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By Olli


T'Pol felt warm and comfortable between the states of sleep and awakening. Somewhere in her mind a tiny voice whispered that such physical effects were irrelevant. A long time ago she had learned that physical perceptions had to be ignored - as long as they are not life threatening, but the voice faded quickly and the Vulcan embraced the warmth covering her body as she drifted back to sleep.

Slowly T'Pol awoke. She opened her eyes and found herself in a semi-dark yet familiar room. She remembered the feeling of warmth she'd had during the night. T'Pol couldn't deny it but she had slept better than she had in a long time. Suddenly a realization hit her: She was in her quarters but she couldn't remember how she had come here! She had been on the bridge performing a scan. But after that there was only emptyness in her memory.

Then T'Pol registered two things: first, she was naked, normally she never slept naked. And secondly, she registered a body laying half on top of her! She looked down and saw long, black hair floating over her bare chest. The other woman - she was obviously a woman - slept peaceful. T'Pol could feel her breath on her skin.

She reached out to the panel besides her bed, activating the light. She saw clothes scattered around her quarters: her coveralls, shoes, socks and a pair of blue starfleet-coveralls.

The Vulcan propped herself up onto her elbows to look around in the room more closely. The woman in T'Pol's bed mumbled in protest as her living matress moved. She stired, shifted and a small arm sneaked over T'Pol's belly and a warm and soft body snuggled up to her. Hoshi Sato tried to find a comfy place to rest her head.

Almost instinctively the Vulcan fell back on the mattress. The sensation sent a warm wave through her body and for a moment, T'Pol allowed herself to relax and enjoy the feeling of another body skin on skin to hers. Then, her heritage kicked in and told her that it was unacceptable to behave in such a way. She moved her hand to the young woman's back to shake her gently. The only result was that Hoshi snuggled even closer to her and suddenly T'Pol found herself in the situation that she was holding the young ensign who had rested her head on the Vulcan's shoulder and fastened her grip around T'Pol's waist.

Again she shook the human. "Ensign."

A muffled moan and some more shifting was the only response.

T'Pol could not deny anymore that the sensation was more than pleasant. It had been a very long time since she had shared this kind of physical closeness with someone. She concentrated and calmed down her emotions. Just at that moment Hoshi shifted again and her thigh found its way between the Vulcan's legs pressing on her bare center.

For a second, she let the feeling of sexual pleasure float freely through her body while staring with eyes wide open at the ceiling. Then she concentrated and channeled all the feelings and emotions into the quiet and controlled places where they belonged. T'Pol's breathing became slower, the arousal vanished and her heartbeat evened.

Finally, the Vulcan was again in physical and mental control. Resolute she shook the human. "Ensign Sato! You have to wake up," she said aloud.

"What?" Hoshi stirred.

"Ensign, we have to get up."

With a jerk Hoshi sat up. The sheet piled around her waist exposing her bare bossom. Wide eyed, she stared at T'Pol who lay completely naked before the human as her sudden movement had ripped the sheet away. "Oh God!"

Quickly, Hoshi pulled up the sheet to cover herself while trying not to stare at the beautiful, naked woman lying right before her. "What happened?"

The last thing she could remember was being on the bridge monitoring the comm systems.

Hoshi was still trying to figure out what had happened as the Vulcan unceremoniously climbed out of the bed. The young linguist couldn't resist but watch the smooth and elegant movement of the other woman. It was a fascinating display of grace and strength and she could do nothing but react to that picture. It was almost a disappointment as the Vulcan put on a robe.

Fastening the belt around her waist, the Vulcan turned to Hoshi. "I have no memory about the events of the last..." T'Pol looked at the chrono on her desk. "...the last eight hours, ensign."

"Oh. But..."

"We can assume that we have engaged in sexual intercourses, ensign," the Vulcan stated bluntly.

Hoshi swallowed. "Well, yes...," she mumbled. The young human was taken aback by the Vulcan's clinical use of words. It was almost like a bucket of cold water had been dropped on her. Embarrassed Hoshi avoided looking into the other woman's eyes. She knew from other – very rare – occasions that T'Pol was able to show emotions with a minimal use of body language or alteration of her voice; but now there was nothing, and Hoshi took this as a sign of how awkward the situation must be for the Vulcan.

