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By Olli


T'Pol lay in her bed and thought about the things which had happened in the last few hours. Everything had changed though she could not exactly explain why and how. But the reason for the changing was obvious: the sleeping Ensign Hoshi Sato, lying in the Sub-Commander's bed, being held by the Sub-Commander's arms. The young human had been coming to T'Pol's quarters for their usual meditation meeting last evening.

After the incident on that Klingon ship, T'Pol had agreed to the Ensign's request to teach her Vulcan meditation techniques. From that day on they met every Wednesday at 1900 h in T'Pol's quarters and together they had made a good progress in Hoshi's lessons. In the following weeks they grew steadily closer. Then one day after their meditation, Hoshi had asked T'Pol if she would join her on the next movie night and to her own surprise T'Pol had agreed. It had been a very nice evening and when Hoshi had walked T'Pol back to her quarters, the Vulcan had silently hoped that there would be another invitation from Hoshi for the next movie night.

And so it was.

After their next meditation meeting T'Pol had asked Hoshi to stay for a cup of tea and with a big smile the young woman had agreed. Since that day it became a nice habit for them to go together to the mess hall for a movie on Tuesday, and enjoy meditation and some cups of tea in T'Pol's quarters on Wednesday. And they started to talk about their lives, their families, their careers, their ship comrades and their missions. T'Pol began to enjoy these meetings, especially since Hoshi talked to her in Vulcan. She didn't know why but she liked Hoshi's strange little accent. And one day T'Pol realised that she had become friends with Hoshi.

But last evening everything had changed. When Hoshi came into her quarters they sat down on the ground and tried to meditate. But it didn't work; from the moment T'Pol touched Hoshi's hands she couldn't concentrate. The Vulcan sensed a warmth floating through her body like she never felt before. As T'Pol opened her eyes she saw Hoshi staring at her. She must feel the same, the Vulcan thought, interpreting Hoshi's expression. And then Hoshi leaned forward and suddenly T'Pol knew what would happen. For some reason she didn't draw back and when Hoshi's lips met hers, a shiver ran through T'Pol's whole body and then she reciprocated the kiss, opened her lips and their tongues met.

And now, after hours of passionate love making, T'Pol lay in her bed and held the sleeping Hoshi in her arms. The head of the young woman rested on T'Pol's breasts and she made those little quiet noises the humans called snoring. As T'Pol ran her hand over Hoshi's face to brush off a strand of hair the young human murmured something and snuggled closer to T'Pol's body. The Vulcan still couldn't explain what had changed and why, but she decided it didn't matter, what mattered now was that she wanted to hold Hoshi in her arms for the rest of her life. She closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep, with her lover in her arms.

The End

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