Georgia on my Mind PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen has some papers for Marley to sign. Complete

Dreams Do Come True PG-13 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Marshal gets kidnapped and Karen turns to Marley for help when she suspects someone in the US Marshal's office was behind it. Complete

Home for the Holidays PG-13 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Marley takes Karen home to meet her family for Christmas. Complete

At the End of the Day PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Dead, naked men and beer. Complete

Beach Stakeout PG-13 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak A little people watching at the beach. Complete

A Fortuitous Misunderstanding PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak What really happened after Marshall bid them good night. Complete

Drunken Confession PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Marley gets a late night summons. Complete

Christmas Wish PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak There are some things that are even harder to write in a report than dead, naked suspects. Complete

The Case of the Coconut Snow PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Christmas in Miami. Complete

You Can Lead a Camel to Water, But You Can't Make Him Drink PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak The camel did it. Complete

A Necessary Distraction PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Elevators can be scary places. Complete

Unrequited Feelings PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen asks Marley to dinner, and Marley mistakenly believes the marshal has changed her mind about having a relationship with the detective. Complete

To Catch a Thief PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak The FBI asks Karen for help in capturing an elusive jewel thief, but neither the request nor the result was what she was expecting. Complete

Cross-Jurisdictions PG-13 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Marley is assigned to work with the FBI on a local money laundering case, and Karen becomes involved when it's discovered that the suspect may be the fugitive who successfully eluded the marshal five years earlier. Complete

The Colors of the Rainbow PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak All the colours of a relationship. Complete

The Naked Guy Killer PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak After another naked suspect drops dead at her feet, Marley seeks out Karen at a local bar to drown her sorrows and work out exactly why she has that effect on men. Complete

The Aftermath of the Attack PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Multi-fandom crossover - The year that never was. Complete

Ground Zero - Miami, 6.19am PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete

Reconnecting 15 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak The two women set off on a trip of a lifetime, but a mysterious death becomes the focal point of their romantic vacation. Complete

And the Saga Continues. . . PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Yet another naked dead guy. Complete

Weekend Getaway PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen and Marley's relationship is facing a serious crisis: Marley likes musicals. Complete

The Set-Up PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak The Miami Dade Police Department requests assistance from the U. S. Marshal's Office in tracking down one of their own. Complete

The First Day of Christmas PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Day 1 of my 12 Days of Christmas song - Karen & Marley in an orange tree. Complete

Feeling Lucky PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Just a bit of fluff for the birthday girl. Complete

Forced Vacation PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak An old college friend visits Karen. Complete

Storm Front PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak An unexpected storm blows into Miami, the resulting rain forcing Karen and Marley to abandon their search for their respective suspects, and instead, seek shelter from the deluge Mother Nature has thrust upon them. Complete

Clueless in Miami PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen and Marley search for clues that will help them catch their man, almost missing the ones that hold the most importance to them both. Complete

Childhood Fears PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Marley asks Karen to meet her in a graveyard. Complete

Chances PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak A chance of a lifetime. Complete

The One That Got Away PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak In the summer of 2011, Florida was suffering through its worst heat wave ever, and for two of its residents, it was about to get a whole lot hotter. Complete


Happenstance PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen and Marley meet up for a drink after a hectic day. Complete

Regrets Are No Fun PG-13 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak No synopsis supplied. Complete

Dreaming of Tomorrow PG-13 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Life is full of trials and tribulations - choices made and consequences accepted. There are days when we hardly recognize ourselves; or when we feel as if we're under a microscope. There are those days when the entire world seems out to get you - when you want nothing more than to hide until the storm blows over. Complete


The Green Mountain State PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak A weekend in New England doesn't go according to plan. Complete


A Little Deceit, A Little Effort, and a Beautiful Friendship PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen made a mistake in the bar, that night - the next time Marley asked her out, things went differently... Complete

Delft PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen comes to the wrong conclusion when she runs into Marley who's helping a friend decide on a china pattern. Complete

Liz Estrada

It Works on Paper PG-13 Karen Sisco/Mary Shannon In Plain Sight crossover - No plot, really. My frequent flyer friend told me today (7/19/08 - IDF!) that from MIA to ABQ, it's only four hours by plane. And this nonsense popped out. Complete


Joint Venture PG Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Handcuffs aren't always fun. Complete

The Raven

Women With Guns PG-13 Marshal Karen Sisco/Sargent Marley Novak Why yes Sargent, I'd love to see your badge! The scene from the restaurant at the end of the episode, adjusted to suit my rather lesbian sensibilities... - Vignette - Complete


7 Days in Miami 15 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Kind of a response to MFC#5 - A plot to murder a head of state/CEO/nun/Disney character. Complete


Everybody's Got a Cousin in Miami 15 Karen/Marley   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - A sequel to Missing Scenes From Ghost (SVU) Complete


Five Things That Probably Never Happened Between Karen Sisco and Marley Novak (and Three That Definitely Did) PG-13 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak What happened between Karen and Marley? Complete


Have You Ever? 18 Karen Sisco/Marley Novak Karen gets a question about Marley answered - up close and personal. Complete