"Do you want to shower first, ensign?" The older woman's voice cut into Hoshi's musings.

"Shower?" Hoshi asked baffled. "You... You're not throwing me out?"

"Why should I," T'Pol replied flatly.

"Umm, because I…" Hoshi trailed off looking into her lap.

The Vulcan tilted her head questioningly. "Because you…?" She urged Hoshi to continue.

Looking up, the young human blushed. "Because I seduced you." Hoshi didn't look away.

The statement baffled the Vulcan, even if her face and body language didn't give away a clue about that. "Why do you think so? We don't know what happen, yet."

"Right," Hoshi mumbled. "I need to shower." Awkwardly, she climbed out of the bed while trying to wrap the sheet around her body.

The Vulcan watched Hoshi collect her clothes and then disappear into the bathroom. She had to admit that the partialy covered body of the young human was a pleasurable picture. The only thing she could not understand was the odd behaviour. True, it was an awkward situation but they don't know what had happened and what had caused them to spend the night together. It was a riddle that had to be resolved. But they could review the situation later.

T'Pol looked around. First, she should clean up the mess.

In the bathroom, Hoshi lay her uniform aside and let the sheet slip to the floor. She couldn't help but to look around curiously. It was the first time she was in the sub-commander's quarters, let alone her bathroom. They didn't look much different from her's except that this bathroom looked more orderly. Finally, she stepped in front of the sink, resting her hands heavily at the edge and let her head hang. She sighed; she couldn't believe what she had done!

T'Pol was the most intelligent person Hoshi had ever met. The Vulcan was confident, experienced and always in control; and she was beautiful. T'Pol was the partner Hoshi had craved for almost her whole adult life; but she had never dared to make a move on the Vulcan. Hoshi knew a lot about Vulcan traditions and rituals, but there were a few holes in the database that the Vulcans didn't want to fill. For example; if same sex relationships are allowed in Vulcan culture; or relationships with non-Vulcans. Hoshi didn't even know how to court a Vulcan in the right way. Flowers and candy would probably be seen as inappropriate and illogical. At least she could be thankful that the sub-commander had not accused her of sexual assault.

Hoshi looked up in the mirror and her eyes grew wide. There was a hickey at her throat!

As Hoshi stepped from the bathroom she wore her uniform. Her wet hair clung to her head. She looked briefly at the Vulcan who sat on the edge of the bed still wearing nothing but her robe. "Ma'am," Hoshi looked away. "I... Well., I have to go."

"As you wish, ensign. But we still have to find out what has happened. I would like you to write a complete report about anything that you can remember that happened in the last 24 hours. I will do the same."

"Yes, ma'am." Hoshi nodded. "But there is a problem."

"What kind of problem, ensign?"

Hoshi lifted her head and tuned slightly so that the Vulcan had a better view at the human's throat. "You gave me a hickey." Hoshi looked up with an embarrassed smile.

T'Pol lifted an eyebrow and stood up from the bed. She approached Hoshi slowly and hesitantly lifted a hand. "May I, ensign?"

Hoshi pulled down the collar of her uniform and the Vulcan peered intensively at the sign of their passion. After a few seconds of looking at the tiny mark, T'Pol stepped back.

"What if someone asks me about it?" Hoshi shifted, uncomfortable.

Despite what other species thought, Vulcans are capable of lying; as a member of the Vulcan Security Service T'Pol had worked undercover more than once. But this situation was completely different. Something has happened to them and as long as they don't know what, they had to assume that it could happen again and that it was a possible threat to the crew and the ship. "We can not keep this a secret. Not as long as we do not know what has happen. We have to inform the Captain," T'Pol stated.

"Can't wait for the crew's reaction when we tell them about us," Hoshi mumbled.

T'Pol quirked an eyebrow.

Involuntarily, Hoshi smiled at that gesture. "You are the most beautiful woman aboard and I am the lucky one who got you; that will be the reaction of the crew. But you are right, ma'am," she finally admitted. She walked to the door and lifted her hand to the open-button but hesitated. "Ma'am, I would never want to exploit a situation in which you were affected by… Well, something.."

