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By Olli


"Are you ready?"


"Okay, let's get it on."

"Excuse me?"

"Err, I meant -- Ready for take off." Hoshi blushed. She sat at the con of Enterprise's Shuttle Number Two and Vulcan Sub-Commander T'Pol occupied the seat on Hoshi's right. Hoshi had asked the Sub-Commander for piloting lessons and T'Pol had agreed. The Vulcan had said every member of the senior staff should be able to pilot a shuttle. Just a week ago, Hoshi had flown the shuttle into the shuttle bay after Commander Tucker became ill as they returned from an unnamed planet. With a lot of luck and some scratches and bumps to the shuttle hull Hoshi had managed to dock the small ship.

Now Enterprise was in a new planetary system and the Captain had ordered the entire crew to take a little downtime. Hoshi saw this as good opportunity to improve her piloting skills. T'Pol didn't see a logical reason for downtime – at last not for herself – and so both women used their free time, over the last two days, on something useful.

Carefully, Hoshi steered the shuttle away from Enterprise.

"Set a course to the third planet, Ensign," T'Pol ordered.

"Yes, ma'am." After a moment, the shuttle was on its way and Hoshi checked the instruments again and again. The faux pas she had made, while engaging the engines, embarrassed her. Hoshi didn't know why but she was highly excited over the last few days. Maybe because it was springtime, at least according to the earth calendar, she thought. It was ridiculous; they were more than hundred light years from earth. But Hoshi couldn't help herself, she was aroused and for the last few days she had taken care of her needs every morning in the shower. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Hoshi wanted to be touched by another person. And now, after two days in close contact with T'Pol, she was constantly imagining how it would be to be touched by this woman.

Hoshi shook her head slightly. No, she thought. That would never happen. As soon as they were back on Enterprise, she would go to her quarters and take care of herself again.

"Is there a problem, Ensign?" T'Pol had noticed Hoshi shaking her head.

"Uhm, no ma'am."

"Very well." T'Pol observed how Hoshi piloted the shuttle and she had to admit this young Human learned quickly -- even if she seemed distracted over the last few days. During these days T'Pol had observed that some crewmembers were distracted in a similar fashion…And this distracted her as well. The Vulcan didn't know why but there was something… Yesterday evening she had meditated to suppress a certain feeling… It was… irritating.

Twenty minutes later, they were in the orbit around the third planet in the system.

"Well done, Ensign," T'Pol praised.

"Thank you, ma'am." Hoshi smiled at T'Pol but thought it wasn't such a big deal to enter a planetary orbit. Hoshi looked at the Vulcan for a few more seconds.

"Now we will enter the atmosphere and you will take the shuttle to the planet's surface." T'Pol ordered. She had registered how Hoshi had looked at her but didn't quite know what to think.

"Yes, ma'am." If only you would take me and enter me with your tongue or your fingers, or both, Hoshi thought. An image flashed through her mind and again Hoshi blushed. If T'Pol's nipples were as green as her tongue… she wondered briefly. Hoshi blinked and pulled herself together before she looked at the con again. She steered the shuttle into the atmosphere and brought it down on the surface. The landing was a bit rough, but for a first attempt it wasn't that bad, Hoshi thought.

Both women stood outside the shuttle as T'Pol inspected the hull for damage.

Hoshi looked around. It was a lovely planet. A blue sky, white fluffy clouds, warm golden sun, green trees and meadows with thousands of colourful flowers -- which gave this planet a typical earth-like springtime landscape.

"Well, I think there is no need for repairs right now. Fortunately, these shuttles can take a lot before they collapse," T'Pol declared.

Hoshi looked back at her. The Vulcan was on her hands and knees inspecting the underside of the shuttle. Hoshi couldn't help it; the sight of the well-shaped curves of T'Pol's buttocks caused a wave of heat to rush through her centre. She could feel her nipples stiffening as they pressed against her bra. She swallowed heavily. "S-- Sorry ma'am. Next time I… I'll make it better."

T'Pol stood and clapped the dirt from her hands. She turned and faced Hoshi. "There is no need to apologize, Ensign. For your first try you did well." T'Pol looked at the Human but there was no response. And Hoshi's eyes… If T'Pol didn't know better she would have sworn the Ensign's eyes were fixed on her cleavage. And the Human's face was deeply red…

Hoshi couldn't stand it anymore, she couldn't wait any longer. "Excuse me, ma'am. But… I… want… err, I mean, I would… I'll be back in a few minutes." With that, Hoshi turned and jogged across the meadow she had landed the shuttle on towards a line of trees.

T'Pol lifted an eyebrow as she watched Hoshi run off.

