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Blood Sport
By trancer


"Blood, blood everywhere and not a drop to drink, thankfully," Chase drawled in a sing-song voice, posing with a hand placed on a jutted out hip. "We have volunteers."

Chase made a small nod towards Krista. And Krista began to feel the first trickles of fear. Ice-cold fingertips charged with static electricity tingled down her spine, twisting in her gut with a heat that aroused and repulsed her.

Except, she wasn't afraid for herself, or for Chase.

She was afraid for them.

They stood on the other end of the alleyway, five silhouettes that grew larger and larger with each approaching step.

They had the stench of arrogance, the demeanor of men who saw gender as superiority, masculinity as entitlement. Heard it in the catcalls and wolf whistles. The big bad men lured by imaginary come-ons, and the attitude that everything was 'yes'.

In an instant, the fear for them was gone. Replaced with a growing rage, hatred for who they were and everything they stood for. Every slur, every slap on the ass, every inappropriate or derisive glance, every 'no' interpreted as 'yes', it all spun about in her head, fueled the rage within her and stoking it to a white hot temper.

"Well," she could hear Chase under the blood throbbing in her ears. "Who wants to play?"

One of them moved, and so did Krista. She was a soldier, trained to protect, trained to kill. She stepped in front of Chase, between the blonde and the pack of animals before her, her message written with body language.

Stay away from her.

They're mine.

The first went down with a twist of Krista's wrists, his neck snapping like dry twigs underfoot. The next died from a punch so deep into his chest his spine cracked.

The others tried to react, but they were too late. Chase had joined the fray now. And they didn't stand a chance.

The third, the one who licked his lips and told Krista exactly what he was going to do to her, he died slower. Krista knocked him down with a swift backhand. She straddled him, pinning him with a strength she wasn't supposed to have. And when he stared up at her, eyes wide with fear, something hot and oily wiggled between her legs and made Krista gasp in pleasure.

He screamed as Krista sank her teeth into his neck. Bucked and twitched beneath her as his life force drained from him.


Krista, fangs still embedded in her prey, looked up to see Chase standing above her, tongue working slowly across bloody lips and dripping chin. "That was a nice little appetizer. What do you have planned for the main course?"


It was her only thought in her blood fueled haze. The hunger still coursed through her, but it was a different hunger now.

Krista lunged at Chase. Grabbed the woman by the lapels and slamming her against a wall. Just as hard, her lips were on Chase's, teeth grinding against teeth as she slathered her blood-stained tongue inside Chase's mouth. Groaned and growled at the taste, at the heat bubbling within her.

And Chase's hands began to work on Krista's belt, a hard, violent yanking that jerked Krista's hips.

Then she felt her, felt Chase, long lean fingers sliding across her heated flesh. Then stabbed so hard and deep inside Krista she cried out. She'd been told, warned that her senses would be heightened. No one told her about this. The churning heat inside her, the sensation of Chase's fingers, the taste of her mouth, the feel of her breasts against Krista's

Krista returned the motion, pushing a hand under Chase's skirt. Tore the panties from Chase's hips until they were nothing more than tattered shreds littering the ground. A thigh lifted and hinged over Krista's hip, Chase arching into her touch. She'd always assumed vampires would feel cold. But not Chase, she was hot and wet and gripping around Krista's fingers like a vice. Something akin to a whimper breathed into Krista's mouth as they began to find their rhythm, matching each other stroke for stroke, with sloppy, wet kisses, and blood dripping down their chins.

Her orgasm began to build, like a cauldron with a too tight lid. She pulled her mouth from Chase's and buried it in her neck. Buried it where she could feel Chase's heart beat pulsing under the pale skin.

So close.

So hungry.

It ached inside her. Ached and burned. Like the sensation between her legs where expert fingers worked her to a fever pitch and she wanted to feed the fire. Feed it with the fingers inside her, with the blood pulsing just below the surface. All she had to do was bite.

And Krista could hold back no more. It was instinctual. It was primal. She sank her teeth into Chase's neck. Pierced the skin, blood jetting into her mouth as the orgasm ripped through her body with a seismic intensity that made her eyes roll into the back of her skull, body shuddering and quaking, skin, muscle, bone, every nerve, every cell in her body seemed to burn with pleasure.

She fed off Chase. Fed and came. Wave after wave cascading through her body with each pulse of coppery crimson filling her mouth.

"Krista," Chase gasped. Her mind trying to find passage through the thick hazy fog of desire and lust clouding her brain. Krista growled into her neck, sank her teeth deeper. And Chase fought the wave of pleasure tingling her skin, clenching her insides. Fought it enough to bring her hands to Krista's shoulders, fight the resistance. "KRISTA!"

Chase shoved with every ounce of energy she had left. Pushed hard enough to send Krista sprawling backwards.

Krista rolled with the push springing into a low crouch, fangs bared, hissing at Chase. Chase hissed back, chest heaving, preparing herself for a fight she knew she didn't have the strength for.

Something twisted in Krista's gut. The rage and hunger receded within her like water doused on a flame. Her vision cleared. It was the smell that hit her first - sex, sweat, blood. Death. Her eyes scanned about the alleyway, towards the carnage she'd wrought. Bodies littered the alleyway, broken, bleeding, torn open like animal carcasses after a slaughter.

Which is exactly what it was. And Krista could still taste them on her tongue - bitter and salty and warm. The taste that still beat a frantic rhythm in her heart, still pulsed warm and wet between her legs. Still made her want to crawl towards them and suck the remaining life from their bodies.

She fell to her hands and knees, back and shoulders hunching upwards as she began to retch.

"Poor baby," Chase walked over to Krista. Knelt down next to her, "First kills are always the worst." She began pulling Krista's hair back off her face. "Maybe Marcus wasn't wrong about you, after all."

Krista shuddered at the mention of his name. At the sensation of Chase's warm fingers caressing her neck, the ones that had Krista's scent on them, strong and heady. And she shivered again, remembering them inside her. Even now, on her hands and knees choking with dry heaves, felt the seeds of desire still trickling through her veins, wishing those fingers inside her once again.

"Come now," Chase helped Krista to her feet. She leaned in close, zipping up Krista's jeans and refastening her belt. She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket, using it to wipe the blood smearing Krista's face, as if Krista were no more a child who'd sloppily eaten a bar of chocolate. "There all better."

"Chase, I.."

"Oh God," Chase rolled her eyes. "You're not going to get all mushy on me, are you?"

Krista stammered, trying to find the words and coming up empty.

"We're vampires, Krista. This is who we are. This," she waved her hand at the carnage around them, "is what we do."

"Fight, feed or fuck?"

"Now you're getting the picture," she drew her hands up Krista's arms, draping them over her shoulders. "The world's different now. The rules are different. Quit thinking like a human. And start thinking like a vampire."

"Like you?"

"Oh no, darling. You'll never be me," Chase leaned in closer, brushed her lips against Krista's. "Doesn't mean you can't have me."

Their lips met again, slower, gentler. Krista could taste the blood still on Chase's tongue, repulsed and enticed at the same time. Her hands, seemingly working of their own volition, wrapped around Chase's waist and pulled the woman in tighter.

Chase was right. The rules were different now. Krista didn't want to be a vampire. She'd never be human again. But, she could have Chase, even if it was for now.

And, at the moment, now was all Krista had.

The End

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