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And the Saga Continues. . .
By Ann


A chuckle filtered up through the stairwell. "Hey, Sarge! You got another one!"

Marley grimaced and plopped down on the top step. Karen quietly sighed and took the seat next to the detective.

"So, this makes what?" Karen asked as a round of chuckles echoed up to their location just outside the door leading to the tenth floor.

"Um, I've lost count. Five? Six?" Marley holstered her unfired sidearm. If she was going to be responsible for another naked dead guy, then she should've at least been given the opportunity to shoot him.

Karen holstered her weapon as well. "How're you going to write this one up?"

"Me? Oh, c'mon, Karen. Can't you take the heat for this one? You were chasing him, too."

"Yes, but he's not the fugitive I was after; my guy's not even in the building. Phil called and said they'd picked Connors up at his house. I'd just left his office and was on my way to the lobby when the elevator opened to let someone in. I saw you chasing the perp and thought I could help." Karen had caught up with the detective at the door leading to the stairwell, and they'd both witnessed the suspect jumping over the side railing in an attempt to escape. The sound of his falling body, hitting rail after rail, finally ended with a loud splat.

Marley put her head in her hands. "Great. Why couldn't he be the same guy you were after?"

Karen glanced around to be certain they were alone. With the exception of the occasional bouts of laughter from below, there didn't seem to be anyone else around. The marshal took advantage of the private moment to rub soothing circles on her lover's back.

"Marley, why exactly was your guy naked?"

"The bastard didn't think we'd get enough evidence against him to file murder charges. He was banging his secretary when I burst into his office to arrest him. He took one look at me and took off half-cocked, if you know what I mean."

Karen's body shook with laughter, but she bit down on her lower lip to keep her mirth from escaping. She certainly didn't want to upset Marley any more than she already was.

Marley turned her head towards her lover and broke out in a smile. The two women's chuckles harmonized perfectly with the ones from the ground floor.

Letting out a deep sigh, Marley wiped the tears from her eyes. "Well, I guess I should head down to the bottom floor and take my lumps. I've pretty much heard it all; you'd think they'd come up with some new material."

Marley moved to stand, and Karen reached out a hand to stop her.

"Just so you know. When you get home, there'll be a naked marshal in your bed, a very alive, very naked marshal."

Marley grinned like a fool and raced for the elevator. She didn't want to risk tiring herself on ten flights of stairs.

The End

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