Harder And Harder PG Krista/Chase Krista's thoughts about Blade. Complete


Convalesce 15 Krista/Chase An aid to recovery. Complete

Training 15 Krista/Chase Chase introduces Krista to some of the joys of being a vampire. Complete

Tough Love 15 Krista/Chase What happened between Chase helping Krista out of Marcus' office and Krista ending up in chains. Vague spoiler for episode 9 "Angels and Demons". Complete

Suddenly Strange PG-13 Krista/Chase No synopsis given. Complete

Release 15 Krista/Chase Krista is finding her vampiric desires harder and harder to control, and Chase is more than willing to help her find a way to deal with it. Complete

Inside and Out 15 Krista/Chase No synopsis given. Complete

Indoctrination 15 Krista/Chase Takes place during the pilot episode. What was left on the cutting room floor of Chase's instructional sessions with Krista. Complete

Going Down 15 Krista/Chase What if Chase had thought out side of the box when Krista told her that the only place she saw her going was down? Complete

A Brave New World PG-13 Krista/Chase Six months after the events of the series finale Krista and Chase meet up again to very unexpected results. Complete

Atypical PG-13 Krista/Chase No synopsis given. Complete

In the Aftermath 18 Krista/Chase No synopsis given. Complete

Say It Right 18 Krista/Chase No synopsis given. Complete


Tis the Season PG-13 Krista/Chase Chase convinces Krista to help spread Christmas cheer... Complete


Zombies and Fog PG-13 Krista/Chase No synopsis supplied. Complete


Waiting for the Ash 15 Krista/Chase One of Marcus' experiments has left Krista a scarred and bloodthirsty killer. Complete

B.F.A.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - a meeting of the 'Blonde Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

I Hereby Call this Meeting to Order PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters are at it again. Complete

Didn't Know... PG Krista/Chase She didn't know how it happened. Complete


The Prank War PG-13 Krista/Chase A prank war between Krista and Chase leads to something more. Complete

Nostalgia 1-7 8-14 15 Krista/Chase Five years after the fall of the House of Chthon, Krista finally catches up with Chase. Complete


The Gift of Friendship G Krista/Chase Chase offers the gift of friendship. Complete

How She Liked It Best G Krista/Chase Your love is a lie. Complete


Blood Sport 15 Krista/Chase Krista can't fight what she is, or what she wants and in a moment of weakness, gives in to both. Complete

Girl Talk PG-13 Krista/Chase Added scene to episode three, 'Death Goes On'. Before Krista's 'dinner date' with Marcus, Chase pays her a visit. Complete

Humpty Dumpty PG-13 Krista/Chase When Chase is severely wounded by Blade, it's Krista who tends to her wounds. And Chase finds out how far Krista will go to make Chase better. Complete

Betrayal 15 Krista/Chase Post Series Finale, Chase has the opportunity for retribution against Krista. Complete

The Offer 15 Krista/Chase Chase pays a visit to Krista's room and has an offer Krista can't quite refuse. Complete

Ground Zero - Detroit, 1.19am 18 Krista/Chase Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge - Krista can't fight the zombie horde alone. Chase makes her an offer she can't refuse. Complete

This Is Not A Love Song 15 Chase/Mina Demons crossover - Time doesn't heal all wounds. Complete


The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP PG Multi-fandom crossover - The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP (Femslash Characters with Perceived Problems) Complete