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You Can Lead a Camel to Water, But You Can't Make Him Drink
By Ann


"Karen, I need you to get down to the Miami Convention Center ASAP," Amos ordered his marshal before she even had the chance to step inside his office.

"What's up, Amos?"

"There's been a threat posed to some of the speakers at the Symposium for Terrorism. Miami police is already on the scene, and we've been asked to assist," Amos explained, standing and slowly walking around his desk.

Tilting her head in question, Karen asked, "Why us? Why not Homeland Security?"

Amos scratched his head and replied, "Well, they're not sure it's a viable threat. Detective Novak has specifically requested your presence to determine if any other agency needs to be contacted."

At the sound of Marley's name, Karen began to smile, but she quickly schooled her features before her superior could notice. "I'm on it, Amos. I'll let you know what I find out."

Turning, she walked out of the room, grinning from ear to ear. She was getting another chance to work with Marley, and this time she was going to let the detective know that she'd like to give this relationship thing a chance.

Pulling up next to a couple of black and whites, Karen exited the car, holding up her badge. The officers quickly moved out of the way and allowed the brunette to walk under the yellow tape, and it didn't take long for the marshal to spot the tall detective.

"Hey, Marley. What've you got?" Karen asked with a bright smile.

Grinning back, Marley answered, "Hey, you're just in time. I'm on my way to check out a lead."

"So soon?" The marshal asked, surprised that the detective had time to question any witnesses, much less pick up on a lead.

"Yep, and you're going to love it. C'mon, why don't you ride with me?" Marley suggested, and Karen gestured for the detective to take the lead. The redhead took the opportunity to fill the marshal in on what she'd found out as the pair walked toward her car.

"Some guy dressed in long robes and wearing a keffiyeh around his head was seen leading a camel to the convention waterfall. He was apparently trying to get the camel to drink, but the stubborn animal wouldn't even dip his head in the water so the guy got frustrated and left the camel behind. Reportedly, he entered the side door of the convention hall," Marley explained as the two women climbed into her vehicle.

Starting the engine, she continued, "Anyway, he fit the description of the man several witnesses saw verbally threaten two of the main speakers, but he ran away before security could apprehend him."

"And now you've got a lead. So, where is this guy?" Karen asked, turning toward the detective.

Chuckling, Marley replied, "There's a camel outside the Alexander All Suite Oceanfront Resort drinking out of one of the fountains. I think he may have followed the suspect back to his hotel."

With a serious expression, Karen asked, "Do you think it's the same camel?" The detective shook her head and rolled her eyes at the teasing question as she turned into the entrance leading to the hotel.

Marley parked the car where a crowd had gathered around the camel-colored camel. He didn't seem to be bothered as he continued to drink from the fountain.

Climbing out of the car, Karen asked, "Jeez, how much water can a camel drink anyway?"

"Forty gallons at a time," Marley answered, and then added, "Don't ask. Just remember not to ever play a game of Trivial Pursuit with me." Karen nodded as the two women made their way to the lobby, and she had to wonder if there were any other games she shouldn't play with the detective.

The concierge met the detective in the doorway and informed her that a man with flowing robes was seen walking very rapidly through the lobby. The hotel clerk remembered the man and could confirm the room number as 324. When it was also confirmed that the camel showed up shortly afterwards, Karen and Marley knew they had their suspect.

Calling for backup, the two women made their way to the elevator. Marley pulled out her gun and asked, "What are the odds that this guy is going to be naked?" Karen laughed as she slowly removed the gun from her holster.

The elevator arrived on the third floor, and each woman cautiously stepped out. Noting that room 324 seemed to be isolated from the others, Karen nodded for Marley to take the lead, and knocking on the door, the detective warned, "Miami police, open up."

When there was no answer, Karen placed the pass key in the slot, and Marley pushed the door open as both women pointed their weapons inside the room, only to find it vacant.

Tilting her head, Karen smiled and asked, "Hey, Marley? Do you hear what I hear?"

Marley paused and turned toward the closed bathroom door. The distinct sound of a running shower could be heard in the background, and the detective closed her eyes and let her head fall forward as the marshal broke out in laughter.

The water shut off soon afterward, and both women pointed their weapons toward the closed door. The suspect immediately dropped his towel and held up his hands when he opened the door to find two guns in his face.

"Let's try to keep this one alive. It'd be bad form to go out on a first date right after we'd killed another naked guy," Karen quipped as the man's eyes widened at the remark, and so did Marley's, for that matter. Smiling, Marley began to read the suspect his rights, and he gladly listened in silence, thankful to be alive.

With the man dressed and now in handcuffs, the trio made their way through the lobby, and as they exited the building, Karen asked, "Why'd you threaten those guys? How could they possibly hurt you with their words?"

Stoically, the suspect answered, "I did it for Allah."

Karen opened the back door of the car for the man; however, before he could climb in, Marley gestured toward the still drinking camel and offered, "Well, here's a word of advice for you. Trust in Allah but tie up your camel."

As the vehicle made its way toward the exit, Marley looked in the rearview mirror to find the loyal camel following closely behind.

The End

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