T'Pol tilted her head. "We do not have enough information to draw that conclusion, Hoshi." She waited for a moment to let the use of the human's first name sink in. She considered the young woman's remark about her beauty a compliment. "Maybe it was me who exploited the situation?'

"Huh?" Hoshi blinked in surprise. "You..."

"Hoshi, I have never given someone a hickey before," the Vulcan interrupted. "Vulcan's, too, have certain needs that have to be satisfied from time to time. I'm glad that of all the people aboard this ship, it was you."

The young woman's eyes grew wide. "Really?"

"Yes," the Vulcan stated simply.

"Does that mean... You were interested in me before...?" Hoshi couldn't believe it what she was hearing.

"Yes." T'Pol nodded once. "'From your comment that you assumed that it was you that had seduced me, I can logically conclude that you are interesten in me, too?"

Hoshi swallowed heavily. "Every time we worked closely together on a project I thought about asking you to share a meal; or asking you to go to the movie night with me... But I never had the courage to do so."

T'Pol opened her mouth to respond as the comm-panel bleeped. The Vulcan closed her mouth and switched the com on. "T'Pol."

"Archer here. I want all senior staff members in my ready room ASAP!"

"Yes, sir." T'Pol switched the comm-panel off. "I will shower quickly. Please inform the captain I will attend the meeting a few minutes later."

"I will, T'Pol," the young human said. She turned towards the door slightly disappointed that she had to leave.


Turning around the linguist faced T'Pol again.

"If we have the time would you visit me this evening? I would like to continue our conversation." The Vulcan looked straight at Hoshi. In the last few minutes they had talked more openly than ever before. She was sure Hoshi would agree.

"I would like that," Hoshi replied smiling.

"Captain." T'Pol greeted as she entered the briefing room. She nodded at Commander Tucker, Lieutenant Reed, Doctor Phlox and Ensign Mayweather, then she took a seat right besides Hoshi.

"T'Pol. You alright?" Archer asked.

"Yes, sir."

"Okay. We have already agreed to share whatever happened to us. Hopefully, it will help us to solve the riddle. Malcolm has already told us that he had spent the night in the armoury, apparently trying to modify our weapons systems."

"Yes, sir." The weapons specialist nodded. "I don't know how I started the modifications but it was an idea I've had for a long time now. I would like to continue the work."

"Alright, if you think so, do it but first I want you to do a complete sweep of the ship. Maybe this incident had been caused by intruders and we can find traces about them," Archer ordered.

Reed nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Travis?" The captain went on.

"I wrote letters for my family, sir," the young helmsman replied.

"You wrote letters for eight hours," the captain asked disbelievingly.

Travis shrugged. "For a long time I wanted to tell them some things, sir. I looked through the letters and I think I wrote something important. I will send them to my people."

"Okay. As soon as we are finished here I want you to help T'Pol checking the scanner logs and our course for the last twenty four hours." Archer ordered. "Maybe you will find something unusual."

Travis nodded.

"Trip?" Archer continued.

The chief engineer grinned. "Had a rough night with two girls."

The captain frowned and Tucker lifted his hands in defense. "Hey, I don't know if it was my idea," he said still grinning.

"Umm, okay. I want you to check the ships systems."

"My staff's already on it, cap.."

"Okay. Doctor?"

The Denobulan smiled. "I've done already some examinations of some crewmembers. It seems no one had been spared. But till now I have no evidence for an infection or any other medical explanation. I will continue the examinations of the crew, but I will also analyze the food, water and air."

"Okay, doc. And what happened to you?"

"I was in my quarters. I don't know why I left sickbay or what I did while in my quarters, Captain."

"Okay." Archer turned towards T'Pol. "Sub-Commander?"

Hoshi tried to hold up her composure and looked at the Vulcan. She didn't know what the Vulcan would do. On one hand, it was oblivious that the senior staff must be informed of anything unusual, on the other hand, she didn't like the idea of telling other people about her sex life.

T'Pol knew the captain was right to ask them about their experiences. The more information they shared the better the chances to find an explanation for this incident. "I spent the night with Ensign Sato."

There was only silence in the room. Lieutenant Reed looked stunned. Ensign Mayweather looked back and forth between the two women. Phlox grinned. Tucker leaned towards Hoshi and slapped her on the thigh. "Congrats, Hoshi. Would've never thought you'd be the lucky one. A pity you can't remember anything." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Or do you?"

