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Girl Talk
By trancer


"Jesus," Krista huffed, gritting her teeth at the blonde sashaying into her bedroom. "Don't you people ever knock?"

"Why?" Chase batted her eyelashes coquettishly, closing the door behind her. "There are no secrets between us."

Which was a lie. Vampires, the Houses, it was all about secrecy and lies.

Krista didn't buy it. "What do you want, Chase?"

"Marcus sent me," which was another lie. Marcus would probably kill her if he knew. "To help you prepare for your," she paused, trying her best not to utter the word distastefully. "Date."

"I'm a big girl. I can dress myself."

"I wouldn't be so certain. Are you seriously going to wear that?" Chase walked up to the closet as if she owned it, running her hands through the prodigious number of dresses Marcus had acquired for his new prize. "You're not going to dinner with some jarhead for pizza, beer, and a quickie in the backseat of your Dad's Chevelle. This is Marcus Van Sciver, of the House of Chthon. Here," she handed Krista another outfit. "Wear this."

Krista took the offered dress, eyeing the woman cautiously. Chase stepped backwards, sitting down on the bed and crossing her legs, leaning back on her hands and staring at Krista as if the dessert platter had just arrived and Chase knew exactly which delicacy she wanted to dine on.

"Can I get some privacy?"

"Why?" Her eyes slowly, lasciviously, scanned up Krista's lingerie clad frame. "Do you have something I haven't seen before?"

Krista rolled her eyes before turning her back to the woman. Chase may have seen it all but Krista would be damned if she'd let her see it all today.

Chase surreptitiously licked her lips at the slow reveal of bare back and perfect ass. Marcus may have had his flaws, his taste in women wasn't one of them.

"Now, for some tips. Keep the conversation light. Politics is fine but, please, spare him your opinions on it. Religion is a bit sketchy. So I'd stay away from it."


"Please," she snorted derisively. "Only if you wish to bore him to sleep. Besides," she rose from the bed, walking towards Krista. "What sport can compare to power, to being a vampire and the hunt. The taste of blood in your mouth, the smell of fear and domination. Submission. Now," she clasped Krista's hands, holding them outwards as her gaze focused solely on everything below Krista's neck. "Let's have a look at you."

The intensity of Chase's gaze made Krista nervous. There was something incredibly focused about it, about her. As if every word, every motion had some deep, dark ulterior motive. And which end one fell on the spectrum was completely dependent on Chase's fickle mood.

"Hmm," she muttered between tugging on seams and smoothing out lines, examining Krista like a prickly seamstress. "Something's not right."

"It's fine," Krista shirked out of Chase's shadow.

A low, warning growl accented with a show of fangs cut Krista's escape short. Chase stepped into Krista's space, trapping her against the closet door. Chase leaned in closer, fangs still bared. Ran her nose along the line of Krista's neck.

"Do you fear me?"

"No," Krista swallowed hard.

"Liar," Chase tilted her head until her eyes met Krista, a sly smile on her face. "I can smell it on you. And you, Krista," she leaned in again, inhaling deeply. "Smell very, very good."

She'd been told in Boot Camp that fear was nothing more than an emotion, like love or hate. Fear could be controlled. Back then, fear had many shapes, forms, names. Back then, fear didn't include things like vampires. Or Chase.

Krista swallowed hard; tried to suppress the wild beating of her heart as Chase continued to smell her like prey. Could feel the fine hairs of Chase's nose as they tickled the skin of her neck. The hand that traveled up her stomach, gliding sensuously over a breast before clasping gently around her neck.

She licked her lips, tried desperately not to close her eyes fearing maybe this really was the end, fearing the warm heat of Chase's touch and the sudden desire to feel those fangs piercing her skin and draining her dry. "Marcus will be here soon."

"Yes," Chase tightened the grip around Krista's neck. "He will. And what do you think he'll do? Save you? Or maybe he'd sit on that chair over there and watch me do what I do best. Because there are things I can do to you that you can't imagine. Things that would make you scream," Chase leaned in closer, nuzzling against Krista's neck. Krista could feel the razor's edge of fangs grazing across her pulse. The thigh pressed between her legs, applying just enough pressure to make her squirm. "Things that would make you cry, beg, moan, quite possibly all together. Now.."

Just like that, the menace was gone from Chase's countenance. Fangs retracted, Chase staring at her light and bubbly as if they were nothing more than gal pals preparing for an evening.

"Where was I? Oh yes," Chase placed her hands on Krista's hips. "This has to go."


"Your panties. They ruin the line."

"I'm not taking my panties off," Krista huffed incredulously. "For you, or for Marcus."

"Oh Krista, when are you going to learn it's not about you," Chase began to kneel, situating herself at Krista's feet. As her hands began to glide under Krista's skirt and over smooth, toned thighs. "So we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. And, please remember, I'm a big fan of the hard way."

