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Can You Hear Me?
By SDerkins


Part 7

They met each evening after the end of Alpha shift when duties permitted it. They spent a shameless amount of time kissing and less time talking. B'Elanna was convinced she would burst into flames if Seven kept it up.

Tonight B'Elanna was in Cargo Bay 2, watching Seven as she regenerated. She knew she ought to go to bed and get some sleep but couldn't tear herself away from the blonde's side.

"She cares a great deal for you," Seven's voice said from behind her. The engineer jumped and spun around. Seven's image stood there, smiling.

"You must be the 'matronly' one Tuvok spoke of. Are you the one that I should thank for the purple monkey?"

'Seven' chuckled. "I suppose so. Several of us thought it a pity that the two of you weren't connecting, as you should. We thought a little help was needed to get you started."

"Thanks. No kiddies visiting tonight?"

"They'll be around shortly. I wanted to get one last turn at being solid before your ship left our space."

"It was nice visiting with all of you. Funny. Usually we'd feel uneasy about having unknown life forms wandering about the ship but no one felt any panic at your kind's presence."

"Because we can speak to your subconscious minds. You felt no threat from us because we offer none."

"That simple," B'Elanna commented. "Well, I need to get some sleep." The Klingon leaned up and placed a light kiss to the sleeping Seven's cheek. "Good night my little monkey," she whispered with a smile.

B'Elanna rolled over, feeling rested for once. She had this shift off and had not set the wake up call since she intended to sleep in late. She reached for her extra pillow, wanted to curl around it but found a warm body next to her instead. Her eyes popped open in surprise.

She saw Seven next to her and blinked. Then she became aware of the fact that the tall woman wasn't wearing her biosuit but a large cotton nightshirt in baby pink.

Seven brushed aside a strand of hair from B'Elanna's eyes. "Good morning."

"Morning," B'Elanna croaked out. "Seven? Not that I'm complaining but why are you dressed for a sleepover?"

"I thought it was time that I was invited over for one. You have the duty shift off so I traded shifts with Megan Delaney. Now, move over. I wish to experience the softness of your bed. It looks comfortable."

"Yes ma'am." B'Elanna scooted over and held out one arm in invitation.

Seven smiled and accepted eagerly, nuzzling into the engineer's shoulder until she was comfortable and wrapped an arm around B'Elanna's torso. Seven hummed with pleasure.

"Yeah, sleep sounds good," B'Elanna commented although she felt rested. She buried her nose into Seven's thick blonde hair and let out a happy sigh. Soon she joined Seven in sleep.

B'Elanna woke a short time later when she felt a draft along her skin. She opened her eyes and realized that Seven had pushed down the bedding and was busy stroking along her thigh.

"I think someone wasn't really interested in sleep," she teased.

"Well, it wasn't the only excuse to be here," Seven admitted shyly. "But I thought you would be indulgent with me in spite of my weak excuse. "

"You got me there. But now that you have me where you want me, what are you gonna do?"

Seven smiled and eased over B'Elanna, straddling her prone body. "I believe that I want to spend an extraordinary lengthy time kissing you," she said, making B'Elanna's lips quirk with humor. "Then I plan on claiming you as mine," she said huskily as she nibbled on B'Elanna's ear.

The engineer lost all ability to speak as her blood rushed south.

Seven kissed and nibbled along her lover's jaw, taking her time as she made her way to B'Elanna's lips. Their kisses began as they usually did, soft and lazy but only for a short time. Both knew their love play wouldn't stop with just kissing and light caresses today.

The kisses deepened as Seven pressed her cotton-covered breasts hard against B'Elanna's. The women moaned and began wildly melding their lips as they shifted against one another. Only the need to breathe allowed their mouths to separate but it did little to cool their passion. B'Elanna reached for Seven and reached for Seven's nightshirt, grasping it in both hands. Blood fever had her ripping it in half, exposing Seven's breasts. She cupped each one in her palms and was a fraction of a second away from squeezing them roughly when the delicate and innocently pink of the nipples caught her eye.

Suddenly she realized she had been about to lose control. She closed her eyes and took several calming breaths. She felt the crazed need diminish and she opened her eyes, lifting them to meet with Seven's. The woman she loved looked unsure and frightened.

"Sorry, love. I lost control for a moment."

B'Elanna used her strong abdominal muscles to sit up but kept Seven straddled over her legs. B'Elanna nuzzled her cheek against Seven's strong shoulder while stroking her back gently until she relaxed.

"Can we begin again, love? Kiss me," she pleaded.

This time they kissed like all the other nights, lazily exploring the other's mouths. The caresses came without thought as lips danced.

Seven was unsure when they had changed positions, with she on her back as B'Elanna leaned over her. She only knew that their mouths had finally parted although B'Elanna's lips were now brushing against her body, leaving trails of heated desire along her skin. Seven felt her lover's soft lips nuzzle lightly along the top of one breast, dropping a kiss here and there. The blonde felt her nipples actually tighten with the need to be touched.

She whimpered and arched upwards instinctively until warm lips placed a lingering kiss on her pebbled flesh. Wanting more than the soft kiss there, she raked her fingers into B'Elanna's dark hair and pulled her harder against her breast.

The smaller woman needed no other instructions. She laved the tight peak teasingly before surrounding it with her mouth, trapping it firmly inside as her tongue teased it with flicks and strokes. Seven's responses were nearly enough to lose control once more but B'Elanna forced the beast to go to the sidelines as she gently introduced Seven to lovemaking.

The young blonde lost track of time, only aware of sensation and passion as her lover explored her body, leaving no areas untouched. Seven had sighed in pleasure as B'Elanna had kissed each finger and moaned as she traced her abdomen with her tongue. When she was convinced the pleasure was too great to bear then B'Elanna seemed to sense it and changed her attentions to one less intense. Seven even found herself on her stomach while B'Elanna lovingly traced her back with her fingertips while placing kisses along her nape.

The moments blurred but at no point did Seven ever doubt the love B'Elanna meant to show her with each touch. But she remembered very clearly when B'Elanna had parted her thighs and introduced her to a new world of pleasure. The former drone had experienced such exquisite rapture, that her world shattered from the joy and pleasure she had experienced.

She only recalled later that B'Elanna held her in her arms and whispered comforting words before she allowed the sweet darkness to take her.

Part 8

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