Della Street

Speaking the Language PG T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol and Hoshi meet up again years after leaving Enterprise. Complete

Quick Change PG T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol's promotion to a Vulcan ship includes a bonus. Complete

Time and Again PG T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol deals with a tragedy on shore leave. Complete

Life As We Know It PG T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol and Hoshi face hard choices after crash landing on an isolated planet. Complete

Til Death Do Us Part PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol and Hoshi get more than they bargained for when a planetary visit goes badly for Hoshi. Complete


The Quiet PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi A long, uneventful trip through a desolate region of space leaves T'Pol and Hoshi with plenty of time to think...and more. Complete

For the Record PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Hot on the heels of his newest project, a historian is summoned to the sickbed of a hero of the Federation to learn the real truth. Complete

Darkly New PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi On the eve of her ultimate triumph, the new Empress makes a deal with her greatest enemy. Complete


Meditations PG T'Pol/ ? During meditation T'Pol sees an image of her future mate. Complete


Decontamination 18 T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol, Hoshi and the decontamination scene. Complete

Contamination PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol is compelled to return to her home world, but one of her Enterprise crewmates becomes a dangerous distraction. Complete

Examination 18 Hoshi/Rajiin So what happened between Hoshi and Rajiin in the turbolift? Complete


The Fire Inside

Change PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol thoughts about her first night with Hoshi. Complete

Heartbeat PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Hoshi's thoughts about her first night with T'Pol. Complete

Morningdawn PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi After their first night together, Hoshi and T'Pol have to make decisions. Complete

Cover PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Hoshi, T'Pol, a beach... Complete

Dusk PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi What happened at the evening after the day on the beach... Complete

Questions PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi The last day of shore leave. Complete

Pain PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol faces a serious crisis. Complete

Talk PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi The crisis increase. Complete

Preparations PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi The pon farr approaches! Complete

Lust 18 T'Pol/Hoshi Pon Far! Complete

Taken 18 T'Pol/Hoshi The second day of Pon Farr! Complete

Love 18 T'Pol/Hoshi The third day of Pon Farr! Complete

Declaration PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Pon Farr is over! Complete

The Expanse PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi A/U - How the episode "The Expanse" should've been. Complete

Perfect PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi T'Pol works on a special project. Complete

Surprises 18 T'Pol/Hoshi What a Vulcan gives to a human as Christmas present and what could result from that. Complete

Needs 18 T'Pol/Hoshi What happens when a Vulcan discovers something unexpected? Complete

Interesting Things PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Hoshi is uncertain about an important thing. Complete

A Gift PG T'Pol/Hoshi Hoshi gets an unexpected gift. Complete

Kidnapped PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Someone is in need of a holiday. Complete

Like Cats and Dogs PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Things that could happen... Complete

Lessons PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Hoshi, T'Pol, a GYM... Complete

Fuzziness PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi The morning after... Complete

Terias McKlay

Sleepless in Space PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Twin bouts of insomnia lead T'Pol and Hoshi to some surprising revelations. Complete


Prophet PG-13 T'Pol/Hoshi Hoshi uses a turn in the conversation to let T'Pol know how she feels. Complete