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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I tried to inform me how a Vulcan woman experiences her pon farr. Unfortunately there are only a few informations about it. The book "Dwellers in the crucible" by Margaret Wander Bonanno was a great help. The author describes the pon far of a Vulcan female while she and a Human female were kidnapped by the Klingons and Romulans. The story of the book plays between TOS and TNG. The Vulcan words I used are from the site http://home.teleport.com/~vli/vlif.htm Thank you very much fort this tip Nadia.
SERIES: This story continues the series Change, Heartbeat, Morningdawn, Cover, Dusk, Questions, Pain, Talk, Preparations, Lust, Taken and Love.
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By Olli


T'Pol awoke slowly. In her sleep she had snuggled close to Hoshi's back. Her arm lay over the Human's chest and she held the young woman firmly. Hoshi's bottom pressed against T'Pol's lap, their legs were intertwined. T'Pol's face rested in Hoshi's neck and her hair tickled the Vulcan's nose.

She remained still because she didn't want to wake her wife. T'Pol breathed quietly through her nose and savoured Hoshi's scent. Over the last few months she had gotten used to Hoshi's scent, to the taste of her skin, her kisses and the taste of her most intimate parts.

Now the Vulcan inhaled deeply through her nose and analyzed the scent of Hoshi's hair. At first there was the scent of the standard Starfleet shampoo, a scent of clinical cleanness without any exotic fragrances. T'Pol herself used it as well. Under this was Hoshi's natural body odour, the Vulcan had never found the words to describe it. At last there was the delicate scent of the Human's perfume. It was nothing obtrusive or sweet but a decent, slightly fruity scent. All together this was Hoshi's scent and T'Pol would never forget it.

For half an' hour the Vulcan lay still and held her wife in her arms. Their union might not be official but yesterday evening they had decided they would see themselves as a married couple. They had taken the ancient Vulcan oath which would bind them together for the rest of their lives.

Slowly Hoshi began to move, sighing quietly. T'Pol felt the hardened muscles of the Human. She had asked a lot from Hoshi and she had received it willingly but now nature demanded its tribute from the Human's body. Even T'Pol could feel the after effects of their… activities. She caressed Hoshi's belly with her thumb without moving her hand and after some minutes Hoshi intertwined her fingers with her wife's. T'Pol propped up on her elbow and kissed Hoshi's bare shoulder.

"Good morning," the Vulcan whispered.

Hoshi snuggled closer to T'Pol and looked her in the eyes. "Morning," she said yawning.

"How do you feel?"

Hoshi's eyes sparkled and she grinned. "Exhausted but great."

"Wait a moment." T'Pol put the sheets aside and left the bed. She disappeared into the bath and a moment later she came back with a bottle in her hands. Hoshi recognized it and rolled on her stomach with anticipation.

The Vulcan lowered her naked body on Hoshi's bottom, her knees right and left straddled Hoshi's waist. She shook the bottle because of the movement the liquid would warm up. Then T'Pol opened the bottle and dripped slowly the thick massage lotion on Hoshi's back. She began on the Human's neck and followed the spine down to Hoshi's behind. Every movement of her hands caused Hoshi to moan.

Hoshi enjoyed it and winded like a Cheshire cat under her lover. T'Pol put the bottle on the bedside table and placed her hands flat on Hoshi's hips. Her thumbs lay exactly on the lower end of Hoshi's spine and with her fingers and palms she put an exactly calculated pressure on Hoshi's back. T'Pol shoved her hands over her wife's back and spread the lotion over Hoshi's skin.

The Human sighed softly under T'Pol's knowing fingers and she breathed deeply as the lotion caused a cozy feeling.

T'Pol's hands reached the Human's neck. Her thumbs disappeared in Hoshi's hair and slowly she massaged the knots out of Hoshi's muscles.

Forty minutes later T'Pol knelt at the foot end of the bed and held Hoshi's feet in her lap. With her fingertips she stimulated the nerve points on the soles. Hoshi sighed contently. She felt totally relaxed and refreshed. Finally T'Pol put Hoshi's feet back on the mattress. "How do you feel now?" she asked.

Hoshi turned slowly on her back and smiled dreamily. "Much better. Thank you."

The Vulcan's eyes sparkled and it seemed as if she smiled for half of an eye blink.

"Now it's my turn." Hoshi sat up and knelt as well on the mattress.

T'Pol nodded and turned around she sat on her heels and folded her hands in her lap.

Hoshi put a little bit lotion on her palms and positioned herself right behind T'Pol. Hoshi knew that her wife reacted in a different way to physical exertions than she did. Vulcans get no aching muscles in the way Humans get. But Hoshi knew that T'Pol's right shoulder must hurt. It was a 'souvenir' from her time with the Vulcan Security Ministry. T'Pol had shown her how to treat the shoulder months ago and under the young woman's touch T'Pol relaxed visibly. She let her head fall to her chest and breathed relieved through her nose.

