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Ground Zero - Detroit, 1:19am
By trancer


"Goddamnit, Chase!" Krista screamed at the top of her lungs. She grabbed the man stumbling past her, twisted his head around until his chin touched his spine. When that didn't actually kill him, she smashed her elbow into his skull and watched him fall like a sack of potatoes. "Would you help me?"

"Why?" Chase, still interested in the nails she rubbed on the back of her shirt, gazed down from her perch upon the catwalk over the dance floor. She didn't know how or why it started. They emerged from the graveyard, smelling of earth and decay. Like a virus, it spread quickly, their bite infecting anyone their teeth came into contact with.

They'd surged into the club like a tidal wave. There was screaming, and chaos, blood and death. And frankly, Chase had never enjoyed herself at that particular place in a long time. But the 'humans' were dying, and Krista's dead bleeding heart refused to stand there and watch them die.

"They're already dead," she blew a soft breath across her nails, smiling at the soft sheen lights she'd created glimmering under the nightclub lights.

"Yes," Krista picked up a butter knife from a nearby table. In quick succession, plunged it into the skulls of three zombies. "And in case you haven't noticed, the dead guys are eating the living guys."


"So? Did it ever occur to you what would happen if ALL the dead guys ate ALL the living guys? You do want to eat again, don't you?"

Chase's eyes snapped into focus. She really hadn't thought about that part. She turned her eyes down to the carnage below. A large crowd of the dead formed a semi-circle around Krista and ten humans. They'd backed them against the far wall. Krista was strong and fast, but she couldn't fight them all.

"Sleep with me!" She yelled down to the brunette.


"I help you and in return you have sex with me."

Krista continued swinging with her arms, pushing the dead back. "Now's not the time, Chase."

"Now's the perfect time." A human ran behind her on the catwalk. Chase stuck out her left foot. He tripped and fell hard on the metal landing. He screamed as the dead things following him surged forward.

"Oh look," Chase smiled wickedly. "A poor human has fallen. Whatever will he do?"

Krista looked on in horror. The man couldn't seem to find his footing and the dead were closing in on him. In moments, he would be nothing but screams and tearing flesh.

"Fine!" Krista grit through her teeth. "I'll sleep with you."

Chase cupped a hand to her ear, leaning forward. "Sorry love, I didn't quite hear you."

"I said I'll sleep with you!" Krista shouted loud enough to shake the building.

"All right," Chase teased. "No need to yell."

She turned her attentions to the zombies stumbling past her. This could be fun, she thought to herself, like target practice.

As much as Krista wanted to, she couldn't stand and watch as Chase dispatched with the dead. She had her own problems to deal with. The dead had no interest in her, which was both a relief and frightening. She was an obstacle to them, nothing more, nothing less, just another dead thing standing between them and a hot meal.

Chase jumped over the thick wire serving as a railing for the catwalk. She landed soft and catlike next to Krista. Her eyes were squinting hungrily, like a hunter eyeing prey. She licked her lips, spreading them into a smile that sent a shiver down Krista's back and her blood to run cold.

"Can't let you have all the fun," she smirked.

They fought side by side. The dead things surged forward. Krista used make shift weapons. Chase used her hands. When it was over, there was nothing left of the dead but pieces.

Krista flinched at the sight of Chase. She covered head to toe with bits and gore and blood. So saturated her normally blonde hair was a deep ruddy color. The only part of her Krista recognized were the playful hazel-green eyes that shone like beacons under the flickering neon lights and the glimmer of white fangs as she smiled devilishly.

"Well," she panted, running a bloody hand through her even bloodier hair. "If this is your idea of foreplay, I can't wait for the main event."

"We don't have time for this," Krista trudged her way across the floor.

"Actually," Chase grabbed Krista by the arm, forcing her to stand still. "We do. Unless, of course, you want to be burned to a crisp by the rising sun."

Krista squinted her eyes, peering through the front window of the club. Through the smoke, haze and dead things stomping like deathly shadows, she couldn't see the sun as much as feel it.

"There," Chase watched the resignation on Krista's face. She brought her hand to Krista's cheek, wiping a bit of skull away with her thumb. "Such a dirty, dirty girl. Time to take you home and clean you up." She brought her hand down, threading her fingers through Krista's and pulling her off the dance floor. "And time for you to fulfill your end of our little bargain."

