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A Fortuitous Misunderstanding
By Ann


Marley and I sit at the bar enjoying our drink while we wait for the next available table. It's nice to have a night out just to unwind and share a pleasant conversation with a female companion. I really like this woman and hope that we can make this a weekly occurrence.

Dad comes by and wishes us a good night, and we both bid him the same. When Marley turns back toward me, she shifts the focus of the conversation to me, and I suddenly become very uncomfortable especially when she comes right out and asks me if I'm seeing anyone.

It's not so much the question that bothers me, but instead it's the delivery of said question.

I nervously shift in my seat when I have my great epiphany and realize that I'm on a date with Marley Novak. I mean, I know the two of us have been harmlessly flirting around, but I truly thought this was just a dinner date between two friends, but she obviously mistook our playful banter as a sign that I'm interested in her in a . . . um, lesbian kind of way.

That is until I not so smoothly blurted out that I was seeing someone, and that the someone happened to be male; however, she seems to take it well and continues with our conversation as if it was no big deal.

"So Karen, tell me about this man in your life," Marley says before placing her luscious looking lips on the edge of her glass as she takes a sip of her drink.

My traitorous eyes are mesmerized by the way her full lips press against the clear glass, and I have to force myself to look up into her eyes. Oh God, big mistake. I've never seen a sexier pair of bedroom eyes in my entire life.

Damn it. What's the matter with me? I'm not attracted to women so why am I describing parts of Marley's anatomy as if I am? I must be losing my mind. That's it, I've lost my mind.

"Karen? Karen? Are you okay?"

Marley's voice finally infiltrates my confusing thoughts, and I shake my head to clear the unsettling images.

Before I can respond, Marley reaches over and places her hand on my arm. Goosebumps immediately pop out on my skin, and I suddenly realize it's not because I'm cold. The only other time I react this way is when . . .

Holy shit; I'm attracted to Marley Novak.

Concerned by my lack of response and probably more so by the fact that the color has more than likely left my face, Marley takes both my hands in hers, and tingles instantly run up and down my arms.

Yep, no doubt about it now; I'm definitely attracted to her.

"Karen, you're white as a sheet. Let's go to the restroom and wipe your face with a cool paper towel. Do you think you can make it that far?"

Wordlessly, I nod my head, and Marley helps me stand. I just hope I don't faint on the way. Although, she might try mouth to mouth on me, and . . . oh, I am such a goner.

Marley opens the door and assists me to the sink. Grabbing several towels from the dispenser, she proceeds to wet them before turning her attention to me.

I close my eyes and just stand there as she gently runs the towel over my face. Her touch feels so good, and not only that, it feels so right. Instinctively, I lean into both her hand and her body.

"Karen, would you please open your eyes?" Marley asks in a soft voice.

Afraid she will be able to see right through me; I shake my head back and forth until both her hands find their way onto my face effectively stopping the action.

"Please," she asks one more time.

I slowly open my eyes, and she intently looks directly into them and right into my heart and soul. Several seconds pass before she smiles broadly and very slowly moves toward me.

My heart is beating out of my chest, and I'm actually afraid, but the surprise is my biggest fear is that she won't kiss me.

The next thing I know, I am being kissed like I've never been kissed before. I close my eyes and try to take in all the sensations at once. All I know is that I hope this feeling never ends.

My hopes are dashed minutes later when Marley finally releases my lips and leans her forehead against mine as we both try to regain control. I reach up to touch her face when my cell phone goes off and almost scares us both to death.

Digging in my purse, I pull out my cell and answer, "Sisco."

"Hey, Karen. The guys are coming over later for poker, and I thought you might want to join us," Dad's voice booms over the phone.

"Sorry Dad, but I think I'm going straight to bed," I reply as I smile at Marley while thinking that straight is not exactly the way I intend for this night to go.

Concerned, Dad asks, "You're not coming down with something are you?"

Marley quickly reaches out and grabs the phone from my hand before I can answer.

"Marshall Sisco, this is Marley Novak. I'll take Karen home and personally put her to bed," Marley responds with a smirk.

Dad's reply is muffled, and I strain to hear it, but I am not successful so I'll just have to wait for Marley's response.

Grinning, she answers, "I'll make sure she gets some rest. In fact, I plan to stay the night, and I promise not to let her get out of bed until mid-morning even if I have to handcuff her to the headboard."

My jaw drops as Marley bids my Dad a goodnight for the second time tonight. She closes the cell and hands it back to me, but not before she gifts me with another passionate kiss.

Together, we walk out of the restroom of the bar to pay our tab and cancel our dinner reservations.

On the way to the car, I jokingly say, "I can't believe you told my Dad you would handcuff me to the bed. That was too funny."

"Who said I was kidding?" Marley replies as I trip over my feet and into her waiting arms.

The End

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