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By Annette


It had been a hell of a day for Sergeant Detective Marley Novak. For the fourth time in her career she'd been chasing a naked male perp who ended up dead. This time he fell to his death while trying to run barefoot across a narrow ledge. It was quite disconcerting to the redhead and she felt the need to unwind. She also felt the need to spend some time with her impossible dream Karen Sisco. And so she made the call in hopes that the brunette would be free to get a drink or two.

U.S. Marshall Karen Sisco was experiencing a bit of déjà vu herself when she discovered her perp had recently undergone sexual reassignment surgery and was now a woman. Never in a million years did she expect to have a case like this again. What were the odds? Anyway, she was feeling a bit down and in need of some company and had just reached for her cell when it rang. Momentarily startled she picked up on the second ring. "Sisco."

"Hey Karen, Marley Novak here. How are you?"

Smiling at the sound of redhead's voice Karen quickly answered. "Could be better… how about you?"

"Ugh, you wouldn't believe it." Marley sighed dramatically. "I was hoping you were free to get a drink with me so I can tell you all about it."

"Oh really?" Thinking the redhead couldn't possibly top her news she answered. "Well I've got a pretty bizarre story to tell you myself, so when and where?"

"How about tonight at Kelley's… say around eight?"

"That sounds great." Karen answered, looking forward to seeing the redhead.

Walking through the door at a few minutes before eight Karen glanced around for the redhead. Catching a glimpse of fiery hair she quickly made her way to the small table in the back. Seeing the bright smile that greeted her caused an answering smile to appear on Karen's face. "Marley, hey good to see you."

"Yeah, you too." Standing, Marley extended her hand to the brunette who gave it a quick shake before taking her seat. "I hope you don't mind, but I ordered you a scotch. I figured you'd be prompt so…"

"Oh, no that's perfect. That's just what I had planned on ordering. Thanks." Picking up the drink in question Karen took a deep sip and swallowed slowly, closing her eyes as the heat of the alcohol slid down her throat.

Marley did her best not to moan out loud at the sight and quickly sipped her own blue martini. Schooling thoughts that were beginning to stray into dangerous territory she decided to begin her tale. "So, I guess you didn't hear what happened today?"

"No, I was a bit frazzled so I took a little time this afternoon."

Forgetting her own story Marley became instantly concerned over the tone of the woman sitting across from her. "Hey, what happened? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, but…" Running her hands through her hair she looked up at the redhead. "You'll never believe what happened with my case – again! Remember Louis/Louise?"

Marley took a second to recall the case and then her eyes widened. "No way! You had another perp switch genders on you?"

"Yeah, can you believe it!"

"Oh my god that's amazing! What are the odds?"

"Exactly, I'm starting to think I've got a curse like your naked man curse." When her statement causes a fit of laughter from the redhead Karen was confused.

Composing herself Marley raised her hand to indicate she needed a moment and she would explain. "I can't believe you said that because…" Looking meaningfully at the brunette she waited for her to make the connection.

"No! Are you serious?" At the redhead's nod it was Karen's turn to erupt in laughter.

"I don't know Karen – I get the connection of a man getting naked in front of me and dying within ten minutes. I'm not quite clear on your deal though – You chase a man and he turns into a woman." Smirking at the suddenly blushing brunette Marley can't help herself. "Perhaps you're supposed to learn a lesson here, stop chasing men and start chasing women."

"Right, and I'm sure you've got someone in mind."

"Ah, touché." Recognizing dangerous territory when she sees it Marley quickly switched topics. "So, I'm chasing this naked man when all of a sudden…"

The two continue to trade tales and sip cocktails until at some point the conversation waned. Karen was the first to break the silence when she stood and motioned toward the restroom. "I'm going to freshen up and hit the road. I can't believe how late it is."

Glancing at her watch Marley agreed. "Yeah, it is kinda late. Well, they say time flies when you're having fun." Smiling up at the brunette Marley rose and gestured toward the back. "After you."

The two entered the bathroom, did what natured called for and met again at the sinks. Karen finished washing her hands and was turning to leave when she stumbled a bit. Seeing the brunette stumble Marley called out to her. "Hey, you alright there?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Tripped over my own feet."

