enthusiasts as it descended into frets and chords, and the merits of Gibson versus Fenders guitars.

When the conversation broke, Maggie asked Jordan. "Have you ever considered music as a career?"

"No it's not for me." Jordan replied. "I only need an audience of one." She smiled down at Bianca and squeezed her hand.

Maggie persisted. "You've never thought of it. Not at all."

"It's not my passion. You know how you are about medicine Maggie. I bet you were always putting band-aids on your dolls and taking their temperature. I was building stuff. When I was ten I built my first tree house. Followed by forts, dog houses, club houses and even doll houses for my friends. It is what I have always wanted to do. I use music to relax and I enjoy playing with friends. I'm certainly not a performer." Jordan paused before asking. "Why are you so curious?"

"Henry is good and his heart is in music not medicine." Maggie answered as Henry glowered at her from the side.

"I'm not good enough to do that and my mother is counting on me to be a doctor." Henry said more to Maggie than anyone else at the table.

"You know what I think our foods ready. Why don't Bianca and I go an get it and let ya'll finish your discussion?" Jordan said hastily scooting out of the booth with Bianca right behind her. Once they were far enough away not to be overheard, she said. "Oh, he's in trouble."

Bianca glanced back over the table to see them arguing. "I think your right."

When they got back with the food, Henry had left. Maggie said. "Sorry about dragging you both into it. He is just under a lot of pressure from his family." Exasperated she added. "Men what are you going to do with them?"

Jordan's eyebrows went up into her hairline. "You did not just ask two lesbians that question?" she said laughing.

Maggie blushed as she joined both Bianca and Jordan laughing. Watching as Jordan opened her seventh package of ketchup she asked. "Are you going to eat some fries with your ketchup?"

Bianca added "Jordan loves ketchup I swear she eats it with everything."

Looking up, Jordan smirked. "Not everything darling."

Seeing Jordan's expression, Bianca turned scarlet. Seeing her friends embarrassment, Maggie asked. "What?" Then the clue train hit her. "Oh!"

Bianca turned and smacked Jordan on the shoulder. "Behave."

"I'm sorry. It just sort of came out." Jordan apologized still chuckling under her breath.

"Okay I'll let you off the hook this time." Bianca teased.

"Hey there's Jeremy,." Catching his attention, Jordan waved him over.

"Jordan. Did you get it." Jeremy asked as he came up.

"Get what?" Jordan asked perplexed.

"The autographs! You forgot didn't you." Jeremy snorted in disgust.

"Maybe." Jordan replied wincing.

Bianca smiled. "Jeremy I tell you what. Why don't you, Harold and Oscar come to Enchantments offices on Monday and I will give you the tour and introduce you to mom. I'll even make sure you get autographed pictures and you can bring your cameras."

"Really. Bianca you are such a gem." Kissing her on the cheek, Jeremy added. "You better be good to her Jordan."

"Jeremy this is Maggie Stone, my best friend." Bianca added.

"How wonderful to meet you now we can get together and gossip. I am Jeremy Lassiter, Jordan's best friend." Jeremy added reaching out to shake the stunned blonde's hand as he took the seat beside her.

"You are not, Jeremy." Jordan said grumpily.

"All right your best friend in Pennsylvania besides Bianca and your dog." Jeremy qualified huffily.

Maggie smiled and said, "How did you two meet?"

"Well," Jeremy said. "I was having a bit of difficulty. You see there were these three rather large men that took exception to my sexual preferences and decided to do me bodily harm in the parking lot of the college. Well as I was about to be severely pounded for the unfortunate mistake of leaving the gym at the same time as these rather burly bullies. My rescuer came over from the practice field. Wielding a softball bat she soon sent my would be assailants on their way. After that particular act of gallantry, how could I help but try and look out for the rather naive new comer to Pine Valley. You know introduce her to people, show her the ropes, and just be a guide to the ins and outs of PVU."

"Speaking of being my helper, do you have the notes for calculus?" Jordan asked rolling her eyes at his monologue.

"I don't know maybe I forgot." At Jordan's glare, Jeremy slid the papers across. "Well how did it go? You know with meeting La Kane."

