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Have You Ever?
By trancer


Have you ever..?

Karen knew not to start conversations with those words. They always got her into trouble. Like a bad poker player's tell, Karen couldn't stop projecting the hidden thoughts behind her eyes.

The conversation had started casually. A few Jack and Coke's later, it turned more flirtatious, more daring. And Karen began asking the questions that plagued her mind since first laying eyes on one Marley Novak.

Have you ever..?

It was how she wound up here, in Marley's apartment, naked and handcuffed to Marley's bed. With Marley standing over her, admiring her handiwork.

"Are they too tight?" Marley asked, eyes running up and down Karen's frame.

"No," Karen shook her head, surreptitiously licking her lips.

"We can stop at any time. Just say the word."

"Marley," Karen grunted in exasperation. "Would you just shut up and fuck me!"

It was a demand. Marley, with a wicked smile and hooded eyes, merely took it as a suggestion. She began by straddling Karen's hips, leaning down and planting a trail of kisses across Karen's neck. Moved her lips lower, explored the flesh of her chest as nimble fingers did excruciatingly delightful things to Karen's nipples. And all Karen could do was moan, arms tugging at her restraints as she writhed under Marley's assault. Marley continued her descent down Karen's frame, raked her teeth across the plain of Karen's stomach.

Have you ever..?

Karen gritted her teeth, eyes welling in frustration. Legs folded upwards, Marley's hands pressing down on her thighs. Strong hands kept Karen still as Marley delicately and slowly traced her tongue around Karen's wet and swollen outer folds. Restrained and pinned to the bed, where Karen could do nothing but take it. Even though, as far as Karen was concerned, it wasn't enough. She wanted more and Marley made her wait. And just when Karen thought she couldn't take anymore, couldn't take another moment of Marley's delicate torture, Marley plunged her tongue inside. Karen cried out, in relief, frustration, with the ache of someone close to release.

Marley increased her pace. Jutted her tongue deep, wiggling, curling, thrusting, feeling Karen squeezing around her. Felt the muscles of Karen's thighs clenching under Marley's palms. Could hear the tension building with Karen with every ragged cry exhaled from Karen's lips. Until Karen's body bucked and trembled beneath her, a guttural wail released from her lips.

Eventually, Marley kissed her way back up Karen's body. Pulled the key from the night-stand and released Karen's wrists. Fingertips brushing the sweat stained strands of hair from Karen's forehead. Karen lazily opened her eyes, lips curling into a contented yet playful grin.

"What?" Marley returned the smile.

"I was just wondering," Karen thread a hand into Marley's hair and pulled her in for a kiss. Then pushed her lips towards an ear, whispering huskily. "Have you ever.."

The End

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