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Can You Hear Me?
By SDerkins


Part 6

Seven and B'Elanna met for dinner that evening in the engineer's quarters. Because B'Elanna had taken a gentle approach to their courtship, she felt she ought to follow the Captain's advice and speak with the Klingon woman honestly.

She had begun nervously but B'Elanna took her hand and held it in her own as she gazed at her warmly, urging her to continue. The former Borg found it easier with each sentence, finding courage with every supportive squeeze and stroke of the engineer's fingers.

When she spoke of her feelings of falling short of Klingon ideals the smaller woman shook her head sadly.

"Seven, you forget I am only half Klingon. I certainly have mother's temper and forehead but it doesn't mean I crave rough sex," she sighed. "I want you to just be yourself. Don't change anything for my benefit or you won't be the same person. And don't be shy about asking questions when we're alone. Okay?"

"Okay," she repeated, feeling a little better. "B'Elanna?"


"Could I…"

B'Elanna waited patiently for Seven to get the words out.

"Could I kiss you?"

"Oh Kahless, yes. I thought you'd never ask," she confessed, leaning her face upwards.

Surprisingly, Seven felt her nervousness disappear as she looked down at the smaller woman's waiting mouth. She kept her eyes on those lush, dark lips for as long as she could before placing her mouth over B'Elanna's.

In spite of her inexperience, she quite enjoyed the time she spent exploring and tasting then having B'Elanna return the favor, her breathing getting rougher with each second. It wasn't until they broke apart for much needed air that Seven realized she was sprawled upon B'Elanna and holding her hands captive above her head.

"I am sorry!" she said, her face feeling hot, releasing the smaller woman's hands. She was about to pull away when B'Elanna grabbed her biosuit and yanked her back down.

"And what makes you think I didn't enjoy every second of it?" she growled. B'Elanna barked out a laugh. "And you were worried that you'd make a poor mate for a Klingon."

"You don't mind?"

"Hell no. Now bring those lips back down here," she commanded, sliding her hands around Seven's nape and pulling her down.

Seven decided that the lesson titled, 'How to Win a Klingon's Passion,' was completely wrong and vowed not to follow its advice any more. She would be better off reading the book Tal Celes had recommended, titled 'The Joy of Lesbian Sex'. She wondered if it had illustrations. Then she didn't care when B'Elanna deepened the kiss and moaned.

Seven walked into the mess hall at noon and looked around. She spotted B'Elanna across the room, her arms crossed, as she spoke with Tom Paris. She was curious to why B'Elanna looked angry and focused her enhanced hearing.

"Tom, you are a dog and then some."

"Hey, I only asked if you got lucky with the ice queen. It's not my fault you're going around with a big grin on your face."

B'Elanna looked at Paris and the people nearby, knowing they were shamelessly eavesdropping. "You want to know how Seven put the smile on my face, huh, flyboy? Well, I'll tell ya." She leaned close to him, making him lean closer too. "She kissed me. Curl my toes, making me-melt-into-a-puddle kiss that was better than any sex I ever had with anyone. Does that answer your perverted little question, Paris?"

Tom just stood there, stunned. He managed a nod and B'Elanna walked away.

The engineer looked up and her eyes met with Seven's across the room and knew the former Borg had heard the conversation. She grinned sheepishly and walked up to her.

"Hi," she blushed.

Seven smiled down at B'Elanna, actually quite pleased learning that B'Elanna enjoyed her kisses so much. Knowing that Paris was staring at them both she felt an impulse to teach the arrogant man a lesson. She pulled B'Elanna to her and captured her mouth in a kiss that lasted so long that diners in the mess hall began hooting.

The kiss ended and B'Elanna grabbed onto Seven's arms then moaned.

Without lowering her voice, she had the entire lunch crowd in stitches when her voice was clearly heard saying, "Damn it, Seven. You actually expect me to walk now?"

Part 7

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