For the third time in fifteen minutes, T'Pol looked towards the woods where Hoshi had vanished. She wondered what the Ensign could be doing that took so long. Finally, she took out her communicator. "Ensign Sato?"

There was no answer.

"Ensign Sato? Please respond."

Hoshi didn't.

T'Pol lifted her eyebrow as she put the communicator back into her pocket. She activated her tricorder and scanned the woods. Immediately, a Human life form appeared on the display. It had to be Hoshi, T'Pol thought. Her life signs were… confusing. Maybe the Ensign had had an accident, T'Pol thought. Maybe she'd stumbled over a root, or something, and had injured herself. T'Pol walked in Hoshi's direction and entered the woods.

The Vulcan's eyes alternated between the scanner and the ground. Carefully, T'Pol stepped over broken tree trunks and small rocks. She wondered why Hoshi had gone about hundred metres into the woods. If she had to carry the Ensign back to the shuttle, it would be quite a long trek. Suddenly she heard something that sounded like a quiet moan. Yes, she thought, the Ensign must be hurt. Now she was not more than a few metres away from Hoshi and T'Pol could hear moaning and heavy breathing.

She stepped around a tree, saw Hoshi and… froze. What she saw was…

Both of her eyebrows rose -- almost to the hairline. Hoshi leant against a tree, her blue Starfleet overalls and panties around her ankles. Her left hand was under her tank top obviously caressing her breasts; her right hand was between her legs. T'Pol could see two of Hoshi's fingers moving in and out of her sex. Her head rested against the tree behind her and her eyes were closed. Hoshi's mouth was slightly open and a moan escaped her lips every time she pushed her fingers inside.

T'Pol knew that she had to get back to the shuttle. It was wrong to be here and invade the Ensign's privacy. But there was this tingling in her belly… Suddenly T'Pol realized that her breathing had increased. She stepped back in the shadow of the tree beside her and watched the Human woman masturbate. It was quite common among Vulcans to relieve physical needs, from time to time, by manual stimulation. The last time T'Pol had done it was three months ago, till then she hadn't had that feeling again. But yesterday evening it had come back. The meditation had helped but now she felt the excitement once again. T'Pol watched how the movement of Hoshi's hands became faster and faster. She knew the Human was close.

"Oh, God!" Hoshi moaned.

T'Pol watched as the other woman's body went stiff for a moment. She saw the muscles in Hoshi's stomach contract. Hoshi bent forward, her breath slowing as she gradually sank to the ground. She lay in a heap -- her hand still between her thighs as she slowly calmed down. But every few seconds her body jerked in the aftermath of her orgasm. As Hoshi's breath became slower and slower, T'Pol turned and walked back to the shuttle.

Hoshi breathed deeply as sat back on her heels. She withdrew her hand from her sex and looked at her glistening fingers. She couldn't believe what she had done: masturbated on an unnamed, uninhabited and unexplored planet. And she'd done it, in the middle of the wilderness, less than a hundred metres from her superior – a superior who wouldn't understand that she wasn't able to control herself. But, fortunately, T'Pol would never know. Hoshi lifted her hand and licked her fingers clean. She then stood up, dressed and returned to the shuttle.

T'Pol was already in her seat as Hoshi entered the shuttle. "Ensign."

"Ma'am." Hoshi sat down at the con and pulled out a canteen. She drank thirstily. As she put it back T'Pol spoke, "Are you finished?"

Hoshi blushed once again. "Yes… Yes, ma'am. For now."

"Very well. I think it is time to take off and return to Enterprise."

"Yes, ma'am." Quickly Hoshi initialised the start sequence. The engines hummed as the shuttle climbed into the sky.

With a watchful eye, T'Pol observed how Hoshi handled the shuttle. As they left the atmosphere, Hoshi programmed a course back to Enterprise. The Vulcan sank back in her seat and relaxed a bit. Since she had seen Hoshi orgasm, a tingle in her belly had distracted her. And now it had increased. T'Pol sniffed carefully and suddenly knew she smelled Hoshi's arousal. This had an effect on her. She closed her eyes and concentrated. She couldn't give in to this need. But why not? Maybe this evening in her quarters she could obtain some relief not by meditation but by masturbation. There was no reason to be ashamed of this, T'Pol told herself. It was natural. Yes, she thought. This evening she would do it.

Half an hour later, after Hoshi had docked the shuttle, both women sat in the decontamination chamber and waited for Dr. Phlox. Neither of them had spoken a word since they had entered the chamber. They had stripped to their underwear and T'Pol had taken blood samples from both of them for the doctor. After they had been scanned, Phlox had left the observation room to analyze the blood and the scanner readings. T'Pol and Hoshi sat side-by-side, on a bench, and waited.