Krista sighed in resignation, leaning against the closet door. Life in the House of Chthan seemed to be one trial after the other. With Krista throwing up her resolve only to watch it crumble into ashes. She could fight this particular issue. But, she could only think, what would it gain her, a few more bruises, perhaps worse. She had a mission - find her brother's killer. If it meant Chase taking off her panties and going out to dinner with Marcus, so be it.

Chase smiled at Krista's strained submission. Took her time running her hands up the smooth thighs. Her fingers slid under the lacy material, gripping gently and pulling downwards. Her eyes glued to the space between Krista's legs, watching with increased interest as it slowly revealed before her. Then, Chase leaned in, nose pressed deeply into the triangular space of thighs and pelvis.

Krista grit her teeth to stifle the surprised moan choking in the back of her throat. Another test. Another failure. And somewhere, in the back corner of her mind, Krista didn't care. She'd taken her daily dose of Blade's serum and it quelled her thirst. Her other hungers - Blade didn't have a serum for those. Now she could feel one of those hungers, desire, pooling between her legs like molten candle wax under a burning flame.

Chase purred, smiling at Krista's reaction. "Fear and arousal. The perfect aperitif. If Marcus doesn't eat you with a spoon," she paused long enough to run her tongue up the inside of Krista's thigh. "I just might."

She leaned back enough to finish her task, allowing Krista to step out of her panties before rising to her feet. She stepped back, panties twirling around an extended finger, staring at her handiwork. "Something's still not right."

"Chase," Krista sighed in exasperation.

"Please, it's too late to act like you don't love it. Ah, I know what's missing."

Krista found herself once again encroached by Chase. The blonde casually drew her hands up Krista's torso, cupping both breasts, thumbnails tracing around each nipple, working them to hardened nubs.

"Now," Chase leaned in, running her nose along Krista ear as she purred. "Don't get ambitious. It's a long hard climb to the top as Marcus' favorite, and you're no where close to the queue. You're a conquest," she accented with a hard pinch to each nipple. "A toy to be played with, consumed and discarded when he's done with you. So go, have your dinner. Sit across from him and have intimate but polite conversation, while he tries not to stare at your hard nipples. And his cock is getting hard from the scent of your fear and your wet cunt like some exotic scent made just for him. Because, when he's done toying with you, he'll come home and play with me. Now," Chase pulled back, her task completed. "Finish getting dressed. Marcus doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Krista waited until Chase was across the room, situated in a chair, before she began the task of putting on her shoes.

"Chase?" Krista waited until she had Chase's full attention. "What does it say when Marcus has to be aroused by me to play with you?" She heard the low growl rumbling in Chase's throat, her lips smirking at the reaction. "Like you said, if it's a long way to the top, it must be a long way to the bottom. Being at rock bottom, the only direction I can go is up," she rose to her feet, feeling a sudden rush from the small victory flowing through her veins. "Which direction are you going?"

Fangs bared, Chase lunged towards Krista. This time, Krista anticipated it. She grabbed Chase by the throat, tossing the woman onto the bed and pinning her there.

"I'm going to kill you!" Chase hissed. She'd miscalculated. Let her anger cloud her emotions and found herself pinned by the woman she (quite possibly but, at the moment, wasn't entirely sure) hated.

"Is this before or after you're done playing with Marcus?" Instinctively, Krista drew her fangs. She leaned in to Chase. Now, it was her turn and she reveled in the moment. Ran her nose along the line of Chase's neck, felt her squirming underneath. "Is that anger I smell?" She tilted her gaze to meet Chase's. "Or arousal?"

Chase licked her lips. Suddenly aware of the increased beating of her heart. "Marcus will be here soon."

"Yes, he will. And what would he say if he saw me on top of his favorite? Oh yea, I forgot. You're not his favorite anymore. Fritz is."

The words were to Chase like a knife stabbed into Achilles' heel. She bucked hard trying to shove the woman off her. Opened her mouth to let loose another hiss. Only to find Krista's mouth clamped onto her own and the growl in the back of her throat exhaled in a pained whimper. She was a newborn. An interloper. And still, she made Chase's skin burn and her insides clench. The new toy she wasn't allowed to play with. Which did nothing but make Chase want Krista more.

Now, she could. Except, she was the one pinned to the mattress, forced to react instead of guide. Take instead of give. She hated it - and never wanted it to end.

But just as quickly as it started, it did end.

Krista pulled back, ending the kiss. Gazed down at Chase, panting into her mouth.

"Just for the record," she breathed heavily, eyes half-lidded, smoky and filled with anger. "I don't want to be Marcus' favorite."

"And who's favorite do you want to be?"

"Ask me again," Krista smiled heavily as she lifted off of Chase and moved towards the door. "After dinner."

The End

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