Ten minutes later Hoshi finished her massage and wrapped her arms around her wife. She did it carefully so as not to put too much pressure on T'Pol's right shoulder. Hoshi didn't kiss T'Pol's shoulder because she had done this as well months ago and the lotion had burned on her lips like hell! Yelling Hoshi had run to the bathroom; her hands pressed to her mouth to wash away the lotion and as she had come back to the living room she could swear the Vulcan had laughed about her! T'Pol hadn't admitted it by words but later that night she had made it up to Hoshi – twice!

But now Hoshi rested her chin on T'Pol's left shoulder and whispered "I love you."

T'Pol leant back into her wife and pressed her hands gently.

Two hours later Hoshi and T'Pol stood in sick bay and waited for Dr. Phlox's diagnosis. Finally the doctor looked up from his monitor and eyed the two women. "Sub-Commander, your scans are back to normal. You can go back to duty tomorrow morning. Or you can use your last day of medical leave to relax a little bit and go back to duty the day after tomorrow."

Phlox turned to Hoshi. "Ensign, you seem a little bit exhausted. Nothing serious but you should rest for another day."

"Yes, doctor."

"Good. Sleep and eat plentiful. The day after tomorrow you can go back to duty."

"Doctor?" T'Pol interrupted. "I will take the last day of my medical leave as well."

"Alright," Phlox said and grinned. But then he became serious. "Sub-Commander, Ensign. Thank you for trusting me… and I wish both of you all the best for your future."

T'Pol lifted an eyebrow but then she nodded and the Denobulan thought the Vulcan would smile at him without changing her expression.

Hoshi reacted a lot more openly. It touched her that there was someone aboard who knew about this and who was glad with her and T'Pol. She lay her hand on Phlox' forearm and smiled. "Thank you, doctor."

The doors to sick bay opened and Captain Archer entered. "Sub-Commander, Doctor, Ensign," he greeted.



"How do you feel, Sub-Commander?" he asked the Vulcan.

"I… feel well, sir. Thank you."

"OK. Hoshi? You're alright?"

"Yes, sir." The young woman smiled at Archer.

Archer nodded and turned to Phlox. "Doctor, when can they be back on duty?"

"The day after tomorrow, Sir. The Sub-Commander and Ensign Sato are well but I will put them for one more day on medical leave to recover completely."

"OK." Archer eyed the three for a moment. "Will someone tell me what really happened?"

Phlox's smile vanished, Hoshi looked decidedly guilty and T'Pol's eyebrow jerked upwards. "Sir?" she asked finally.

"Come on," Archer challenged them. "I thought about this and I don't believe T'Pol was sick with a simple virus infection. In the Vulcan database are no references to any illness which would cause the loss of the ability to speak a foreign language." His voice was neutral but his face expressed his disappointment about the false story his officers had dropped on him.

T'Pol thought for a moment and decided that she could trust Archer in this affair – at least half the way. He had shown his trust that he had in her in the past. The Vulcan moved closer to Hoshi and took her hand. "Sir, I was indeed in a bad condition. And Hoshi helped me through this crisis."

Hoshi eyed T'Pol baffled but then she smiled.

Archer registered this. Hoshi and T'Pol he thought. All right, what ever happened, the two women became closer through this. That T'Pol was still holding Hoshi's hand showed him that there had to be more than friendship between them. But this was none of his business and if Phlox, Hoshi and T'Pol didn't want to tell him, then he had to accept it. T'Pol must have suffered from a serious illness that was out of question for Archer. He was certain his officers wouldn't have lied to him about this. But it had to be something very private and very Vulcan and that had to be the reason he wasn't informed about it. "All right, an 'infection' also. Sub-Commander, Ensign, see you in two days with the beginning of Alpha-shift."

"Yes, sir."

"Of course, sir."

"Doctor, would you have dinner with me in the captain's mess?"

Phlox grinned widely. "Yes, Captain. It will be my honour."

Archer nodded and left sick bay.

T'Pol and Hoshi sat in the Vulcan's quarters on the couch and sipped from their tea in comfortable silence.

T'Pol thought about the crewmen who had greeted her on her way to and from sickbay. They had asked about her state of health and they were glad that she felt better. The sympathy of the crew was – of course – completely irrelevant… but T'Pol had to admit that somewhere deep inside her she felt accepted aboard Enterprise in a way she had never expected six months or a year ago.

Hoshi thought about something else. Three days ago they had melded their minds for the first time and Hoshi couldn't forget it. It had been a wonderful experience!



"The Mind Meld… can we do it again?"

The Vulcan looked surprised at Hoshi. "It was not pleasurable for you." T'Pol hesitated for a moment. …I… I hurt you," she said sadly and looked away. She was still reproaching herself for what she had done.

"It had hurt at the beginning, yes. But as the connection was established… it was great… beautiful." Hoshi put her cup on the little table in front of the couch and lay her hand on T'Pol's. "You told me what could happen and you didn't do it by intention. I…," Hoshi looked T'Pol straight in the eyes. "I would like to try it again."

The Vulcan nodded deliberately and also put her cup on the table. She moved closer to Hoshi and caressed the young woman's face. Then she put her fingertips on the spots in Hoshi's face. "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts…"

The End

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