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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I tried to inform me how a Vulcan woman experiences her pon farr. Unfortunately there are only a few informations about it. The book "Dwellers in the crucible" by Margaret Wander Bonanno was a great help. The author describes the pon far of a Vulcan female while she and a Human female were kidnapped by the Klingons and Romulans. The story of the book plays between TOS and TNG.
SERIES: This story continues the series Change, Heartbeat, Morningdawn, Cover, Dusk, Questions, Pain and Talk.
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By Olli


"I understand," Dr. Phlox said and eyed Ensign Sato and Sub-Commander T'Pol curiously. He had just heard for the first time about pon farr. Despite his cooperation with Vulcan healers for years he had never heard anything about it. But he remembered an incident some years ago. He had worked at a Vulcan medical research centre and a Vulcan male had some kind of fit and had attacked a Vulcan woman. Both of them were taken away immediately and the Vulcans had told him that the man suffered from some kind of infection which caused hallucinations. The man would undergo medical treatment elsewhere. Phlox had offered his help but this was refused politely but unmistakably. A week later the male and the woman had been back and everyone tried to pretend nothing had happen. No one was willing to answer his questions.

But now it was clear what he had witnessed.

Phlox thought about the 'explanation' the director of the research centre had given him. He could do the same! "Well, I could talk to the captain; explain that you've got an infection that influences your brain, Sub-Commander. The infection is not dangerous and not contagious but it causes hallucinations and the loss to speak in foreign languages. Because Ensign Sato is the only person aboard who speaks Vulcan she will be the one to take care of you and I will put both of you on medical leave. I could tell the captain you will have more peace in your own quarters than in sick bay."

"That would be acceptable," T'Pol answered after some seconds of thinking. According to Vulcan standards she would be indeed irresponsible and there was a high possibility that she would speak only in Vulcan during a pon farr attack. Between these attacks she would be able to speak English again.

T'Pol had been quiet as Hoshi had told the doctor about pon farr. The Vulcan wasn't able to speak to him, she stood ramrod straight beside them, her face frozen. Hoshi had been admirably tactful but when Dr. Phlox looked at the Vulcan during the conversation, T'Pol had to fight a feeling of shame deep inside her.

"Alright," the doctor said. "Ensign, I will give you a medical scanner and a heavy sedative…" Phlox hesitated for a moment. "If the… 'affair' goes out of control the ensign can sedate you." The Denubolan had noticed T'Pol's silence and had concluded that she was deeply embarrassed. He had suppressed his scientific curiosity and tried not to ask too detailed questions. The Denobulan medical philosophy demanded that an important part of the healing was the patient's faith in his doctor.

"Doctor, I think not…" T'Pol tried to object but Phlox cut her off.

"Sub-Commander, I will not put you in a position of mortal danger without any kind of medical control! Understood?"

T'Pol hesitated for a moment then she gave in. "Yes, doctor," she said quietly.

Phlox nodded. Once again the Denobulan medical philosophy has proved its truth. "Good!" He turned to Hoshi. "Ensign, I want you to take a scan twice a day. You will inform me immediately if any kind of problem appears. No matter what! Understood?"

"Yes, doctor. I will." Hoshi was relieved that Dr. Phlox understood the seriousness of the situation.

"Sub-Commander, you don't know when your pon farr will reach the last phase?" Phlox asked. He spoke calmly and neutral, he didn't want to cause even more discomfort.

Suddenly the Vulcan glared at the man for a few seconds. He stood too close to Hoshi! T'Pol followed an impulse and stepped between Hoshi and the man; she wrapped her arm around Hoshi's waist and stared at him. Her eyes said everything, 'If you want her you have to go through me! Try if you dare!'

Surprised Hoshi and Phlox looked at each other and then both at the Vulcan. T'Pol realised what she had done. Embarrassed she looked away and let go of Hoshi. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

Hoshi laid her hand on T'Pol's arm. "T'Pol…?"

The Vulcan straightened herself but didn't let Hoshi go. She looked at the others and explained, "Jealously is also a symptom."

Hoshi grinned. "You are jealous?"

T'Pol looked at her lover and arched an eyebrow.

Hoshi's grin widened. She squeezed T'Pol's arm before she let her go.

Phlox had watched this scene silently. This was highly fascinating he thought and then he cleared his throat. "Well, T'Pol when do you expect the last phase," he repeated.

"Within the next forty-eight hours," the Vulcan answered quietly.

"Alright, I will put you and Ensign Sato on medical leave for the next five days."

Both women nodded.

Phlox went over to the big medical scanner and took out the stretcher and pointed at it. "Sub-Commander, don't even think about a protest."

T'Pol resigned.

"Doctor, do you really believe it is wise to let Hoshi alone with T'Pol if she is irresponsible?" Captain Archer asked one hour later.

Phlox had gone to the captain after he had finished the scan of T'Pol and after he had given Hoshi extensive instructions for an emergency. Just then he had told the captain about the 'infection' and blocked all other questions with reference to his doctor-patient confidence.

"Sub-Commander T'Pol will be no threat for Ensign Sato, Captain," Phlox explained again.

Archer nodded deliberately. "Alright Doc, if this is all…"

"Yes, Captain."


The Denobulan turned to the door and left the captain's quarters.

Archer hesitated for a second and took a deep breath. Instead of keeping T'Pol in sick bay and monitoring her 24 hours a day the doctor let her stay in her quarters for five days together with Hoshi. He even would bring them the food! This treatment irritated the captain but he got used to Phlox' sometimes odd cures. Till now they were successful most of the time and there was no reason to doubt the abilities or decisions of the doctor.

After all Archer was out here to discover the unknown…

He straightened his shoulders and activated the com. He had to inform Trip that the Southerner had to took over the duties of the executive officer for a week.

In her quarters T'Pol handed Hoshi a cup of tea and settled down beside her on the couch. The Vulcan had come here from sick bay immediately; Hoshi had stopped by in her quarters first to grab her toothbrush and some clothes.

Now both women sipped their tea and remained silent.

Hoshi felt uncomfortable. To sit here and wait till T'Pol would… go down on her… seemed odd. She asked herself how they should bridge the time till pon farr hit her lover. Holding the cup in front of her lips she smiled lightly. Maybe they could play a game of Bridge?

T'Pol wore comfortable leisurewear and was curled up against the back of the couch. She looked at Hoshi and had to admit that the clothes the young human wore – she called it blue jeans – emphasized the legs and the hips of her lover in an admirable manner.

The Vulcan put her cup back on the table and moved closer to Hoshi. She took the cup out of the Human's hands and put it also on the table. Then she wrapped her arm around the human's shoulders and pulled her closer. Hoshi snuggled into the Vulcan and put her head on her shoulder.

The closeness aroused T'Pol and this time she saw no reason to hold back. She laid her fingers under Hoshis chin and lifted it up. T'Pol kissed her lover softly on the lips. Then she whispered, "We don't have to sit on the couch and wait until it happens."

At the same time her hand sneaked under Hoshi's blouse. With her fingertips T'Pol caressed the warm and smooth skin of her lover. As she reached Hoshi's breasts her hand remained there and she tenderly massaged the sensitive spots. There was a sparkling in her eyes as she arched an eyebrow.

Hoshi grinned mischievously. "I thought underwear would be in your way."

The End

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