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Cargo Bay 2
By Deltagirl

Part 2
The Dream

Kathryn walked up the corridor, towards the doors of Cargo Bay 2. Why was she here? She couldn't remember. She heard sounds, a long way off - from down the end of a long, dark tunnel, perhaps? The sounds were distorted. Everything at the extreme edges of her vision was fuzzy, but she knew nothing was wrong. Why wasn't she worried about it? She tried to question it, but her thoughts became distracted by the noises, which she now knew to be coming from Cargo Bay 2. She might have thought someone was being attacked within and yet, somewhere deep inside she knew that wasn't the case. However, she needed very much to get inside.

The doors would not open in the normal way. `Why wouldn't they open?' she thought lazily. knowing fully, but not quite getting it. "Computer, release these doors, Command Override Janeway Code 47." Her brain questioned this heavily; this code wasn't her's and yet she knew it. What was it? Ah yes, she remembered, it's the code for a Starfleet subspace communique of high sensitivity or secrecy, for a Starship Captain's eyes only. Somewhere in Kathryn's mind, this made sense. what lie beyond these doors was indeed for her eyes only.

As the Captain stood, looking up at the doors to Cargo Bay 2, they appeared to her to be getting larger and wider, growing until they towered many feet above her. Slowly, so slowly they began to open: even the whoooosh noise they made was in slow motion. The sound was getting louder.

Instantly, Kathryn was struck by the warm orange/red glow coming from the interior of the room. She stepped back, startled by it, but it flowed out and enveloped her. She froze, waiting. Calmed by the fact that it had done her no harm, and had issued no unpleasant feelings, Kathryn allowed the soft light to pull her gently, oh so gently, into the cavernous room. She couldn't hear her footfalls, in fact she was not aware of her feet touching the floor at all; she just seemed to be gliding towards the regeneration unit. Somewhere, just beyond, was where the sounds emanated from she thought, as the coloured glow, in seeming agreement, swept her along towards that very place.

Becoming louder now, the sounds Kathryn continued to hear were having a strange and pleasant effect upon her abdomen; her pulse was quickening and her eyes were growing wider. A voice that she knew so well, that she more usually heard raised in disagreement, or anger, was moaning softly, "Oh, Seven - yes, yes."

"B'Elanna," thought Kathryn, already seeming to know whom she'd find there, enveloped in that wonderful light. "And Seven." Rounding the final object between the voice, the sounds, and herself, she smiled lazily at the sight of her two officers moving in slow motion, naked, on a bevy of Klingon rugs.

B'Elanna acknowledged the Captain, between grunts of pleasure. "(Uh), Please," she gestured that Kathryn move closer, "(ahhhh), Captain. (Uh), c'mon (ahhh) over here."

Kathryn was feeling more relaxed than she could recall in recent years, and was now totally warmed and surrounded by the beautiful coloured glow. She smiled down at B'Elanna. (smiling at Seven would have to wait, as it appeared she was very busy at that moment and certainly wouldn't have seen her Captain, even if she had smiled!)

Watching B'Elanna, who stared back at her, Kathryn slowly reached for the zip of her jacket, and began to pull it down, to the accompaniment of B'Elanna's increased cries, rhythmic and strong. Kathryn kept the eye contact with B'Elanna as she pulled the zipper all the way down, slowly removing her jacket, and then she removed her polo top and vest, leaving her compact upper body clad only in a bra.

The attention she was receiving from Seven's mouth, plus the sight of her Captain slowly removing her trousers to reveal bikini briefs, finished off the Lieutenant in grand style. She let out a strangled wail as she clutched at her lover, sinking her fingernails into Seven's shoulders. The last thing she remembered was Kathryn's half smile, sexy as hell, before she closed her eyes and sank into oblivion.

Kathryn slowly and deliberately removed her underwear and advanced on Seven, who was just beginning to move from her lowly position. Before she could, Kathryn knelt down, took hold of Seven's face and turned it sideways towards her, lowering her lips to the ex-Borg's welcoming full mouth. At once, she tasted her Chief Engineer on Seven's tongue and her senses began to swim. `Oh, B'Elanna. so sweet,' she thought, and then got down to the gymnastics of kissing Seven, greedily: the two women standing gradually and with ease. `Oh, honey. I had no idea you could kiss like this!' she thought dreamily, but didn't know if she meant herself or Seven.

Enveloping her beloved Captain and redeemer in her strong arms, Seven pulled the smaller woman tighter to her, and lost herself fully to their enthusiastic kiss.

Kathryn floated through the clouds of Seven's mouth, seeing B'Elanna arch and thrust in her mind's eye. Suddenly, she became aware of a warm body pressing against her back. B'Elanna pushed a hand slowly between the two women to find one of Kathryn's breasts, causing her Captain to moan deeply. Kathryn, in turn, moved her hand, in a feather-like touch, down the front of the tall blonde, to a moist and welcoming area of hidden flesh awaiting her: firmly, she gained entry. At the moment Seven gasped into her mouth, Kathryn gasped right back, as the whereabouts of B'Elanna's second hand became very clear to her.

Whilst Kathryn's fingers thrust deep within Seven's body, and her tongue explored Seven's mouth, B'Elanna's fingers were thrusting up into her - the three of them setting up a rhythm of movement, sound and breath; all merging, like fine music.

Slowly, B'Elanna withdrew her fingers from her Captain, causing the older woman to shudder, dropped to the floor behind Kathryn, and then moved between her feet and, turning, came up between her and Seven, aiming her mouth between her Captain's legs. Kathryn felt her knees go weak and yet felt as though she were floating. it was almost as though.

"Seven of Nine to the Captain."

'Oh God!' Kathryn snapped awake, breathing in gasps. It took her a few moments to be able to stabilise her breathing before she could even dare to try to reply to Seven. Fortunately Seven spoke first.

"I hope you were not in bed yet, Captain. I just wanted to thank you. B'Elanna and I wanted to thank you for the way you handled our disciplinary action this evening."

"That's OK, Seven," she managed, shakily. "I'll see you both tomorrow. Janeway out." Kathryn lay completely still, cocooned in the warmth of her bed; her breathing still heavy, and her embarrassment heavier. Withdrawing one hand from the covers, she rubbed her forehead a few times, and then absent-mindedly ran her fingers repeatedly through her hair. She stared up at what could have been the ceiling, had the lights been on. Taking a deep breath, she then let it out in a long `phew'. `Oh, Kathy' she thought, `that was definitely wicked. And fun.'

"Ha, I told you she would," giggled B'Elanna, moving away from Seven and stretching out on their bed. Having heard the evidence for herself, her partner could not argue with her. "How did you know?" questioned Seven, with interest.

"Human nature, my darling. Human nature. Wonder if we should let her do more than just dream about us one day?" They looked at each other, their faces slowly moving into smiles.

"Naah," they both said, in unison.

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