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Interesting Things
By Olli


"That's… Quite Impressive."



"You…" Hoshi looked up and blushed as she looked into the stony face of Sub-Commander T'Pol. "You don't think it's too… too… Errr, you know…"

The dark haired Vulcan quirked an eyebrow as she returned the ensign's view, then she looked back down. T'Pol examined the object of the Human's embarrassment again very closely and finally she nodded and looked firmly into Hoshi's eyes. "There is no reason to be ashamed."

Again Hoshi blushed. She was still a little embarrassed but at the same time she was glad that the Vulcan made this so easy for her.

They sat side by side on the couch in Hoshi's quarters aboard Enterprise. At the coffee table in front of them stood two cups of tea forgotten and slowly getting cold since Hoshi had found the courage to ask T'Pol about her opinion. Originally they had met to have something Hoshi called their weekly girls talk and this time their talk had drifted into this direction. Then Hoshi had felt comfortable enough to ask T'Pol and the Vulcan had listened and gave her concentration to Hoshi. But as she had asked the Human to show her the source for her uneasiness the tea went down the wrong way in Hoshi's throat and they sat there Hoshi trying to catch her breath again while T'Pol patted her on the back, concerned. But finally Hoshi had opened up to T'Pol and now she was relieved that she had done it.

Hoshi looked back down into her lap and as she touched it with the tips of her fingers a shiver ran through her body.

T'Pol looked at the Human and she was still amused about Hoshi's behaviour.

"But what about…" Hoshi started again.

Immediately T'Pol interrupted her. "Look, I saw some of these… well, not much but a few. To be honest, yours is not the biggest one I have ever seen but it has a good medium size."

Hoshi smiled at T'Pol and looked her straight in the eyes. "Not too big and not too small…"

"…just right to be pleasant," T'Pol finished.

"Thank you."

T'Pol couldn't resist. The mix of blushing and smiling on Hoshi's face caused warmth to rush through her body. Slowly she stretched her hand out but hesitated and looked at the Human. Hoshi nodded and T'Pol touched it; let her fingers softly brushing over it and caused Hoshi to smile. "It is… impressive," T'Pol said again and something like the slightest hint of a smile appeared at the corners of T'Pol's mouth, just for the fraction of a second.

Finally Hoshi breathed heavily through her nose and stood up. She walked over to a wardrobe.

"There is no need to hide it," T'Pol said as Hoshi opened a drawer. She stepped behind the Human and looked over her shoulder.

"You think?" Hoshi shivered slightly as she felt the warmth of the Vulcan's body.

Hoshi relaxed and sunk into the other woman's body as T'Pol wrapped her lover in her arms and rested her chin on the Human's shoulder. "Hoshi, you are the first Human who ever won the 'All Galaxy Translator's Contest'. You earned this cup."

Hoshi chuckled. "You should've seen that Andorian. I thought he would explode as I translated that ancient Vulcan saying, beat him and won the contest."

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there," the Vulcan whispered.

Hoshi smiled and squeezed T'Pol's hand. "It's alright. I know… duty…"

The Vulcan tightened her grip around Hoshi. "I'm so proud of you."

The End

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