Maggie asked incredulously. "You met Erika. What happened?"

"It started off a little rocky but I think after that it was okay." Jordan nodded. Seeing the worry in Bianca's eyes she added. "Bianca is still a little worried about what her mom could be up to." Taking Bianca's hand and kissing the palm. "Baby I am not going anywhere."

"I know." Bianca smiled. "It's just my mom can come up with some crazy ideas."

"See honey I'm from Texas I'm used to dealing with crazy stuff and it has it's good points." Jordan said smiling at Bianca.

"Okay I'll bite." Bianca said skeptically. "What is good about my mom being a nut?"

"One, years later when I do something stupid and your mad at me, all I will have to do is bring up one of your mom's stunts and instant grace. Two, it kept you single till I got here." Interrupted by the others laughter, she paused. "Besides as the suitor I am supposed to have to go through this. Haven't you ever seen 'Meet the Family' with Robert DeNiro?" As Bianca smiled, Jordan took her chin in her hand and said. "Seriously if I can't handle anything your mom dishes out. I ain't worthy of you. You can count on me. I won't let you down."

"I know." Bianca said as she looked into Jordan's eyes. "I just don't want to see you hurt."

"Aw, honey." Pulling Bianca into her arms. "I'm keep telling you I'm tough. I'm from Texas."

"Yeah right. You and Jazz are marshmallows." Bianca said into her ear.

"Hey that's our secret." Jordan whispered. "I love you. You are the best thing in my life."

"I love you too." Bianca said drawing strength from her embrace.

From across the booth, they heard an in unison, "Aw"

Jeremy added. "This is better than a Lifetime movie," as he dabbed his eyes with a kleenex.

Part Seven

Bianca was called into her mothers office the next day to discuss the new product line. They talked about the final marketing and packaging touches and then Erika said. "I believe we should have a party to celebrate the new line and your part in it."

"Okay." Bianca added guardedly.

"And I wanted to talk to you about Jordan." Erika stopped when Bianca interrupted her.

"Mom if you are trying to ask me not to bring her. Don't!" Bianca said angrily.

"No, Bianca if you would let me finish I was going to say. I know she has games and I would like to make sure we schedule it so she can come." Erika answered a bit miffed at Bianca's attitude.

"You do." Bianca still sounded unsure.

Erika reassured her. "Yes dear I do. I know I have been less than supportive in the past and I am trying to do better. Jordan seem like a very bright young woman and you obviously care for each other."

"Mom I love her and she loves me." Bianca emphasized the depth of their feelings.

"Dear, I know you do. It's just you are still my baby and I am dealing with the fact that you are growing up." Erika said looking at the beautiful young woman that was her daughter. Still though the image of the little girl she had raised was so hard to let go of. It felt as if she had blinked and Bianca had gone from eight to eighteen.

"Okay mom." Bianca replied slightly hopeful that maybe this time her mom would be happy for her.

Later in the week Jordan got a call on her cell, "Hello Jordan, this is Erika Kane."

"Um, hello Ms Kane." Jordan was definitely caught off guard by the call.

"Jordan I was wondering if you had time to come by my office this afternoon." Erika asked in her most gracious voice.

"Uh, Okay sure is three alright." Jordan said definitely wary.

"That would be perfect." Erika assured her.

As soon as Erika was off the phone, Jordan called Bianca. "Hey Sweetie. How's classes?" Bianca answered when she saw the name on the caller id.

"They are going good. How's work?" After a moment of catching up about their respective days, Jordan said. "Hey baby your mom called me. She wants me to see her at three in her office. Do you have any idea what it is about?"

"No. I will go ask her right now." Bianca felt her anger rise at her mother's high handedness.

"Baby wait. Let me see what she's got to say. Don't go in guns a blazing yet." Jordan tried to calm her lover.


"Baby. It's down the hall from where you are. I will have my cell and I will tell you what ever she say's. If you want to pop in it won't hurt my feelings but I don't want to start a feud with your mother if I can help it." Jordan said dreading the coming meeting.