Suddenly the mood in the briefing room became uncomfortable. "Trip!" Archer said firmly.

"Awww. Come on, Jon."

"Commander, anything that happened between the Sub-commander and I is private," Hoshi stated angryly; she slapped his hand away.

"Woah, woah! No reason to go balistic, Hoshi." Tucker was baffled by the communication specialist fiercy reply.

Hoshi was angry about the commander's comment despite the fact that she should have expected such a thing from the ship's resident womanizer.

"Okay then. That's settled," Archer said trying to bring the conversation back to the problem at hand. "T'Pol, is there an entry in the Vulcan database about a similar event experienced by a Vulcan ship?"

Everyone looked at the Vulcan when she didn't reply.

"T'Pol?" The others in the room looked stunned as Hoshi briefly touched the Vulcan's hand. The gesture shook the sub-commander out of her current state.

"I do not know if there are any entries about a similar event, sir. But I will run a search in the database as soon as possible." T'Pol said straightening her back.

"Alright. Please check the sensor logs about anything unusual," Archer asked her.

"Of course, sir." T'Pol replied.

"Hoshi, you check the comm logs. Look out for anything unusual. Maybe we were exposed to some kind of transmission," Archer ordered.

"Yes, sir."

The meeting went back to discuss details about the investigation on the amnesia-incident but T'Pol paid little attention. She had felt anger! Anger directed at Commander Tucker because of his bold remarks. She shouldn't have experienced such an emotion because she was in control of them; and to be honest most of Commander Tucker's so called humorous comments were only worthy of being ignored.

As disturbing as the emotions sudden appearance was; what truly troubled T'Pol was to suppress it she'd been forced to use all her abilities in self-control and that was the reason she had ignored the Captain's question.

Only Hoshi's touch had drawn her back from her inner fight and during the brief contact with the human T'Pol had sensed somthing else: concern! Hoshi had been concerned about her and her behaviour.

She shouldn't have felt Hoshi's emotions. Vulcans can't bond to humans in an emotional way. The bond was one of the most sacred parts of Vulcan culture and according to tradition happened only to mates who truly gave themselves to each other. There could be other, lesser forms of bonding but they required physical contact. Only in its highest form could the mental bond work without physical contact. And that was exactly what had happen here.

"Okay, then. You know what to do." Archer declared. "Let's find out what happened."

The meeting was over and anyone left.

The day went by with thorough but uneventful research. The whole crew was busy analyzing everything they could think of. And there were more than a few awkward situations as crewmembers worked together who had had encounters of some kind the night before.

Hoshi and T'Pol spent most of the time on the bridge working at their stations. At lunchtime, Hoshi excused herself to go to the mess hall for a quick meal. She needed a break because the research of the data was stressfull and she found she couldn't concentrate in the proper way. From time to time, she found herself thinking about sensor readings instead of comm logs.

"May I join you, ensign?" T'Pol, sitting at the science station, said as Hoshi walked past her.

"Oh. Of course, ma'am," Hoshi replied. She felt only a slight sting for the use of her rank by the Vulcan. She knew that T'Pol wouldn't call her by her first name while on duty but there was still the memory of their interaction from the morning.

T'Pol joined Hoshi in the turbolift. Both women stood side by side facing the door of the car and remained silent.

The Vulcan had had only little time over the day to think about the possible mind bond that had been formed between her and Hoshi. T'Pol knew she had to find out if this was a real bond between them. And if it was one; she had to tell Hoshi, had to explain the meaning of such a bond to the young human. "Hoshi?" T'Pol finally asked.


"Have you experienced... unusual feelings or premonitions since we parted in my quarters?"

Hoshi blinked in confusion. On one hand, she was glad that the Vulcan still wanted to be on a more personal level with her. On the other hand, T'Pol's odd question confused her. "Unusual feelings...?" she asked uncertain.


Hoshi smiled. "That's an unusual and imprecise phrasing for you."


"But no, I don't think there were any unusual feelings or premonitions," Hoshi finally said, but the uncertainty in her voice was obvious.