Hoshi couldn't help herself as she glanced, out of the corner of her eye, at the half-naked Vulcan. She had seen T'Pol, in her panties and tank top before, but this was the first time she allowed herself to fantasize about the Vulcan. She imagined how it would feel to touch the sweaty, glistening thigh; to lay her hand on that firm belly, to suck on T'Pol's nipples…

T'Pol seemed as calm as ever. Hands clasped in her lap, knees pressed together and her back ramrod straight. But inside… T'Pol had an image, in her head, about Hoshi in her quarters, lying naked on the bed, her legs spread wide open and masturbating in front of her while T'Pol sat naked in a chair doing the same. She fantasized about them watching each other and reaching their orgasms together. And then, T'Pol fantasized, she would crawl into Hoshi's bed, lie on top of her and inhale deeply Hoshi's scent of sweat and arousal. She'd then drift off to sleep while resting in Hoshi's arms.

"Sub-Commander? Ensign?"

Both women looked up, startled.

"Yes, Doctor?" T'Pol and Hoshi stood up and moved to the small window between the decon chamber and the observation room.

Phlox grinned at them. "Your test results are all negative with one exception. It seems that Ensign Sato was exposed to an unknown bacterium. There is no danger, but just to be on the safe side both of you must use a decontamination gel. I already have it prepared. Besides this, you must stay in the decon chamber for another four hours."

"Four hours?" Hoshi couldn't believe it. If she had to stay that long in the chamber, use the decon gel on her body, and watch T'Pol use the gel as well, she was certain she would jump on the Vulcan in the next ten minutes and end up in a corner of the room with a broken nose. There was no way that T'Pol would ever have sex with her. But, on the other hand, Hoshi knew that T'Pol would never hit her.

"Yes," Phlox replied and put two cans of gel into the hatch under the window. He closed the seal on his side and T'Pol opened the one inside the chamber. She took the cans and handed one to Hoshi.

"There is another thing," Phlox continued. "You have to use the gel on the entire body, without exception."

Hoshi gasped.

"Yes, Doctor," T'Pol replied calmly.

"Good, I'll be in sickbay and will comm you in one hour. If there is a problem, don't hesitate to contact me immediately." Phlox left and they were alone.

T'Pol breathed heavily. Four hours with Hoshi in this little room. She had to concentrate, she had to control herself, she was Hoshi's superior and couldn't… or could she? No one would know. It would be nothing more than a mutual release of physical needs. And if Hoshi wouldn't, then T'Pol would have made a complete fool of herself and that would cool her down enough – hopefully. Slowly, T'Pol closed the flap on the window. "This will give us more privacy, Ensign."

"Yes, ma'am." Hoshi looked at the woman in front of her. If she didn't know better she would swear T'Pol was aroused. The Vulcan's nipples poked visibly through her tank top and when Hoshi looked down, she saw a wet spot on the front of T'Pol's panties. Hoshi swallowed and looked away. "Sorry."

"There is no need to apologize for a physical reaction to a… stimulating situation," T'Pol said quietly. That she had exposed herself like this to Hoshi only increased her arousal. "I can see that you are stimulated as well."

Hoshi looked down at her body. There was no way to deny it. She stared at the Vulcan. She had trouble believing what she'd just heard. Could it be possible that T'Pol wanted… No, Hoshi thought. T'Pol was a Vulcan.

T'Pol moved back to the bench and placed the decon gel on it. Hoshi stared at her back. Then, with a quick move, T'Pol pulled her tank top over her head and laid it on the bench next to the gel. Hoshi's eyes widened but she didn't want to miss a single detail. T'Pol bent forward and pulled her panties down. She knew Hoshi had a clear view. She then sat on the bench and dipped her fingers into the can. Hoshi could only imagine what was going on but thinking of T'Pol applying the gel to her bosom caused Hoshi to let out a gasp.

"Ensign, you should begin."

"Y—Yes, ma'am." Hoshi walked to the bench and looked down at the woman.

T'Pol was smearing the gel, with both hands, over her breasts and belly. She did it with slow circling movements and every time her hands roamed over her bosom she dipped the tips of her fingers into the soft flesh.

Hoshi stripped down and sat beside the Vulcan. She used the gel from her own can and bent forward to start applying it to her feet. Hoshi started between her toes, massaging it into her skin. Slowly her hands moved upwards towards her shins. While she applied the gel to her calves she turned her head and looked openly at T'Pol.

