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Cargo Bay 2
By Deltagirl

Part 1

My body has just jumped off the seat. Oh, I know I asked you here, but I really don't want to let you in. Go away! (Stomach, I'll deal with you later: why is that my crew will take orders from me and you won't?) "Come in, Lieutenant."

"Captain, I am so sorry!" Poor Bee, she looks quite distraught, with her hands outstretched, trying to pacify me. I feel almost compassionate towards her.

"For shocking me; for educating me, or for getting caught?" I love that nervous smile on her face. Oh, Bee, you're so cute when you do that.

Look away, Kathy - try to look mad or something. Remember, you're supposed to be disciplining her. God, all I want to do is break open the champagne! I turn to her again, take a deep breath and say, "B'Elanna, about Cargo Bay 2."

Momentarily mad, Bee shouts at me: "What were you doing there, anyway!?" Will I ever get a sentence out around this fireball?

"A Captain can't go where she wants to on her own ship?" I think I'm enjoying watching her squirm. "I went to Astrometrics to find Seven - Icheb told me she'd gone to regenerate early. Her mood has been erratic, of late, and I wanted to talk with her. I was worried."

"Well now you know you have no need to be," she says. I look down - the smile at the corner of my lips takes over - I have no say in the matter - it goes wide.


"I'm sorry, B'Elanna. I really thought someone was killing someone in there. When the door wouldn't open, I simply stated my Command Override code to get in. God, if I'd known Seven could please someone like that, I'd have called her myself!"

She laughs then. We both do. I motion for her to sit beside me and I try to put my `face' back.

"Then you don't mind?"

"Mind that you and Seven are lovers? No. Mind that I walked in on you, making love? A little. Mind that you did it in a public area? Very much." Ah, that's better, the hanging of the head. Oh, Bee, I'm getting through to you at last. Sweetheart, I'm not here to shout at you, simply to instil some idea of protocol. "Cargo Bay 2 is not a bedroom, B'Elanna, and I expect you both to be more, much more private in future."

"Yes, ma'am." It seems to be Bee's turn to laugh now.


"Your face, Captain. It was a real picture."

I sigh: you still don't get it, do you? "B'Elanna, It could have been anyone with Command Override, walking in on the two of you. It could have been. Tuvok!" I had dragged a name out of the air, belatedly realising the effect it would have. We are both helpless with laughter. I am sure we're both conjuring up that little picture in our minds. Oh, will I ever talk again, this laughter hurts!

I inhale deeply and realign my uniform, wiping tears from my eyes. Come on Kathy, pull it together. "Why don't you call Seven up here? We'll drink a toast to your relationship. I have some of the real stuff, you know. None of that synthesised rubbish."

"No need Captain, she's right outside the door." Bee has a wicked smile. Waiting for my nod, she crosses to the door and brings her lover in. Walking towards her, I realise Seven's face is a real picture: I even think she might bolt! "Well, Seven. You've come a long way!" Does she have to be so tall? Ah, she's rewarding me with a blush.

"Ha, that matches yours, when you walked in on us!" Bee looks triumphant.

"It's alright, Seven." I put my hand on her arm and lead her into the room, feeling her shoulders relax. She stands next to Bee and I get the eerie feeling she has never been anywhere else. I look from one to the other of these precious people and I am touched by the look of love in each one's eyes, for me as well as for each other. I am very blessed, and tell them so.

Minutes later, we have a glass each; I raise mine to them: "To Seven and B'Elanna. May you both find the love you need, within and for each other. but not in Cargo Bay 2!" It's good to hear Seven laugh, without reservation. Bee is good for her. They will be good for each other.

Ah, these sheets feel so good after the aqua shower (I'll never get used to that sonic one!). I realise it's going to take a while to get not only the sight of my two officers naked together, but also the sound of Bee's orgasm out of my mind. In the dark, I know I have my wicked smile on. Oh, Kathy, that's too wicked. and it has a lot to do with three women..

Part 2

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