"You think...?" T'Pol started, but suddenly was interrupted by the car coming to a halt. The doors opened and Commander Tucker strolled in. "Oh, hi ladies."

"Commander," Hoshi said shortly.

T'Pol only nodded at him. At the same time she payed attention if she again sensed emotions from Hoshi. T'Pol concentrated and suddenly there was a wave of uneasiness directed at Tucker. T'Pol almost crossed her arms in front of her chest but was able to surpress the urge. Like she had learned so many years ago, she emitted calmness, in the hope Hoshi would sense it and react. Slowly, she felt the uneasiness vanishing.

"You going to the mess hall?" Tucker registered the frosty behaviour of the women and tried to be cheerful.

"Indeed." The Vulcan did not even both to turn to the engineer.

Tucker shuffled his feet. It was clear to him that he had to say something. "I apologise for what I said during the meeting. It was out of line. What ever goes on between the two of you is your private thing."

T'Pol looked at the human. "I accept your apology, Commander."

Hoshi finally smiled at Tucker. "Thank you."

"Has" your investigation achieved results?" T'Pol changed the topic.

Tucker shrugged. "No, nothing. Maybe this whole amnesia thingy was something so odd that our sensors are not sophisticated enough to pick something up."

"That's a lot of speculation, Commander," Hoshi stated.

The door whooshed open and Tucker quickly stepped out of the car. "Maybe your girlfriend can come up with a more complicated explanation. But from my point of view that's it," he grinned, waved over his shoulder and hurried down the corridor towards the mess hall.

Frustrated, Hoshi pinched the bridge of her nose. "Sometimes, I want to hug him, and sometimes I want to strangle him."

"I understand what you mean," T'Pol said, while clasping her hands behind her back. "I want to come back to my previous question," she said while she walked besides the young human down the corridor towards the mess hall.

Hoshi lifted her eyebrows in curiosity about the Vulcan's insistence. "Uhm, a few times on the bridge I couldn't concentrate on my task. Suddenly, I found myself thinking about sensor readings. I... I don't know..." Hoshi looked apologetic and shrugged.

T'Pol remembered the occasions she had found sensor readings that looked promising. She had concentrated on them, and obviously, had emitted her thoughts so that Hoshi could sense it.

Both women entered the mess hall and T'Pol decided that the crowded room wasn't the right place to discuss this further. "I can explain this lack of concentration, but I would like to do so in a more private place.."

"You can explain this?" Hoshi was baffled. Suddenly, some pieces felt into place. Wide eyed, the linguist looked at T'Pol. "Vulcans are contact-telepaths..." she whispered.

"I don't want to discuss this here," the Vulcan stated harshly. She saw the flicker of hurt in the human's eyes and tried to take the sting from her words. "Please," she said quietly.

"Alright," Hoshi nodded. "I think I can manage to be at your quarters at 1900 hours."

"That will be acceptable," T'Pol confirmed. Both women took their meals and sat on a table discussing their research about the amnesia-incident.

Nervously, Hoshi walked down the corridor. She glanced at her chrono to make sure she wouldn't be too late. It was 1851 hours.

She wondered what would come out of their talk. This morning it seemed so easy to talk about what she had felt for so long - but now? After so many hours could they tie in with their conversation? What would T'Pol say?

She had pondered on the idea if this could be considered a date, and if yes, what it would mean to date a Vulcan? The database wasn't much of a help about that. But the thought of dating T'Pol was surely delightful. Hoshi had thought long and hard about what to wear for her 'not a date'-date and finally decided for a black jeans and a red blouse with the first two buttons open. Three buttons open seemed too adventurous she had decided.

She rounded a corner and spotted the door to the Vulcan's quarters. Once again, she glanced at the chrono. It showed 1858 hours.

T'Pol glanced one last time around. She knew that her rooms were in perfect order. Yet, she had never invited someone she had been intimate with into her private quarters. Every time she had had an encounter, it had happened in the other one's home or in a neutral place like a hotel. It was her way to keep distance. She knew there was no logic behind that, but the thought of being sexual active with another person in her private rooms made her uncomfortable.

But Hoshi... With Hoshi it seemed different. Of all the people aboard it was Hoshi she felt most comfortable being around. Hoshi was reserved and yet determined, and intelligent. Besides that she was beautiful in an alien way.