Feeling a bit buzzed herself she made a suggestion. "Well, perhaps we both should call a cab."

"No, I'm fine, really." Karen stated even as she once again tilted a bit.

"I don't think so missy. You'll have to pass a sobriety test before I'm letting you behind the wheel."

"What! I told you I'm fine." Feeling more than a bit pissed she scowled at the redhead. "Besides, you had just as many drinks as I did."

"That's true, even though mine weren't straight hooch. And I've included myself in the cab scenario so you don't have a case here."

"What are you gonna do arrest me?" She smirked at the redhead.

Well there was no way Marley was going to let Karen drive while under the influence. Not because it was against the law but she'd never forgive herself if anything were to happen to the woman in front of her. She cherished their friendship and still held on to the hope of something more. So she made her decision. Reaching for the brunette's hands she spun her around and quickly placed her in handcuffs. "Karen Sisco I am placing you under arrest. You are being charged with the crime of endangering a loved one."

Momentarily shocked by the turn of events Karen struggled slightly. "Wait, what are you doing?"

Not missing a beat Marley continued with her version of the Miranda. "You have the right to complain about it. You also have the right to remain silent which I suggest you take advantage of since I can not, in good conscience, allow you to put yourself in danger."

Hearing the serious note in the redhead's voice Karen stopped struggling. She thought about what Marley had said – endangering a loved one – she considers me a loved one? Suddenly the situation took on a whole new meaning, as the combination of alcohol and being restrained began to have an effect on the brunette. "So are you planning to take care of me officer?"

The words themselves were somewhat suggestive, but it was the tone in which they were delivered that was Marley's undoing. Spinning the brunette around to face her she was met with eyes a darker shade of brown than she'd ever seen. She moved her gaze down to Karen's slightly opened mouth and captured those lips with her own. Lost in the amazing sensation of the brunette's lips it took Marley a few moments to realize that Karen was struggling against her. Pulling back abruptly she began to apologize. "I'm so sorry Karen. I don't know what came over me. I just… I couldn't."

Her attempt at apologizing was interrupted when Karen simply stated. "Marley Novak, get these handcuffs off of me and take me home right now!"

Still not fully understanding what was happening Marley removed the handcuffs. No sooner had she completed that task than she was pushed up against the wall with an amorous brunette plundering her mouth. And just as suddenly she was being dragged out the door through the bar and into the parking lot.

"Are you okay to drive?" Karen asked a still reeling Marley.

"Um, I… yeah I am." Marley realized that any buzz she might have been feeling was completely evaporated by this recent turn of events.

"Good." Smiling at the dumfounded expression on the redhead's face Karen squeezed her hand. "Since I'm under arrest you have to keep me close by until I've served my sentence."

"S-s-served your sentence? What's your sentence?"

Losing a bit of her earlier bravado Karen lowered her head but didn't release Marley's hand. She shuffled her feet a bit before answering shyly. "I have no clue what to do here Marley. I only know that I had a wonderful time with you, even though the day started out badly." Reaching down to touch the handcuffs now hanging from Marley's belt loop Karen continued. "When you cuffed me I panicked for just a second, but then, suddenly, when you referred to me as a loved one, things changed. I started feeling warm. Then I realized I was actually feeling pretty aroused and I didn't mind that it was you making me feel this way." Looking up into the eyes of the intently staring redhead she laid it all on the line. "I'm ready to finally face up to what's been running through my head ever since I first met you. I never considered a woman lover, even though none of my relationships with men were very fulfilling. I never considered it until I met you."

Tears welled up in Marley's eyes as she listened to the brunette put her heart on the line. This was what she'd dreamt of but she had to be sure. "Karen, I would like nothing more than to have a relationship with you. I've already given you a large part of my heart, I have to be sure before I give you the rest… you have to be sure."

Placing her fingers on the redhead's lips to silence her Karen smiled. "I'm more sure of this than I am of anything else I've ever done. Now, take me home. I want to kiss you some more."

The smile on Marley's face was one that Karen would remember long into their relationship. It was one of the many treasured memories they'd made together.

The End

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