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Harder And Harder
By Femvamp


Sometimes Krista hated Blade. Actually, as each day passed, she spent more and more of her time hating Blade. He was an easy man to hate. Actually he wasn't really a man, just like she wasn't really a woman. She wasn't really sure what Blade was, he wasn't exactly a vampire, and yet not quite human either, not that it really mattered in the end. Nothing really mattered to Blade, in the end.

Not even her.

Krista knew that Blade would eventually have to kill her. Once she gave him what he wanted. He wouldn't be able to help himself. Killing vampires is what he did, and she was a vampire. Keeping her alive, giving her serum was a temporary fix for him, and for her.

A fix that was getting harder and harder for the both of them.

Krista felt herself falling deeper and deeper. Faster and faster. Harder and harder.

She wanted to just let go.

To hunt.

To feed.

To kill.

But most of all she wanted Chase.

That thought hit her the hardest. She knew something was between them. She felt it. She had always felt it. At first it was plain old hatred. And then simple mistrust. Now it was something else.

And it scared Krista to death.

She knew she shouldn't trust Chase. Chase was a danger to her. And yet, it was getting harder and harder for Krista to resist her.

That's why she clung so hard to her mother. Her mother, and to an extent her uncle, were her last vestiges of humanity. Humanity she needed to hold on to. At least that's what she told herself.

Now her uncle and mother were dead.

There was nothing left to keep her human.

Nothing but Blade.

And it was getting harder and harder for him to reach her.

It was getting harder and harder for her to care.

The End

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