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Zombies and Fog
By LoriDragus


The fog was getting thicker and their contact had yet to show up. Actually the contact was almost two hours late. And her companion was not helping. How could anyone spend that much time filling their nails. It was driving her crazy.

"Chase, do you really have to do that now?"

Stopping what she was doing, Chase looked over at Krista.

"Why Krista would you prefer that I file my fangs?"

"No, can't you just sit still. This is irritating enough without you filing your nails for three hours straight."

"No, Krista. I'm bored and you know it's not a good thing when I'm bored."

"Can't you find something else to do?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Read a magazine. Sing with the radio. No scratch that. Just. I don't know Chase."

Putting her file away, Chase turned in her seat to better face Krista.

"Well perhaps I could find something to entertain myself with," said Chase with a touch of laughter in her voice.

Krista stared at Chase, sighing inwardly. She knew that look. That look meant trouble.

"Chase we're here to do a job for Marcus. And if we screw this up 'cause you wanted to play, both of us will be in deep shit."

"Ah but Krista, we have such fun together."

Chase reached across the seat and ran her hand down Krista's jaw to her neck across her shoulder then down her arm. Krista tried hard not to shiver at the touch.

"Lets just meet this guy. And get back to Chthon," said Krista trying to ignore the feelings Chase's touch had caused.

"What you're eager to please Marcus now?" Said Chase as she turned back around in her seat.

"No, I just hate sitting in a car waiting for some mystery guy."

"This guy can help us with our plans for the purebloods."

"Why get rid of the purebloods. None of them are really better than us."

"It's about the perception everyone has of them. They are born to this, not made, so it appears they are better."

"You know they're not."

"Yes, but appearance and tradition mean a great deal."

"Whatever, I'm just a soldier. Go where I'm sent."

"Ah yes, and a very pretty soldier," said Chase smirking.

"Do you every give up?" Krista said as she turned to look at Chase.

"No. Least not til I get what I want."

"And what do you want Chase?"

"Now or in the future?"


"Lets see, you and for our contact to show up. And for the future to have freedom."

"Don't we have freedom now?"

"Not if the purebloods want us to do something."

"We could just tell them no."

"Then we would die."

"Yes, well," said Krista turning to look out her window."This fog is weird."

"It's just fog Krista."

"Yes, but nothing good every comes in the fog."

"You've watched far too many horror movies I think."

"What other kind of movies are there," said Krista turning to smile at Chase.

"You are hopeless Krista."

"Nope not hopeless, just right."

Chase turned to look at Krista and arched her eyebrows. Looking beyond Krista she saw a shape moving in the fog.

"I think our contact is finally here."

Krista looked out her window again.

"Um, Chase. Why does he seem to be moving slow."

Chase looked back at the shape in the fog and adjusted her vision. She gasped.

"Chase what is it?"

"Krista do what I tell you," Chase said as more shapes appeared in the fog. "Don't bite these things. Just rip their heads off. Try not to let them bite you. Takes forever for the wounds to heal."

Opening her door Chase got out of the car. Krista followed a few seconds later.

"OK, Chase what are they?"

"Zombies. Somebody sent nasty, smelly zombies after us. What an insult."

"Zombies? Chase you've got to be kidding."

"No, as you are about to see."

Chase stepped forward as a hand reached for her. She grabbed the arm pulling the zombie toward her. Flipping the zombie around she ripped its head off. Chase barely had time to note that Krista was fighting her first zombie before the next one was upon her.

Krista just couldn't believe it. Zombies. They really were zombies. George Romero, I want to eat you zombies. Could this night get any worse.

The fight didn't last long. But it left both women breathing hard and covered with zombie goo.

"I truly hate zombies. Relatively easy to kill, but very messy," said Chase as she tossed the head still clutched in her hand.

"God, Chase, the stench is..." stammered Krista backing away from the pile of rotting body parts.

"That's the other thing, the smell. Gets in every thing."

"Ack! I can taste it," a sputtering Krista said as she tried to work the taste out of her mouth.

"It will go away. Now let's see who sent them."

Bending down Chase began checking the bodies. After a few minutes she stopped and held up an arm for Krista to see.

"Looks like the house of Armaya."

"Why would Armaya send zombies?"

"As an insult. Help me look for a Chthon glyph," said Chase as she resumed her search through the bodies.

Krista glared at the blonde for a few minutes. When Chase didn't stop her search Krista sighed, bent down and started looking for glyphs.

After fifteen minute of searching Krista made a vow that she would avoid zombies at all cost. Zombie goo was just gross. There was no other way to describe it. Someone was definitely going to pay for this.

"Ah ha," Chase exclaimed holding up a head for Krista to see. "Our missing contact. Marcus is not going to be pleased with this."

"What, our contact was working for Armaya?" asked Krista as she extracted herself from the pile of zombie body parts once again.

"No, I don't think so. More likely Armaya intercepted him and found out about this meeting."

"Great, so we sat in the fog for half the night so we could fight zombies."

"Now, now Krista this wasn't a total loss," replied a smirking Chase.

"Yeah, right."

"No, I mean that Krista. We now know that House Armaya is watching us a lot closer than we ever thought."

"But that doesn't help with this guy. Whatever Marcus wanted from him is gone."

"Yes, but I'm sure Marcus has a back-up. He always does."

The wind picked up, swirling the fog around the two women.

"Do you have your cell phone Krista?"


"Let me have it. I need to call in a clean up crew."

"This mean we're leaving now?" asked Krista as she handed her phone to Chase.

Smiling Chase took the phone from Krista.

"My dear, as much as I like you. Being with you in an enclosed space right now would not be enjoyable."

Krista sighed and walked back toward the car while Chase called for the clean up crew.

"Oh Krista, don't pout," a smirking Chase said as she walked back toward the brunette. "The clean up crew will be here in twenty minutes. They're bringing disinfectant and a change of clothes."

"Great now we get to stand around in the fog."

"Don't behave like a child Krista."

"I'm not. This just sucks," said Krista slamming her hand on the roof of the car.

"My poor, poor thing. I suppose you will want some kind of compensation for this night after all."

Krista looked at a smiling Chase. Maybe something good will come out of this night.

"What did you have in mind Chase," asked Krista smiling.

"Oh I'm sure I can think of some way to make this up to you."

Smiling at Krista, Chase saw lights cutting through the fog.

"Looks like the clean up crew is her," Chase said pointing behind Krista.

Krista turned to look behind her as a large white truck pulled up. Thank god, she thought. This smell's about to kill me.

"Shall we?" asked Chase as she walked toward the truck.

Yep, we shall, thought Krista as she followed the blonde.

The End

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