T'Pol remembered as she had put new sheets on the bed. The old ones had still smelled of herself and Hoshi. It was an arousing mix. Suddenly the Vulcan registered nervousness. What if Hoshi didn't want her? What if Hoshi wanted to have sex with her again?

She did some quick breathing exercises to calm herself. She knew she shouldn't be nervous. It was illogical. But the unwelcome emotion was there and it grew the closer the time of their meeting came. The Vulcan realised that she again sensed emotions from the human. It was Hoshi who was nervous. T'Pol wondered why Hoshi reacted in this way to their meeting.

Hoshi arrived at T'Pol's quarters and breathed deeply to calm herself. She pushed the button to activate the door chime.

T'Pol opened the door. She greeted her guest informally; after all they both were off duty. "Hoshi." She stepped aside, making room for the human.

"T'Pol," the young human replied. Hoshi looked stunned at the other woman. T'Pol wore a t-shirt and light pants. To Hoshi it looked almost like a pajama set. She was sure that T'Pol wasn't wearing a bra.

The Vulcan couldn't resist but for a moment her eyes were fixed to the human's cleavage and the slightly open blouse. She knew that the arousal she had felt before was still lingering in the back of her mind and decided not to fight it down this time. Slowly, she turned her eyes away.

Hoshi registered what her host looked at and blushed.

"Please have a seat," T'Pol said and pointed at the sofa.

Hoshi did so and looked at the older woman.

The Vulcan hesitated for a moment and then decided to sit down beside Hoshi on the sofa. "There is no reason to be nervous, Hoshi."

Hoshi blinked, surprised, but said nothing.

T'Pol reached for a teapot. "Do you want some tea?"

Hoshi nodded and T'Pol poured her guest some of the hot liquid. The human took the mug and sipped carefully.

The Vulcan poured some tea for herself and looked at the young human. "Your calm reaction about the possible bond between us is remarkable," she said.

Hoshi took some moments to think before she answered. "I don't know how to block a telepath. But I know I can trust you." Hoshi shrugged uncertain. "It is weird."

Immediately, the Vulcan recognized the problem; lack of information caused false assumptions. "Hoshi, I cannot read your thoughts. All I can do for now is sense your feelings. I sensed your dislike for Commander Tucker during the senior staff meeting, but if you had certain ideas like causing physical harm to him, I was not aware of that." T'Pol sat there with the expression of a sphinx and took a sip from her tea.

Hoshi blinked in surprise. "Really?" She smiled thankful for T'Pol's attempt to lift the mood.


"I... I thought..." Hoshi put her cup down. "I thought you could read my mind like an open book." She looked at the older woman. "It scared me. I thought that my thoughts were not my own... It was..." She trailed off and smiled, uncertain and apologetic, at the older woman. "What if you learn something about me that you find... Disgusting? Or... Or..." Helpless, Hoshi shrugged.

T'Pol was taken aback by the human's declaration. "The p'pil'la'ai ritual will sever such a connection. For that we have to go to Vulcan and ask for the help of an experienced mind master. The longer we wait, and the longer we stay close, the bond will become stronger and stronger. And after enough time, I will indeed be able to read your thoughts."

"And how long...?"

"I can not answer this question," T'Pol replied. "It depends on mutual affection and how much time we spend together."

"So..." Again Hoshi trailed off.

"You said that you were not able to concentrate on your duties on the bridge because you thought about sensor readings." T'Pol continued. She had to explain the whole meaning of the bond to Hoshi.

"Yes." Hoshi nodded.

"You sensed how I concentrated on my task." The Vulcan went on. "I had never anticipated that such a connection between a Vulcan and a non-Vulcan would be possible. The issue had to be researched more thoroughly. For now we have to assume that you indeed can sense my feelings if I emit them. Maybe, in time you will be able to read my thoughts as well as I will be able to read yours."

Hoshi looked for a moment confused at the other woman. "Did you just say that you have feelings?"

Unhurriedly, T'Pol took another sip of tea. She had told Hoshi so much about the private aspects of Vulcan society, now she had to go all the way. "Even though it is a well kept secret to the rest of the universe yes, Vulcans have feelings just like any other biological life form." She glanced over the rim of her cup at the human and suddenly Hoshi had the impression the Vulcan was smirking at her without actually moving her face.

