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By Olli


Ensign Hoshi Sato lay in Sub-Commander T'Pol's bed. Her head rested on the Vulcan's chest, and she listened to the other woman's heartbeat. It was constant, slow and strong. And so very different from a human heartbeat, she thought. The bodyheat of the Vulcan was a new experience for Hoshi, too. It was higher than humans. It was a new experience; like the taste of the first kiss they had shared, hours ago on the floor of T'Pol's quarters; or the taste of her skin as Hoshi had explored the Vulcan's body from the tip of her ears to her toes with her lips and tongue; or the quiet little moans escaping T'Pol's lips as Hoshi had made love to her.

For Hoshi she had been perfection all together.

When Hoshi had entered T'Pol's quarters a few hours ago, she had noticed that she had to use all her strength and everything she had learned from the Vulcan about self-control to calm down. She had been nervous because she was determined to make a move tonight. To find out if she had misinterpreted all the signs T'Pol had given her over the last weeks. Hoshi had feared that she had misunderstood the Vulcan, that she could ruin their friendship if T'Pol was not interested in a relationship. But she was also afraid that she would regret it for the rest of her life if she wouldn't make a move or let this chance simply slip away. T'Pol was a very attractive person – in an exotic way from a human point of view – she was intelligent and strong yet reserved in a way similar to Hoshi's Japanese culture. But most important was that T'Pol trusted her. Hoshi couldn't imagine anyone aboard the ship the Vulcan might have talked about her childhood, her parents or her first big mistake as a member of the Vulcan Science Academy.

T'Pol was the one Hoshi had searched for.

And so Hoshi had made little steps to get closer to T'Pol and then it was time to make the last step. As they sat down to meditate and T'Pol reached for her hands, Hoshi could no longer resist. A thought broke to the surface: She was in love with T'Pol! The Vulcan must have sensed this in a way Hoshi couldn't explain, but suddenly T'Pol had opened her eyes and there had been something new in her look… without hesitation Hoshi had leaned forward and then it had happened.

After their first experience they had lied together on the floor and Hoshi had listen to T'Pol`s heavy breathing. After a while T'Pol had been standing up and had lifted Hoshi up in her arms to take her to her bed. They hadn't spoken a single word since their greeting when Hoshi had entered the Vulcan's quarters. And it wasn't necessary, Hoshi thought. They had understood each other without words.

And now Hoshi lay in T'Pol's strong arms and listened to the heartbeat of her lover as she drifted into sleep.

The End

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