Krista stayed in the shower until her fingers pruned. Until the tiled floor, turned dark with blood, returned to its original color. She pressed her hands against the wall, let the water rain down on her skull.

She stayed that way for what felt an eternity. The one good thing about being part of Marcus' clan - there was always hot water. She let her mind wander, drifting to Blade's plan, her brother, her need for vengence. It's why she didn't notice the door to the shower open, or hear the footsteps as they softly padded across the tile.

She did notice the small but strong hands slowly drawing around her waist, the nip of teeth playfully biting into her shoulder.

"Chase," she drawled, an annoyed tone in her voice. "I told you I'd keep my end of the bargain."

"I know you are," she pulled the hair away from Krista's neck, drew her tongue up the soft ridges of her spine, feeling Krista shudder under her touch. "It's what I like about you the most. Vampires, at heart, are thieves, cons and murderers. But not you, Krista. You're as pure as the driven snow."

There was a hint of sarcasm in Chase's voice on the last note. But then, there was always a tinge of sarcasm in Chase's voice. But, it was hard to tell with Chase's fingers pinching Krista's nipples she hissed loudly.

"If I'm a woman of my word, why are you here?"

"Hmmm," Chase purred. She drifted a hand lower, parting the cleft of Krista's not swollen pussy lips and sliding a soapy wet finger across her clit. "You're a contradiction. Pure as the driven snow but such a dirty, dirty girl. Someone has to wash your back.. side."

She removed her hand from between Krista's legs, drew it up and across the swell of her hip. Painted patterns with her tongue down Krista's spine as she lowered herself onto her knees. She gripped the globes of Krista's ass firmly with each hand, kneading and massaging.

Krista shuddered at the sensation of a thumb caressing the tight opening of her ass. "Chase," she exhaled in a weak warning tone.

"Don't worry. I'm just helping you get clean," Chase smiled. "Someone has to wash those dark and tight places your hands can't reach."

Marcus would kill Chase if he knew she was here, if he knew what she was about to do. And the thrill of it sent shivers of excitement rippling across her skin and pooling and pulsing between her legs. She couldn't wait to tell him. Tease him with how he had to drug Krista to get her to fuck him. And all Chase had to do was tease and taunt, and push the buttons neither Krista nor Marcus knew she had, and Krista was up against a wall, legs spread, her pussy dripping in anticipation of Chase's tongue.

But, Chase wasn't ready for that, not just yet. There was another part of Krista's anatomy she was interested in. The one line Marcus still had not crossed. She looked forward to gleefully taunting him with the fact that she was first, and Krista was more than willing.

She shouldn't have been surprised. Krista knew what Chase was going to do the moment she felt her finger gently graze across her ass. And still she gasped in surprise. Chase's tongue, slippery and wet and hot, caressed her with a gentleness Krista didn't know the woman possessed.

Her fingers clawed at the wall. Mouth gaping open as ragged and sucking breaths passed over her lips, stomach clenching as her hips rolled with an undulating motion.

Chase teased with her fingernails, scraping them up the inside of Krista's thigh. Felt her clench with anticipation. She chuckled and the vibrations released another low and ragged moan from Krista.

She danced her fingers across Krista's wet and dripping pussy. Until Krista was practically begging Chase to fuck her, hips twitching and jerking towards Chase's fingers for penetration.

And Chase gave it to her. With two fingers, she thrust hard and deep inside Krista, a keening howl releasing from the woman's throat. With her tongue, she lapped and licked and caressed. With her fingers, she thrust and twisted and fucked.

Krista had reached the apex. Her skin tingled, muscles clenching, hips writhing wildly as the orgasm ripped through her body. Chase still her motions, albeit temporarily, allowed Krista to ride her fingers and tongue, feeling her clamping tightly while her body wracked with shudders. And when it seemed Krista had no more to give, Chase began again, licking and fucking her until she'd drained Krista of every tremble and shake.

Chase withdrew only after Krista's legs could no longer support her weight, catching the woman in her arms as she slumped to her knees.

Krista swallowed hard, regaining her breath. "If I had known it was going to be that good, I wouldn't have waited."

"You mean it's not like they say?" Chase cooed, a hand pulling a wet lock from Krista's face. "The waiting is the hardest part?"

"Hell no," Krista laughed.

"And what else have you been waiting for?"

"Come with me," Krista rose to her feet. She extended a hand down to Chase, the woman graciously accepting it. "And I'll show you."

The End

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