Jordan walked into Erika's office prepared for threats, for blackmail and for bribery but not for dresses. "Jordan I am so glad you could come. This is my friend Yvonne she owns a boutique in New York. She carries some of the finest designers in the world."

"Nice to meet you." Jordan's good manners over came her puzzlement.

"Jordan I know Bianca invited you to the party and as it is formal, I thought that Yvonne could help you find something to wear." Erika explained.

"Um, they're dresses." Jordan said dismayed.

"Yes dear they are formals." Erika said. "This evening is going to mean so much to Bianca and I know how much she is looking forward to attending it with you."

"I guess it can't hurt to try them on if it would make Bianca happy." Jordan's expression said that she would rather have a root canal.

Bianca entered about ten minutes later loaded for bear. "Mom where's Jordan?" She demanded when she couldn't see her girlfriend.

Just then Jordan walked out of the bathroom in a strapless black sequined gown. "Hi Bianca."

"Oh my God Jordan. You look gorgeous." Seeing the pained expression on her lovers face, Bianca asked. "What's the matter?"

"I feel like I'm in drag." Jordan ruefully explained. "It will be okay for one night if you want me to wear it to the party."

"Jordan. I want you to wear what you like." Bianca said. "I am sure that we can find a nice suit or something like it. Formal enough for the party but that you will be comfortable in." Bianca walked closer and hugged her. "I love the fact that you would wear it for me but you don't have too. You are always gorgeous to me." Bianca turned to the other woman whom she had just realized was also in the room. "Yvonne what about a Versace suit tailored to fit her."

Yvonne answered. "You know I have several things that might work. Let me have my assistant bring them up from the city and we can meet after dinner to see what works." Yvonne who had known Bianca since she was a little girl said. "It is good to see you so happy."

"Thank you." Bianca answered smiling. "I am very happy."

"Bianca." Erica said. "I was trying to make it a surprise for you."

"Mom. I appreciate you trying to do something nice for Jordan but I love her just as she is in her jeans and t-shirts. In fact I think she looks sexy in them. So I know I will love what ever outfit she wears to the party and I want her to be herself and to have a good time." Bianca said from the curve of her lover's arm.

"As long as your happy Bianca." Erika conceded knowing a futile battle when she saw one.

Part Eight

Jordan was waiting for the limo that would pick her up. Bianca had invited her grandmother to the party but Grandma Nan already had a date to go to a dance at the American Legion with a spry widower from the senior center. Jordan wasn't surprised because even though her grandmother was older she still led a very active social life from bingo and poker to trips and classes. Jazz looked up again and Jordan said. "I'm sorry you can't go. I'll try and sneak you a doggie bag."

Jeremy was there to lend moral support. "I am green, absolutely green with jealousy. You get to go to a party hosted by Ms Erika Kane herself. All the beautiful people are going to be there and you get to wear a Versace suit."

"The only beautiful person I care about is Bianca." Jordan answered. "I'm a little nervous. I don't know anything about the cosmetics industry. I don't want to embarrass her you know."

"You will be fine." Jeremy said. "Just be yourself that is who Bianca loves. Your a pretty special person Jordan McGregor."

"Jeremy don't you make me cry." Jordan said touched by her friends words.

"Oh a big butch like you can handle a little sentiment and don't forget to remember everything I want details." Jordan demanded in a lighter tone.

Soon the driver was knocking on the door. Jeremy walked her down and said hello to Bianca. Within a few minutes they were on their way. In the car, Jordan said. "You are beautiful you know that."

Bianca answered. "I never felt beautiful till you told me I was."

"Baby you are inside," Jordan added with a slight leer, "and out."

"You are looking good yourself." Bianca said as Jordan pulled her close and kissed her.

"I don't guess there is anyway we can take the limo and go parking." Jordan kidded as Bianca settled back into her arms.

"Don't tempt me." Bianca smiled at the thought. "We can't my mom would kill us."

"At least I get to dance with you." Jordan said as they pulled up. Helping Bianca out of the car, Jordan said. "Let's knock'em dead."