Hoshi chuckled about the Vulcan's comment. "I like your sense of humor."

T'Pol lifted an eyebrow at that.

Pacifying, Hoshi lifted her hand while holding her mug in the other. "Let me guess; that Vulcans have a sense for humor is another well kept secret, right?"

"I cannot confirm that," T'Pol deadpanned and watched the young human smile. It was a pleasing picture. She wondered if she would sense Hoshi's joy if she dropped her mental shields.

Finally, Hoshi became serious again. "What do we do now?"

The Vulcan looked Hoshi in the eyes. "I believe that during the amnesia-period we did what we desired for a long time, but never dared to act upon."

Hoshi nodded slowly. "I think you are right. And if we don't sever the bond?" She asked looking straight at the other woman.

T'Pol said nothing and Hoshi answered the question herself. "The bond will deepen over time…"

T'Pol put her cup down on the table.

"It would mean we would be bonded for… for the rest of our lifes, right?"


"I don't even know what it means to be bonded to a Vulcan," Hoshi whispered.

"I can explain it to you." T'Pol answered, also whispering.

Hoshi, still looking at T'Pol, asked. "Would it mean we are… married?"

"It is not the same as a marriage you know from Earth. But…" T'Pol clarified.

"…but you will explain it to me," Hoshi finished.


Hoshi smiled.

"Do you want me?" T'Pol asked. She felt nervousness creeping into her. She closed her eyes for a moment and banned the emotion from her consciousness. She didn't know if it was her own nervousness or if she again sensed Hoshi's.

Hoshi registered the Vulcan closing her eyes. She didn't know how to interpret this. It almost looked to her as if the Vulcan was praying.

T'Pol opened her eyes, the nervousness was gone. Hoshi hadn't answered and T'Pol decided to make a move. She leaned forward.

Hoshi's eyes grew wide but she didn't back off. Her breathing increased as she realized what T'Pol was going to do.

T'Pol cupped Hoshi's cheek with her hand and brushed her lips over the Human's. To both women it seemed as if an electric shock 'had' run through their bodies. As they parted, T'Pol watched as Hoshi sat on the sofa, eyes closed and unmoving. The Vulcan waited.

Hoshi opened her eyes, looked at T'Pol and smiled. She licked her lips. "Wow."

For T'Pol, it was invitation enough. She slid closer towards Hoshi. This time, when their lips met and(remove) the kiss deepened.

Hoshi leaned into the Vulcan and suddenly both women were enveloped in each others arms. Hoshi's hands found their way under T'Pol's shirt and she rested them on the small of her back. She trailed her fingertips over soft skin. Suddenly, she remembered the few moments of the morning before she was completely awake. Resting on T'Pol, feeling her skin on her's had been indescribable. A hot wave rushed through her body and Hoshi registered the Vulcan's higher bodyheat. Finally, they parted and Hoshi buried her face in the Vulcan's neck. She deeply inhaled the scent of her lover.

T'Pol felt the human's hands on her back. She wanted to feel Hoshi in the same way and lifted her hand. She caressed the human's cheek and let her hand wander down to Hoshi's cleveage. Her fingertips touched the soft skin between the human's breasts and her palm rested right above her lover's heart. She felt Hoshi's hammering heartbeat.

"And now?" Hoshi mumbled against T'Pol's skin.

"We will see," the Vulcan whispered.

The kissed again and neither of them protested as they sank to the sofa; their lips never parting.



*One year later*

Hoshi entered the bathroom. She hadn't bothered to put on a robe as she had stripped out of her uniform. She looked at the shower stall and admired the shadowlike, smooth movement she could see behind the frosted glass.

Hoshi opened the door to the shower and suddenly she was surrounded by a cloud of warm steam. She stepped into the shower and closed her arms around her lover's waist from behind. She kissed the older woman's neck and rested her chin on T'Pol's shoulder. "How was your day, love?" There was no sound besides the rush of the water.

The Vulcan turned around and closed her arms around her lover. "Very interesting, t'hy'la," the Vulcan said without moving her lips.

The End

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