The Vulcan had spread her legs wide open and was rubbing the gel along the insides of her thighs. She had closed her eyes and was breathing heavily through her nose. The combined smell of their arousal was overwhelming. The tingle in her belly became more and more intense. T'Pol let her hands wander over her hips, up to her belly, to her navel and then slowly, very slowly down. With both hands, she touched her hot centre and gasped. T'Pol knew that Hoshi could hear her and that she might be watching her -- but right now she didn't care. Her left hand roamed over her belly again and finally cupped her breast. She began to pinch her hard nipples carefully. The fingers of her right hand were caressing her sex. They moved over her pulsating lips and finally T'Pol entered herself first with one, then with a second finger. She began to move them in and out, slowly but constantly. The sensations running through her body caused T'Pol to moan every time her fingers went inside.

Hoshi sat up and stared open-mouthed at T'Pol. She couldn't believe that the Vulcan woman masturbated so openly in front of her and that she was obviously enjoying it. While she watched the other woman, she unconsciously began to mimic her movements. Hoshi's left hand massaged her breasts, first left then right, then left again. Her right hand found the juncture between her legs. Hoshi's thumb was on her clit and the slow stimulation of this bundle of nerves sent waves of pleasure through her body. Then Hoshi slipped two fingers inside and began to slowly rock her hips against her hand.

The room was filled with the moans and gasps of two women pleasuring themselves. Neither of them knew how much time had passed but it didn't matter to either one of them.

T'Pol felt her orgasm building inside of her. She spread her legs even wider and pushed her hips forward to intensify the contact between her sex and her hand. Her knee touched Hoshi's thigh and suddenly a wave of pure lust rushed through T'Pol's body. It was Hoshi's lust the Vulcan felt and that pushed her over the edge. Her body contracted, she bent forward, her limbs went soft and she slid from the bench. Curled up on the floor one wave of pleasure after another ran through her body -- causing her to moan aloud and gasp for air. T'Pol enjoyed the fire burning in her lower belly while she jerked every few seconds as something landed on her causing a second orgasm to explode within her.

Hoshi felt the touch of their knees and something hit her. She didn't know what it was or why it happened but she reached her climax immediately. As she exploded in pleasure, she tried to steady herself and grabbed for the edge of the bench. Unfortunately, her slippery hand couldn't grab hold while her right hand was still buried between her thighs. Hoshi fell to the floor landing on something soft. Her body spasmed, again and again, as she ground herself into whatever she had landed on. At this point, she could see nothing but stars.

Slowly both women calmed down. After a few minutes, they found themselves on the floor of the decon chamber lying in each other's arms. Somehow Hoshi had landed on top of T'Pol and their legs were intertwined.

Finally, Hoshi was able to lift her head. She looked into T'Pol's wide brown eyes. Never before had she seen such deep eyes stare so intensely into hers like T'Pol's did. After some moments, she bent down and pressed her lips against the other woman's.

The Vulcan enjoyed feeling Hoshi skin-to-skin. She enjoyed her weight and her smell. And T'Pol could again sense Hoshi's feelings. She sensed lust replaced by satisfaction, she sensed easiness and joy. And… there was something else… T'Pol had never experienced anything like it with a non-Vulcan but she thought it was more then just animalistic lust. As the Human's lips touched hers, she opened her mouth and let Hoshi's tongue slip inside. Their tongues met and T'Pol registered Hoshi's taste. It was strange and new. And she found that she liked it.

Slowly, Hoshi's tongue explored the Vulcan's mouth. She could feel T'Pol's body heat and the hammering of her lover's heart.

Finally, Hoshi broke the kiss and T'Pol pulled her head to her shoulder. The Vulcan wrapped her arms around Hoshi's waist and held her tight. Each enjoyed the feel of the other's body.

"Will you come with me to my quarters when we leave the decon chamber?" T'Pol asked after some minutes.

Hoshi didn't move as she answered. "Yes, I will."

Slowly T'Pol began to stroke the Human's back. "Do you know what happened as we touched each other?"


"There was an emotional connection between us. You felt my emotions as I felt yours."

"A connection?"


Hoshi smiled. "Will it happen again?"

"That depends," T'Pol answered. "If you want it to."

"Yes, I want it again." That was the truth. Never before Hoshi had felt anything like that; and the idea of she and T'Pol having some kind of connection between them wasn't that odd, Hoshi thought.

"The more often it happens the stronger the connection will become."

Now Hoshi lifted her head and looked at T'Pol. "You want me to be with you more often?"

T'Pol pushed several strands of hair behind Hoshi's ear. "Yes, as long as you want to be with me, too."

It was answer enough when Hoshi smiled and put her head back on the Vulcan's shoulder.

The End

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