The picture of Bianca smiling into her date's face graced more than one magazine. As they were walking forward, one man stepped over the rope to get closer to the couple. Jordan stepped in front of Bianca protectively. When she realized that it was only a photographer, she put her hand over the lens and in one movement twisted it out of the overzealous reporter's hands. "Now you run along back behind that there rope. " She handed the camera to security as they walked by.

Inside Erika introduced them to the elite of the cosmetics industry and Pine Valley. She recognized some of the people she had already knew like Myrtle and Opal. Soon though she added several others. Bianca motioned the DA over. "Jordan this is my Uncle Jack."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Montgomery. Bianca talks about you all the time." Jordan said. A little nervous at meeting the closest person to a father Bianca had.

"I have heard lots of good things about you. I understand you are going to be an architect." Jack smiled trying to put Jordan at ease.

"I'm sure trying." Jordan replied.

After a little small talk, Jack invited them to dinner the following Monday. Plans made they left to mingle.

As Edmund was introduced, Jordan said. "Hi Mr. Grey."

"Jordan. It's so good to see you how's school." Edmund asked.

"I worked with Mr. Grey on a Habitat for Humanity project." Jordan told Bianca. "He has the coolest house."

"It's good to see you again. I have to get back to my wife," Edmund said before he made his way back to Maria's side.

"I thought his wife was dead." Jordan said puzzled.

"Long story." Bianca told her. "Let's dance." She urged the taller woman onto the dance floor.

After several dances, they decided to take a break and get something to drink. Relaxing they watched the other couples dance. Soon Bianca noticed someone heading straight for her. "Oh no, here comes Greenlee."

"Who's Greenlee?" Before Bianca could answer up strode the brunette with Simone and Mia trailing after.

"Hello Lesbianca, when did your tastes go butch." Greenlee's verbal venom as always going for Bianca's vulnerable areas.

Jordan face turned rock hard and she said. "I don't think so little girl." Dragging the other woman into the corner of the room. The three women could see the interaction but could not hear what was occurring. Jordan's expression stayed stony, while Greenlee went red with rage.

Maggie walked up as they were watching this. "What's going on?"

"Greenlee came up and was talking in her typical fashion. Bianca's girlfriend got mad and pulled her over there and we can't hear what's going on." Simone answered fascinated with the byplay they could only watch. Suddenly you could see Greenlee visibly pale. Jordan continued talking and you could tell that Greenlee was no longer getting any opportunity to respond. They all saw Greenlee nod. Returning they could see a chastened expression on the smaller girls face and Jordan's face wore an expression of angry satisfaction.

"Bianca," Greenlee said very lowly. "I'm sorry."

"I couldn't hear that." Jordan voice snapped quietly.

"Bianca, I am very sorry that I offended you and it will not happen again." Greenlee said loud enough to suit Jordan. That said she walked stiffly away.

Maggie, Simone and Mia looked at Jordan in awe. Bianca a little fearful asked. "What did you say to her, Jordan."

"I told her if she ever called you that horrid name again. I would make her life a living hell." Jordan said.

"You didn't threaten her did you." Bianca terrified the police would enter at any moment and arrest her lover.

"I sure did. I told her how would she like the world to know what a homophobic little bitch she is. I know she owns that new company Fusion, right. I told her what did she think it would do for her business to be picketed by a bunch of angry gays. I told her I would contact every gay magazine in this country. If she wanted publicity she would get it. Then I said that every time they came on campus to promote their new line I'd have a dozen gays protesting. Then I got mad and said if that didn't shut her down, I would see a lawyer about suing her for harassment." Jordan's indignation vibrated through her voice.

Simone said "Oh my God. No wonder she bolted. This is so good. If I were gay I'd go after you."

"I'm taken." Jordan said putting Bianca between her and this strange woman. "I thought you were her friends."

When Mia and Simone left to find Greenlee, Maggie said. "Way to go Jordan."

"My hero again." Bianca said as she kissed her right there in front of everyone.

"Baby can we go." Jordan asked wanting nothing more than to be curled up in bed with her lover.

"We sure can." Bianca agreed. "I want to be where I can show you just how much you mean to me."

Part Nine

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