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Going Down
By Janine


"The only place I see you going is down," Krista growled with a smile as Chase's big blue eyes glared at her.

"You should have said so sooner," Chase murmured her lips curving up playfully after Krista had spoken. "Thing's could've been … so different," she continued her voice dropping minutely as she bit her bottom lip, a hint of speculation in her eyes.

Krista scowled as she considered the woman in front of her uncertain what exactly it was that Chase was saying. She had tried to smooth things over with the blonde earlier only to be shot down, and she wasn't sure how to feel about Chase's seeming eleventh hour melancholy.

Despite her suspicion however, her grip on the other woman loosened slightly. She was curious to see what the blonde's next move would be.

Krista blinked and growled warningly a second later as she felt Chase's hands on her waist, and she planned to make good on her earlier threat. However, before she could take hold of the blonde once more Chase slowly lowered herself down onto her knees so that she was kneeling in front of Krista.

"What are you doing?" Krista asked as Chase tilted her head up at her, a shot of pure adrenaline shooting through her at the smirk that Chase sent her way after she had spoken.

"Going down," Chase replied still smiling before moving her hands to the waistband of Krista's pants, deftly popping open the button to her suit pants.

"You're not serious?" Krista asked as Chase then moved her fingers to the zipper of the pants and began to pull it down. "You were trying to kill me a second ago," Krista continued her tone incredulous and somewhat breathless as Chase began to tug her pants down her legs.

It had to be some kind of trick. Chase was just trying to get her pants around her ankles so that she couldn't fight back without falling over her feet or something.

"You started it," Chase responded before leaning her face forward to press a soft kiss against the fabric at the juncture between Krista's thighs, smiling as she heard the brunette inhale sharply. "I wasn't going to hurt you," she continued a second later kissing Krista through her panties once more. "I wanted to keep you."

"You … you, ah … you didn't seem to fond of me in the control room," Krista managed to get out a few seconds later, her words coming out haltingly as Chase extended her tongue to begin licking at her through her underwear.

"All part of the game," Chase replied pulling back from Krista slightly to trail her fingers up the brunette's thighs before hooking them in the waistband of her underwear. "It wouldn't have done to make Marcus suspicious," she continued softly as she began to pull the panties down. "I tried to warn you. I told you that you'd want me as a friend," she went on. "Lucky for you I'm a forgiving person."

Krista laughed at that, the amused sound turning into a gasp of surprise and pain a second later as Chase bit down on her thigh. Despite the comic value of Chase's last statement, Krista realized that it wouldn't do to antagonize the blonde when she was that close to a very sensitive area of her body, and apparently more than willing to bite.

"But the purebloods are dead," Krista said, struggling to keep her voice steady as Chase leaned in once more to lick at the wound she had just created. "Your plan is shot to shit."

Chase pulled back from Krista's thigh at that and looked up at her grumpily. "You're not in any better of a position," Chase responded, licking her lips as she spoke. "Charlotte's informed them all of how fond of you Marcus is. Word travels fast among the purebloods. They'll all know what he was up to, and who he was up to it with. You're screwed same as me."

"Not exactly the same as you," Krista replied smiling a little. "I'm on top."

Chase smirked at that and leaned in again, but this time Krista was expecting the bite and exhaled with pleasure instead of surprise.

"So, now you're plan is that we should be screwed together?" Krista asked as Chase ran her hands up and down her thighs.

"It's what's called turning lemons into a tall, cool glass of lemonade," Chase replied and then she leaned forward once more, extending her tongue to truly taste Krista for the first time.

Krista's head dropped back to rest against the wall, her right hand moving to the back of Chase's head, holding her in place and encouraging her to continue exploring her with her mouth.

She knew that it was wrong on so many levels for her to be allowing Chase to touch her like this. She had known that the blonde was attracted to her and she would have been a liar if she'd said that it only went one way, and truthfully the more Chase walked in on her half-naked and possessively stalked her the more her resistance to the blonde wore down. No, it wasn't the fact that they were doing it that struck her as particularly wrong; she'd figured that would happen sooner or later.

It was the fact that Chase was going down on her in the middle of a hallway after they'd just tried to kill each other with Blade in the next room that shamed her and excited her more than she cared to admit.

Chase moaned, closing her eyes as she pushed her fingers into Krista, knowing that the brunette was already close to coming by the way her inner muscles pulled and clenched at her fingers. She had never pictured her seduction of Krista happening quite like this, in her fantasies there'd been blood and bruises, but also chains and Krista underneath her … begging. It was still quite satisfying however, and they would have more time to … experiment once the Daywalker took care of Marcus leaving them free to escape into the night.

Krista came loudly, Chase's name mixed in with guttural ecstatic sounds escaping from her throat. She could feel Chase's lips on her hips, kissing and biting at the skin there as the blonde's fingers continued to move inside of her and she gripped Chase's hair in her fingers holding the blonde tightly against her as her orgasm slowly began to recede.

Krista was barely aware of Chase reaching for her pants and pulling them up as tiny shivers continued through her body, though when the blonde pressed her lips against her own Krista managed to kiss her back, moaning softly at the taste of herself on Chase's lips before resting her forehead against the blonde's to try and truly steady herself.

"What now?" Krista asked. She was speaking to Chase, but the question was relevant to her in about a hundred different ways and she had no idea how to answer it in regard to any of them.

"We … DUCK!" Chase yelled pushing Krista to the side automatically before flinging herself in the opposite direction.

Shen fired a few half hearted shots in Krista's direction and then turned his attention to Chase who was crouched down by the stair railing watching, her eyes darting between him and Krista. He wasn't sure what he had interrupted between the two of them, but they'd looked chummy and that was in no way a good thing.

He lifted his gun firing in Chase's direction. Not only was one less vampire around, one less vampire around, but it was one less person to screw around with Krista's head.

"Krista!" Chase called out jumping to the side and scampering up the wall, before leaping onto the ceiling and then back onto the wall again in an attempt to dodge Shen's bullets, "Look for me in the light of the rising sun."

With that Chase jumped for the railing, perching on it for a moment shooting one last look at Krista before jumping over, Shen running over and shooting down at the blonde's escaping figure before slapping the railing and swearing as Chase scampered away.

"I really wanted to kill her," Shen muttered making his way over towards Krista who was still staring at the spot on the railing Chase had last occupied. "Something to look forward to I guess," he continued reaching her. "What did that mean?"

"What?" Krista asked blinking slowly before turning to face him, forcing her eyes to focus on him.

"Look for me in the light of the rising sun," Shen repeated. "She does know she's a vampire right?"

"I think she's aware," Krista replied smirking weakly. "As for the other thing, I don't … I don't know," Krista continued shaking her head, a sign that read 'The Rising Sun' hanging from a porch in the French Quarter of New Orleans where they had roomed after tracking Boone down flashing in her mind. "I don't know."

Shen stared at her for a long moment before finally nodding. It seemed like there was something going on with her, but he had never known Krista when there wasn't something going on with her so he pushed it to the side to deal with their current crisis. "Where's Blade?"

Krista resisted the urge to sigh when Shen finally spoke. She knew the topic wasn't dead, and once Blade was informed of Chase's parting words that there would probably be a lot of her sitting in a chair and him yelling at her, but she was glad to have at least a little time to process what had just happened with Chase, and why she had lied to protect the blonde.

"With Marcus, in the main chamber," Krista responded turning to look in the direction of the room she had been in twenty minutes before. In there lay a whole different and just as complex and confusing can of worms.

"Let's go."

The End

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